Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Yea Doggie! We're Havin' an Auction!

Well folks! It’s been awhile, but I’m not lyin’ when I say that I’ve been busier than a cat on a hot tin roof! All in a good way…
For starters…Buck Up! Auction Services is holding its very first CONSIGNMENT auction at the Round Top  Rifle Hall in Round Top, Texas – THIS SATURDAY!!! This auction is an ANTIQUE, COLLECTIBLE, & UNIQUE GOODS SPECIALTY Auction. Check out our listing on Auction Zip & keep checking back! We are continually updating!

So what’s the big deal? Why EASTER weekend of all weekends to have your first one? Well…because  this week kicks off the WORLD-RENOWNED ROUND TOP ANTIQUES WEEK. And guess what folks! The Round Top Rifle Hall is where it all began MANY years ago.
Ms. Emma Lee Turney started this beautiful commotion over 40 years ago with a set of vendors in the Round Top Rifle Hall. Since then some of the original vendors & a few others have filled the hall during the show. I actually had the honor to auction at a Gala fundraiser for the Round Top Area Chamber of Commerce & Ms. Turney was the GUEST OF HONOR.
I’d kicked the idea around when I first got my license to how it may be a good idea to have an auction during the show & mentioned it to a few friends, BUT really thought it would be somethin’ to think about down the road.
Well the President of the Rifle Hall (Mr. Lundy) approached me at my Aunt & Uncle’s 50th wedding anniversary in February & asked if we would be interested in holding an auction at the Rifle Hall during the show. He informed me that for the past 3 shows they hadn’t had any vendors. I kicked the idea around with Uncle Mele & some of my AUCTION pals, had a conversation with the PREZ about what they were expecting & what we were expecting & just how we THOUGHT we could pull this off in 5 weeks & ran with it.
Now here we are. Almost 5 weeks later. The Rifle Hall is stockin’ the bar & orderin’ the FISH to FRY on GOOD FRIDAY night that will be available during the preview & the DeLiCiOus hamburgers that will be available on Saturday…AUCTION Day. Me & my (ABSOLUTELY WoNdErFuL, BEST PEOPLE in the WORLD kinda folks) crew are working HARD on pulling EVERYTHING together---in between our full-time jobs to make this day a reality.
I’ll be honest…we don’t really know what to expect. All we can do is pull together QUALITY consignments, have a little somethin’ for everyone, GET THE WORD OUT to EVERYONE J (or as many people as possible), give’m a place to PARK their car (free parking), take a load off, give’m something to drink, somethin’ to eat, somethin’ to do, & try as be as ENTERTAINING & hospitable as possible. We want EVERYONE involved to have a good time: the BUYERS, the SELLERS, the STAFF, the HALL, the STANDERS by, the WANDERERS….EVERYONE.
Whether or not this will be FEAST or FAMINE….I’ve got some people to THANK. It’s a pretty long list, so here goes: Christ Jesus for dying for a bunch of sinners like us & giving us LIFE, The Round Top Rifle Hall & all the people that are part of it, Round Top State Bank, Stephen Keng with Keng & Keng Law Firm in Giddings,  Frank Hillbolt with Round Top Real Estate, Cooper Farm, Color Craft Printing, ALL the businesses & vendors out spreading  the word & putting up flyers, my HUSBAND for puttin’ up with not havin’ a whole lot of time with me the past few weeks, my FAMILY that has helped watch my BEAUTIFUL children while  I’m out figurin’ & takin’ a look at consignment pieces & for puttin’ out flyers, ALL the people that have shown me support along the way, OUR CONSIGNERS, The Fayette County Record, Mr. Will Moon (Say a prayer for his wife. Cancer is ugly.), Mrs. Samantha Womack & her crew at Liquidator’s Auction in Nachadoches, Little Birdie Designs for getting our website up & running, KTTX, KBUK, Mrs. Stacie Brown (you didn’t know what you were signin’ up for when you started interning with me) & Mike for puttin’ up with her J, Mrs. Cathy Gau for doin’ what you do & Hubby Jeff,  Abe & Christina Pace with Pace Fertilizer Company, the ENTIRE crew that is going to be helping  ALL week long & on AUCTION DAY, & last, but certainly not least…Uncle Melvin SCHOENST for just knowin’ what he knows, bein’ who he is, & keepin’ me as grounded as somebody like me can be.
No, but really - I hope you can all come out, you all have a good time, & you have a WONDERFUL EASTER with your families and friends!    More stories to come my friends! Go ahead & BUCK UP BABY!