Wednesday, April 8, 2015

What Can You Find in a 100 Year Old House?

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2 Mondays ago...I got a call from a lady that is needing to move out of state, to help care for her mother & was wondering if I'd be interested in having an auction at her place.... I've learned... you never know what you are walking into...every time you go look at an estate. She told me that the house turned 100 years old this year, so that perked my ears a little bit. She eluded to the fact that there was LOTS of stuff & I'd see what she meant when I got there. 

So I go in & find ALL KINDS of things like OLD beer signs & crocks & collectibles & VERY vintage clothes (in EXCELLENT condition), linen, Some of the best preserved trunks I've seen, Old TOYS, comic books, silver, Roy Rogers & Hopalong Cassidy Items, FURNITURE (one piece coming off the ship from Germany)......and just....well....SPECIAL things. You know...things you don't see everyday...and if you's not in the kind of condition these are in. 

Then we started looking at some of the glassware & realized how she had it all inventoried, which is a GREAT sign for me. It shows that they took time to take care of these items. 

If you know me you'll know that it wasn't soon after I got there that I started asking about the history of the house & the people that filled it. 

Linda Sue Schultz currently owns the home, which she inherited from her husband in 2013. He inherited it from his mother, Marguerite Schneider Schultz in 1995. She had been born in the home in 1916. She married Herbert Schultz in September of 1944. Marguerite inherited the home from her parents: John (Johann) Andrew Schneider and Alma Anna Domaschk Schneider in 1958.  John purchased the land from Mrs. E Schneider in May of 1914. John ran, & later inherited from his father Ernest, The Schneider's Grocery at the corner of 290 & Burleson Street - which is located where Shooty's Bar is now. Makes sense why the produce/food/product  crates are in such good shape. John's wife Alma, used to raise chickens on the piece of property behind the house to help pay for the everyday necessities of the family. 

In Front Of Old Schneider's Grocery

Some of the old crates.

This was her husband's side of the family, so she could share what she knew and remembered from her time with the family. 

Interesting facts: She said that the upstairs (which is HUGE) was OFF limits to anyone...all the time. My crew and I are working our little tails off up there now....

Sue's husband was VERY particular about the type of people that worked on the house. He would only let people work on it, that would appreciate the house & take the time to make repairs correctly....keeping the integrity of the house in mind. 

It's interesting to see the depths & interests of these people that have passed on from us. There were MEN that liked to sew, maybe more-so than the women. These women had just about as much nice, tailored, and detailed clothing as I do (which isn't typical). It is interesting to see how they made used of building a dresser ( & building it well) and using produce crates as the drawers. There kids played with Cowboys & Indians & looked up to Roy Rogers & Hopalong Cassidy & the likes. They were in Boy Scouts & valued knowledge & history. There's even a small microscope up there!

There's just LOTS & LOTS of well-kept SPECIAL pieces in this house. I hope all of you can come out & help Ms. Sue start closing the book on one chapter of her life, so she can move onto the next. 

Don't forget!! THIS SUNDAY - April 12th - 12NOON!!!

Buck Up Baby!! Come on out & get you a little piece of history!! 

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