Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Buck Up Scholarship: The Story of Why Not?

A little over a year of my friends reminded me about an IDEA that I had earlier that year. The original idea was to create a way to supply business grants to small businesses and entrepreneurs that were able to Buck Up and take those first steps in starting their business.....BECAUSE THOSE ARE SCARY STEPS. 

After doing a little research, we found out quick that there is quite a bit involved in a cause like that & we didn't have the experience working it, to pull that off in the timeline we had.

So....we put our heads together and thought of a way that we could achieve the same sort of mission, but on a more do-able level.......THUS the Buck Up Scholarship Fund was created. 

The mission is to have others SHARE their stories of what it took for them to BUCK UP & DO whatever it was that they felt led to do. I can speak from experience and tell you that I WOULD NOT BE DOING WHAT I'M DOING RIGHT NOW IF A STRING OF PEOPLE WOULD NOT HAVE ENCOURAGED ME ALONG THE WAY. 

ENCOURAGEMENT is SO important, because....... When a person does something diFfeRent there are A LOT more nay-sayers out there than encouragers. And if you disagree with may be able to agree that the nay-sayers are who we hear. 

Last year was the first year for The Buck Up Scholarship Fund & I can't tell you how many people asked me WHY we were doing it! It was SO frustrating to me, because all I could think of is: WHY NOT?!

When I first started working my auction business FULL-TIME the two needs that were the MOST apparent to me getting started was ENCOURAGEMENT & FUNDS. just so happens that Buck Up Auctions knows how to ENCOURAGE PEOPLE to raISE funds. Taking all that into consideration: WHY NOT invite people to share their stories of how they overcame fear, rejection, confusion, a difficult situation? WHY NOT bring our friends, family, & supporters together to support others? WHY NOT?! How can we expect people to ENCOURAGE & SUPPORT us, if we can't do that for others. 

I sat here earlier this week a little upset with myself that I didn't focus MORE time on this event, but not exactly knowing how I would've. Our business is growing. Our team is growing & we've been able to help more causes and individuals this year than any other. That's what we want. Just as our business is growing....this cause will grOW....just like the Good Lord needs it. More people will SUPPORT it, more people will know about it, more students will benefit from it, and more people will be encouraged by it. 

We literally got the event last year together in a matter of weeks & the fund was able to supply 3 scholarships to 3 of the 93 APPLICANTS! CLICK HERE to read more about this year's recipients & HERE to read their BUCK UP ESSAYS, and HERE for general information about the scholarship.

Catherine Winkles $1000 & Phillip Ho $500
Brenham ISD
Tyler Copeland $500
Round Top - Carmine ISD

The scholarship committee comprised of 4 individuals chose the winning essays. The Buck Up Auction Crew went through and numbered and blacked out any information that would give away who the applicant was and where they were from. After the recipients were selected The Buck Up Auction Crew read EVERY ESSAY & responded back to the applicant with words of encouragement. 

In that....we realized that some of these individuals were probably never asked to share a story of a time when they had to BUCK UP, step outside their comfort zone, and think about how that changed themselves and people around them. It was GOOSE BUMP CITY! There were some POWERFUL essays. One of the members of the scholarship committee told me they would have liked to award more! With time....with time!

This became much BIGGER than the idea! We are accepting auction items to auction off on Saturday to raise money for the 2016 Scholarship Fund. I'm aware that there is A LOT going on on Saturday. If you'd like to support the fund & can't make it give us a call at 979.421.0325 or shoot us an email at to make bidding/donation arrangements. We plan to have a LIVE & silent auction & if attendance & donations allow, we will also have a heads or tails raffle. The Tip Jar Gypsies will be playing right after the fundRAISING stops. You'll get a chance to hear from this year's applicants as well!! Instead of a bounce house The Buck Up Kids will be holding a school supply drive that we will donate the items to area schools. We are also working to make this organization a 501(c)3. We are interviewing individuals that have an interest in this cause for the board & also have one more spot open in the Scholarship Committee for 2016. We will have a ballot box at the event where you can drop off nominations. Please leave contact information. 

This scholarship is open to anyone living in LaGrange, Brenham, Giddings and anywhere in between there and Carmine. If you are a high school student & are in one of the following school districts: Brenham, LaGrange, Giddings, RTC, Fayetteville, Burton, it is also open to you. There is no age limit. As long as you are pursuing higher education you can apply. Higher Education is: Jr. College, College, University, Licensing school (welding, real estate, auctioneer, etc.), Clergy etc. 

Please go to the website & read the essays of this year's recipients & if you applied and were not awarded a scholarship this year...APPLY AGAIN!!

ALL funds from this FUNDRAISER goes straight into the scholarship fund!

H.Kaspar TXL 17037

Friday, June 5, 2015

Just live.

We are edging closer to our upcoming fundRAISING auction that will benefit Mrs. Judy Mikeska & help her pay for her ever-mounting medical expenses. I had the opportunity to sit down and visit with Judy's supervisor & FRIEND that is organizing the fundraiser & simply asked for an update. 

Judy (currently) is cancer-free from the head down EXCEPT her lung, which will cause her to move to Temple for 6 weeks, where she will undergo an intense round of chemo treatments. 

Her supervisor shared a story about how they are supposed to fill out an end of year plan & how Judy's was filled with plans & goals & she said the last time they talked Judy made the comment..."Maybe I should wipe all that off that paper and write...'Just live.'"

It struck me somewhere when she said that. JUST live... 

This blog has challenged me a little more than most. I'm thankful that I haven't had to endure the cancer journey like so many of us have. My Daddy did have cirrhosis in his liver & they did find a tumor, but with his transplant was BLESSED to not have to endure the walk that so many others do. I don't want to sit here and type like I KNOW what she's going through. I have personally wrestled with WHY God allows things like cancer to happen...even exist...along with tragedies, hardships, abuse....

When Erin said... Just took me back to a place when we found out that my Daddy would need a liver transplant to LIVE. I remember not really thinking about much else, except HOW can we make that happen. 

As I've grown older & am sloooowly coming to the realization that we CAN achieve things, but what God wills to happen WILL happen....I reflect back on that place that Judy & I both apparently came to & that is to JUST do the next best thing we can, where we stand. 

I've recently read & am currently reading 2 books (The Shack by Wm. Paul Young & Wrestling with Wonder by Marlo Schalesky). It took both of them to get me here... I've learned that doing the next best thing is all God really CALLS us to do. He doesn't call us to fix all the problems, accomplish the unachievable, or move any kind of mountain. He doesn't ask us to NOT feel the hurt, NOT show our emotions, NOT dream & will & hope. He just asks us to move forward WITH HIM, one foot in front of the other...holding His hand. 

I've also learned that to JUST LIVE can be a lot harder than all the other things we try and pile on top of us. We KNOW how to move to a goal we KNOW we can achieve. We KNOW that we can attend those meetings. We KNOW we can give a certain amount of us to any job, project, function. BUT...sometimes we don't know how to JUST LIVE. I guess there is the blessing in all of this. Why do we try to do anymore than what God calls us to? I believe the answer is because the world has conditioned us that way. Remember what Jesus said to His Father: "They are not of the world, just as I am not of the world." John 17:16 (I ENCOURAGE whoever is reading this to read all of John 17.)

So....ALL THAT BEING SAID....all any of us can do is walk one foot in front of the other...clinging to God's hand and those around us that are willing to SUPPORT us. I'm not going to ask you to do anything you don't want to do, but if you WANT to come out and support Judy & her family....while they walk one foot in front of the other...there are ALL KINDS of ways you can do that. 

You can donate an auction item. A group of you can donate an auction item. You can buy an auction item in the LIVE or silent auction. You can join together and buy an item in the LIVE or silent auction. You can buy BBQ chicken dinner plates. You can make a donation to the GoFundMe account. You can buy raffle tickets. You can buy a card for the gun raffles at the event. You can come out and volunteer. You can be present. Erin is your main contact and her information is on the flyer below (Email Link: If you want have options. 

It just amazes me how The Holy Spirit moves among us. I pray I can be a blessing for this family how so many were a blessing to mine. The power of community and relationships is not of this world either. It goes beyond the rules and our ability to understand.....and it definitely trumps any kind of bad in any kind of form. 

Buck Up Baby! Come out & show your support. I CAN speak with experience in that....this family will NEVER be able to form the words to REALLY express their appreciation for ANY act of kindness & support you can provide. Just KNOW that your support and matter how small you think it is... is POWERFUL.

God Bless. 
Heather Schoenst Kaspar
TXL 17037
More Info at:

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Buck Up Scholarship.....The POWER in SHARING some of your most difficult moments....

The Buck Up Scholarship Committee has determined the recipients of this years scholarships. There was $2000 worth of scholarships available. There was a total of 93 applicants.

There are a few IMPORTANT things I want to SHARE with you, regarding what this process/cause/idea has taught me...

1) We have 93 leaders in our community that have EXHIBITED the COURAGE & STRENGTH to BUCK UP when they are called to. They are also WILLING to SHARE their story for the betterment of others. Let that fact alone allow ENCOURAGEMENT to soak into your bones.

2) The committee, myself, & anyone who reads some of these essays (from recipients & non-recipients) will FOREVER be a good way.

3) The IDEA of what this scholarship could help provide could have NEVER encompassed what it ACTUALLY provides....that is worth WAY more than the money. The money just makes their walk a little easier. Sometimes LIFE CAN BE HARD & the way we handle it is what develops our character. I was humbled to help provide a SOURCE OF CreAte and avenue where people can POSITIVELY affect see in black and white, the burdens that people have had to bear....which no one else may have ever known about...if they weren't asked.

Over the next few weeks we will SHARE their essays with all of you.

I want to also share....that last year's kick-off event ALMOST didn't happen & because of the ENCOURAGEMENT & HELP of a friend we just BUCKED UP &  made it happen.

$1000 Scholarship Recipient:
Katherine Winkles
Brenham ISD

Katherine came to the aid, in a MIGHTY big way, to two fellow teens & has developed a "passion to prevent the physical self harm that takes place among teens." She continued to fight for the safety of her one friend and says: "I could have backed down, but I didn't and because of that someone who is a dear friend now has a safe home.... I learned that if the cause matters to you, then backing down is never and option."

$500 Scholarship Recipient:
Tyler Copeland
Round Top - Carmine ISD

Tyler has made the decision, through the experience of his Mother's illness & passing, to give back to the community & the departments that helped his mother & family during the trying times of his Mother's illness. He has taken the first steps in that decision by volunteering with the Carmine Volunteer Fire Department. His words: "I want to help and give back to others like they helped Mom."

$500 Scholarship Recipient:
Phillip Ho
Brenham ISD

Phillip moved to the United States from Vietnam when he was 8. The only English words he knew were "yes" & "no." He made a conscious decision his Sophomore year of high school to focus on his future  & appreciate the sacrifices his parents made by coming here. His Words: "I am trying to make their sacrifices my accomplishments, and by doing so give back to America and my community, what they have graciously given to me." He will be the first in his family to attend college.

I want to ENCOURAGE all the applicants that will not receive a scholarship THIS year, to APPLY AGAIN! There is no age limit on this scholarship. If you have a financial NEED for education & a WILLINGNESS to share your story - this scholarship is available to you.

BUCK UP BABY! Go ENCOURAGE someone today! It could make all the difference in their lives!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

What Can You Find in a 100 Year Old House?

Buck Up Auctions has a MOVING Auction coming up THIS SUNDAY ( 12 NOON ) at 717 E. Washington Street in Giddings!

2 Mondays ago...I got a call from a lady that is needing to move out of state, to help care for her mother & was wondering if I'd be interested in having an auction at her place.... I've learned... you never know what you are walking into...every time you go look at an estate. She told me that the house turned 100 years old this year, so that perked my ears a little bit. She eluded to the fact that there was LOTS of stuff & I'd see what she meant when I got there. 

So I go in & find ALL KINDS of things like OLD beer signs & crocks & collectibles & VERY vintage clothes (in EXCELLENT condition), linen, Some of the best preserved trunks I've seen, Old TOYS, comic books, silver, Roy Rogers & Hopalong Cassidy Items, FURNITURE (one piece coming off the ship from Germany)......and just....well....SPECIAL things. You know...things you don't see everyday...and if you's not in the kind of condition these are in. 

Then we started looking at some of the glassware & realized how she had it all inventoried, which is a GREAT sign for me. It shows that they took time to take care of these items. 

If you know me you'll know that it wasn't soon after I got there that I started asking about the history of the house & the people that filled it. 

Linda Sue Schultz currently owns the home, which she inherited from her husband in 2013. He inherited it from his mother, Marguerite Schneider Schultz in 1995. She had been born in the home in 1916. She married Herbert Schultz in September of 1944. Marguerite inherited the home from her parents: John (Johann) Andrew Schneider and Alma Anna Domaschk Schneider in 1958.  John purchased the land from Mrs. E Schneider in May of 1914. John ran, & later inherited from his father Ernest, The Schneider's Grocery at the corner of 290 & Burleson Street - which is located where Shooty's Bar is now. Makes sense why the produce/food/product  crates are in such good shape. John's wife Alma, used to raise chickens on the piece of property behind the house to help pay for the everyday necessities of the family. 

In Front Of Old Schneider's Grocery

Some of the old crates.

This was her husband's side of the family, so she could share what she knew and remembered from her time with the family. 

Interesting facts: She said that the upstairs (which is HUGE) was OFF limits to anyone...all the time. My crew and I are working our little tails off up there now....

Sue's husband was VERY particular about the type of people that worked on the house. He would only let people work on it, that would appreciate the house & take the time to make repairs correctly....keeping the integrity of the house in mind. 

It's interesting to see the depths & interests of these people that have passed on from us. There were MEN that liked to sew, maybe more-so than the women. These women had just about as much nice, tailored, and detailed clothing as I do (which isn't typical). It is interesting to see how they made used of building a dresser ( & building it well) and using produce crates as the drawers. There kids played with Cowboys & Indians & looked up to Roy Rogers & Hopalong Cassidy & the likes. They were in Boy Scouts & valued knowledge & history. There's even a small microscope up there!

There's just LOTS & LOTS of well-kept SPECIAL pieces in this house. I hope all of you can come out & help Ms. Sue start closing the book on one chapter of her life, so she can move onto the next. 

Don't forget!! THIS SUNDAY - April 12th - 12NOON!!!

Buck Up Baby!! Come on out & get you a little piece of history!! 

Here's where you can find more INFO!: 

Heather Schoenst Kaspar
TXL 17037

Friday, March 13, 2015

The Good Stuff...

We have an estate auction coming up and something that I REALLY like to do with all of my estates is, get as much of a back story on the estate & the people that were part of it. This happens to be the estate of  the late, Mr. Woodrow Spacek from Dime Box, Texas.

As I was reading what the family had written in Mr. Spacek's obituary, I was able to see the colors of his life... Here are some of the documented highlights of his life:

Woodrow Alexander Spacek was born on January 12, 1921 in Dime Box, Texas.  He passed away on February 8, 2012 in Bryan, Texas.

Woodrow was the first born child of Adolph and Johanna Zielniewicz Spacek.  After graduating from Dime Box Rural High School in 1939, Woodrow attended Sam Houston State Teacher’s College from 1940 until early 1942.  He left college to enlist in the military.  During WW II, he served in the US Army Air Corps from September 1942 until September 1945.  As a member of a B-24 bomber crew based in England, Woodrow flew 35 combat missions in the European Theatre and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Medal with three oak leaf clusters.

Upon being honorably discharged from the service, Woodrow practiced his family’s profession of farming and ranching.  He continued to do so all of his life.  In addition to this, he worked at other jobs through the years.  From 1945 until 1950, Woodrow was employed in the heavy construction business.  He served as County Commissioner for Lee County Pct. 4 from January 1, 1950 to January 1, 1963.  Woodrow then worked as a bull dozer operator on the construction of the Lake Somerville Dam.  During 1964, Woodrow was the manager of the Dime Box Chair Factory.  Woodrow was employed with the Houston branch of 3M Business Products in 1965.  The company transferred him to Austin in 1966 and in 1971 to the Grand Prairie, Texas branch where he worked until his retirement in 1987.

Woodrow married Georgia Marie Tydlacka at the old St. Joseph Catholic Church in Dime Box, Texas on April 29, 1947 with Father Thomas Matl officiating.  The young couple engaged in farming and ranching on family land they purchased.  Woodrow called this place home until his death.  To this union were born three children, James, Charlotte, and Kathryn.  Georgia passed away on May 16, 1973.

On October 20, 1979, at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Dime Box, Woodrow married C. Elizabeth Jones with Father Isidore Rozycki officiating.  Joining them in their home was Elizabeth’s youngest daughter, Lisa.

Hobbies that Woodrow enjoyed included deer hunting, fishing, and barbecuing.  Woodrow spent many hours with his friends preparing BBQ for weddings, fire department picnics, church bazaars and various other fund raisers.  Woodrow was the King of the Red Sausage Crew!  He was a charter member of the Dime Box Volunteer Fire Department.  He was a member of the Dime Box Lions Club, SPJST Lodge #13, and the Dime Box Heritage Society.  Woodrow was an active member of St. Joseph Catholic Church in Dime Box all of his 91 years of life.  The many facets of his devotion included membership in the Catholic Union of the KJT, altar boy service in his youth, service on the parish council, hard-working volunteer for parish fund raisers, chair for facilities maintenance, and church cemetery custodian for over 25 years.  In June, 2007, Woodrow received the Catholic Diocese of Austin, Lumen Gentium Award to recognize individuals who exemplified the Spirit of Christ through their good works in parish stewardship and leadership.

His grandchildren were the pride and joy of his life and the great grandchildren brought a special sparkle to his eyes!

I was truly moved to tears. What you just read is REALLY what it's all about. I know that PART of my business, as an auction company, is to liquidate the assets of estates & do my VERY best to help them bring top dollar. I want as many people to know about them as possible in hopes that there is someone out there that can appreciate the items as much as the past owners did or MORE!

The bottom line is though...that's it's not about the stuff. We all have sentimental ties & memories we associate with certain things, but NOTHING has a value greater than the life of the estate holder. time marches on....the stories of people's lives fade the longer they are gone from us. The truth is...Mr. Spacek left SO many impressions on SO many people through his years of serving others. I'm honored to be able to perform this auction. I'm honored to have had the opportunity of being touched my a man's life that I've never known. I'm honored to have the opportunity in this blog, to SHARE HIS LIGHT to a few more people.

Estate matters can be hard sometimes...& sometimes you've got to clear out the STUFF to start seeing what REALLY matters. My crew & I will give it all we've got up until the completion of the auction on March 21st! I know a lot of people knew him & have fond memories of him. I also understand how this can be a difficult time for some.

Through Mr. Spacek's LIFE OF SERVICE to others & to God I am led to believe that he thought along these lines: "'Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust consume and where thieves break in and steal. For where your treasure is there will your heart be also.'" - Matthew 6:19-21 Revised Standard Version Catholic Bible

I'm thankful & appreciative of the VALUE Mr. Spacek saw in his life & his use in it, to shine God's light on others. I PRAY I can do the same.

I hope EVERYONE that knew him, is able to come out on March 21st & purchase something that will help them remember & rejoice in his time with them. PLEASE check out my website: as we update it, as we near the auction. There is a wide variety of items including: antiques, firearms, furniture, implements, old out buildings, old barn wood, tools, storage bins & SO much more!!! If you'd like to be added to my email list to get the most updated information possible, please do so through my website. You can also follow us on Facebook. Here's the link: Buck Up Auctions Facebook Page.

God Bless!
Heather Schoenst Kaspar TXL 17037

Friday, January 23, 2015

BUCK UP!! Scholarship

SOOOO....if you haven't heard yet...The BUCK UP SCHOLARSHIP FUND will award $2000 in scholarships THIS April!!!

I feel SO blessed to be able to foster THIS. 

The vision began with my journey into entrepreneurship. The up money & being BROKE for a while, while I grOW my business journey. Boy did my PRIDE get in my way, for a loooooong time. I felt the strugGLE of NEEDING money to get you to the next step & having to ask someone for it...which is something I also took PRIDE in not having to do. So once I DIED to myself in that aspect & moved on with my journey I realized the NEED to CrEaTe a way to HELP others in that regard. I was a BIG hurdle for me. Totally slowed me down...until I worked through it...

The way I see it....God doesn't put things on your heart and visions in your head - if he's not going to equip you with the tools & people to get you there. It took me a minute to REALLY believe that though. The more you relinquish control over certain aspects of your life, the more you become aware of your fear of the unknown. Everybody has it. I can tell you though...that the REAL journey starts when you Buck Up Baby & turn it loose to God. 

This brought me back to my Senior year in High School... If Ms. Janda was still with us - she could testify to the number of hours I spent at the typewriter in the school library...filling out applications. I talked to someone else who is on a scholarship committee for another organization & they told me the number of applicants go down each year. I think a total of 2 had applied this past year. BUCK UP BABY & GET TO FILLING THOSE OUT. There's people out there that wanna HELP YOU! They just have to know about you. 

My DEEP ROOTED HOPE for this scholarship is that we can make a difference in SOMEONE's life & be a source of ENCOURAGEMENT, FINANCIAL SUPPORT, & GUIDANCE to someone that is mustering up the COURAGE to pursue a dream. This scholarship is open to adults advancing their education's just okay to change your mind or add more tools to your tool bag. I want people to SHARE their story too, because that is what ENCOURAGES know that someone else can IDENTIFY with their journey in one way or another. 

I had a BA Degree & a professional career that I was good at, but sometimes your SPIRIT is calling you to MORE.

We are in the process of getting the details together for the NEXT event, so be prepared & ON THE LOOK OUT FOR MORE INFO!! We'll be updating our website regularly, so BOOKMARK it!: BUCK UP AUCTIONS WEBSITE 

So you might wanna know WHO can apply for the scholarship(s) & WHAT it will take to get it & WHEN it will be awarded so.....HERE'S THE DETAILS: (ALL the participating High Schools should have this information also: RTC, Burton, Fayetteville, LaGrange, Brenham, Giddings)

Applicant must be pursuing higher education in any of the following: College, University, Jr. College, Trade School, Licensing School, or Clergy-related education. This scholarship will be open to anyone within the 30-mile radius seeking higher education, which includes the cities & school districts of: Brenham, Giddings, LaGrange, and everything in between (Round Top-Carmine, Fayetteville, & Burton). Proof of residency will need to be provided along with scholarship essay.

Scholarship Monies will be paid directly to the school of choice. The winners will have 6 months to enroll in their choice of higher education.

Applicant must be a graduating high school senior or older. This could be a returning student, adult going back to school or pursuing some sort of license, or a graduating high-school student.
The applicants that are awarded the scholarships MUST be willing to share their essays to the general public in any form that the Scholarship Committee deems as a positive way to share the purpose of this scholarship.

Must also be willing to come to the following year’s event & share the progress of your journey & how the scholarship has helped you.

The scholarship committee is comprised of 5 members from the community with backgrounds in education, leadership, civic organizations & development, & business owners.

If a family member of a committee member chooses to apply for the scholarship, that committee member will step down from the committee & the Buck Up Auctions staff will nominate 3 people for the vacant committee chair. The existing committee will than vote in 1 of the 3 nominees to be appointed as committee member.

As the applications come in, the Buck Up Auction staff members, will number the applicants, so the committee is not aware of the actual person applying, until the winner(s) are selected.
This year $2,000.00 of scholarship will be awarded. The number of scholarships awarded and the amounts will be determined by the committee.

Deadline to submit essay is April 2nd. Scholarship recipient(s) will be chosen & announced on or before April 30th.  

Mail information to:
Buck Up Auctions
Scholarship Committee
390 Vogel Lane
Carmine, TX 78932

buck up
:  to become encouraged :  brace up
–Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Buck Up: To rise to a challenge, to do something others are unable to – urban dictionary

Applicant Name:

Phone Number:
Email Address:
Agree to share your Buck Up Story?

Why are you applying for this scholarship?

Where will you use this scholarship, if awarded?

Please list all organizations & extracurricular activities you are involved in.

Please choose ONE of the essay topics, on the next page, to write about.

Essay Topics:
Please write an essay over ONE of the two essay topics below: (Please keep to 2 pages or less)

1)      Give us an example of an experience where you have had to "BUCK UP" and do something that pushed you out of your comfort zone & how that made an impact on your life & possibly others.
2) Tell us about an area/idea/dream that you have either:  not mustered up the courage for, are currently in the process of, or feel as if you missed out on the opportunity to “Buck Up.”  

Thursday, January 15, 2015

SAVE THE PIEMAN...It Takes A Village!

We are conducting the AUCTIONS for a medical fundRAISING benefit on the 25th of THIS month. It is to help a CHRISTIAN, Father, Grandfather, Husband, friend, LOCAL Businessman, Entrepreneur, CReATIVe thinker, & one of my biggest ENCOURAGERS....Mr. Bud "The Pieman" Royer.

Tara (his daughter) sent me a message that they were planning a fundRAISER to help them cover the costs of his medical expenses that started piling up when he was RUSHED to the hospital during the last Antique Show. PLEASE READ TARA'S BLOG FOR ALL THE INFO. 

I didn't hesitate in telling her YES we will HELP. Get us a date. I was in very similar shoes almost 10 years ago when we found out MY Daddy had to have a LIVER TRANSPLANT. We didn't have insurance & sure as heck didn't have anywhere near that kind of money. We had a family meeting and from the moment we realized what had to happen to keep him ALIVE, we put our heads down and went to work. It's a ScaRY place to not know how much time you have to raise the money & just HOW you are going to go about doing something you've never done before...successfully...&in a hurry. just do it. Your family needs you & you're gonna give all you've got to get there. During that time we LEARNED a lot: how to go out and cultivate donations, how to organize an event with food, live music, equine events, concessions, &  LIVE and silent auctions, how to deal with harsh criticism that blindsides you, how to get a non-profit involved to make donations tax-deductible, how to organize a group of volunteers, how to get press, and make flyers, & how to CONTRIBUTE your talents to accomplish one big goal...and to PRAY...hard. We also learned that there are LOTS & LOTS of really FANTASTIC people SURROUNDING us.

Ever since we got enough money together for Dad to be able to get a CHANCE at a liver transplant - ONCE they made it to his name on the list...I've been thinkin'.... I pondered over what it is about PEOPLE...& COMMUNITY....that come out and support individual causes like this. WHAT makes people (many we didn't know) come out & buy tickets, come in with armfuls of donated auction items, write a check....WHAT makes some of these local businesses GIVE significant sums of money to....just people? Just...common-not your highest paying customer-simple people?

The best answer I've got is LOVE. This DEEP love that we can't even explain ourselves. That LOVE we feel for COMPLETE STRANGERS when tragedy steals away a precious life. The LOVE that makes you STOP & PRAY for those BEAUTIFUL children sitting at St. Jude's FIGHTING the fight of their life. That LOVE...that can help in just THAT way, which is PERFECT & HOLY & GOOD. I think this is an example of what Jeremiah 31:33 talks about: " I will put my law in their minds and write it on their hearts. I will be their God, and they will be my people." It's a LOVE that can never be repaid....just added to. It took me a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOng time to wrap my head around that...almost 10 years. I also believe that these events my family & I organized...planted a seed - showing me HOW one auctioneer can RALLY a group of people to come together & GIVE....paint a picture and a way for them to help someone else. You shoulda saw my Uncle Mele gettin' after it back then! I thought he was gonna blow the top off the hall!

I share all this with you because I KNOW how grateful BUD & his family are for ANY support they get. I also know that they will NEVER be able to put into words, the GRATITUDE they feel, nor how IMPORTANT the support of everyone is. We never know when we'll NEED somebody & when we can HELP...& when we feel COMPELLED to help...we should. Royers....without hesitation, donated SEVERAL items for my Dad's benefits...almost a decade ago & let's not mention ALL the donations they've given to all the causes in our small area & for how long. These are GIVERS to our community.  

I saw Bud at Pie Haven in Austin one day & we talked about all kinds of things and I started telling him that I really want to pursue my auction career, but............ He cut me off & he said...."Just do it already...I don't know what you're waitin' on...." probably wasn't even a month later & I quit my good-payin' job & LITERALLY sat in the ENCOURAGING words of others, because it was probably the scariest thing I'd ever done. 

My Dad's still here & has been SO blessed to meet his 3 Grandbabies. He's on less medication & anti-rejection drugs than he has been, And I am HERE, having raised money for NUMEROUS causes and organizations, working for myself, creating work for other hard-workin' women, growing MY business & I want to ENCOURAGE you to just do what feels RIGHT to you & help support these GOOD people. 

There will be DELICIOUS grub...of course ! GREAT, GREAT Music, T-Shirts to help support the cause & a LIVE & SILENT Auction. Stop by the cafe for tickets or get'm ONLINE at

This GOOD TIME starts at 11AM at Henkel Hall in Round Top - SUNDAY, January 25th. Buck UP Baby & Come on out!!! It really does take a village!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Year-New Plan

So 2014 was a GREAT year for Buck Up Auctions. It was our first FULL year in business, with me working FULL-time at it. I have referred to this first year as a test market. We've done several fundraising auctions, several consignment auctions, & several estate auctions. We have learned some things that work, some things that don't work, that there is a lot we want to learn, and that we are BETTER than what we give ourselves credit for. We've seen, faced, & dealt with ALL kinds of critics. We've raised money for our SCHOLARSHIP program & will be able to give out $2000 of scholarship $$$$!!! As I sit here gazing at the business model me & my friend Christie worked on at the beginning of last year - I am ENCOURAGED to see that We've:

  • Built NEW relationships, with KEY people that can help grow the business.
  • ACCOMPLISHED some of the KEY activities we set out for ourselves at the beginning of last year.
  • Correctly identified our VALUE propositions, which hold true & we have some to ADD.
  • UTILIZED many of the marketing channels we identified and know what works and what doesn't. 
  • FOLLOWED-THRU on some VERY Out-of-THE-Box marketing strategies & they had a POSITIVE impact on the business.
  • IDENTIFIED the NEED to DEEPEN our customer relationships.
  • Become AWARE....REALLY AWARE of our VALUE to organizations, causes, and individuals & walk more CONFIDENTLY & FIRMLY in our PURPOSE & PLAN. 
  • Now have ACTUAL models to help us determine a more accurate cost structure for the different auctions we conduct. 
  • Identified other POTENTIAL revenue streams that we hadn't previously thought of. 
  • AND...that we are still here, with MORE team members, & EAGER for what 2015 has to offer.

Tomorrow the Buck Up Auctions TEAM will get together to BRAINSTORM the 2015 PLAN & forge FORWARD. I can PROMISE that it will include EDUCATION, more OFFERINGS, MORE IDEAS, More Out-of-THE-Box ideas, & MORE ideas of GIVING-BACK, SHARING our Gifts & TALENTS, & HELPING others. 

I KNOW the groWTH I've had, personally, this year & KNOW that with the INCREASED knowledge, confidence, & experience that I now have.....2015 is going to BuSy & EXCITING!!

Heather Schoenst Kaspar
TXL 17037