Sunday, July 22, 2018

A Legacy of Deep Respect & Gratitude

The auction project we are currently working on is for the Pagel Estate in Ganado, TX. We've been blessed to get to know and work right along side this family. We have also had the pleasure of enjoying the beautiful property, where this estate is situated, which will also be up for sale via the auction method of marketing on September 7th.

I like to share the backstories on our estate projects, to give our readers and bidders a glimpse into the life of the people and families associated with these estates. Louis & Louise Pagel were two small business owners that were very active in their community. He ran a sheet metal business & she had a sewing business where she sold fabric, sewing novelties, & made clothes and quilts. Working closely with their children, they have shared numerous stories with us, with so many exemplifying their love of fellowship, helping & being part of a community.

Both had their businesses in Ganado, which they later moved to Edna. While running those businesses and raising three children they also found time to allow the local Girl Scout Troop to hold camp on their beautiful property every year & hosted a many get togethers where Louis enjoyed cooking! Louis served as a Deputy Sheriff for Jackson County & enjoyed cooking for his colleagues.

They were very active in the Masonic Lodge & Eastern Star chapters they belonged to, as well as their church. I can tell by talking to their children that they valued family, had a sense of humor, & just really liked people. Another feeling I get from working with their children is the gentle strength they must have had. The kind of strength that speaks through actions versus words & a love and respect for people that solidified that strength. I never had the pleasure of meeting them, but I imagine they were the kind of people that listened to everyone they met & showed them respect, whether they saw eye to eye on everything or not. Something else that seems very apparent to me is that they didn't necessarily place a value on things, but more so - what those things brought and did for them in their lives. For example: it's not the money she spent on the fabric, but the time, energy, & dedication to her craft & the appreciation for what she knows can be created with the fabric by her or anyone else that has similar gifts & abilities. Everyone's story matters & I feel blessed to play a small part in theirs.

An online auction for the personal property associated with this estate is currently underway. It will start closing at 6 PM on Saturday 7/28/18. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE ITEMS. There are numerous items that were accumulated over their lifetime including wonderful vintage fabric, tools, primitives, firearms, quilts, cedar chests, & so much more. Pick up will be this Sunday & those interested in the real estate you will be able to preview THIS Sunday between 1PM & 7PM.

The real property is also up for auction on September 7th. The real property consists of the home place with 5 acres adorned with 99+/- mature oak trees on the property & at least 2 pecan trees and a 1432 square foot house. An additional 7.48 acre tract is for sale at the intersection of HWY 111 & FM 1593, both having ag exemption. More information on the properties can be found here. These properties are separated by the public boat ramp and are minutes away from Lake Texana. Not to mention situated an hour or less from popular fishing destinations such as: Port Lavaca, Point Comfort & Port O'Conner; approximately half an hour from Victoria; 2 hours +/- from Austin, San Antonio, & Houston (about and hour and a half).

House & 5 Acres

House & 5 Acres

House & 5 Acres
7.48 +/- Acres

7.48 +/- Acres
7.48 +/- Acres

Estate situations can be difficult, but what better way to share the love and legacy of a family than to let items take on a new life and be shared with those that enjoy & appreciate them? What better way to bring fellowship back to the place that once was home to many gatherings?

Buck Up Baby! Check out the auction by visiting this link or downloading the "Buck Up Auctions" app for free to your smartphone. Information for the real estate can be found here. Once you click on the property of interest, look under the large picture & click the "Documents" tab for more info, including the full terms and conditions.

Buck Up & Bid! Bid! BID!
God Bless!
TXL 17037

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Finding a Way & Making a Way

We have been preparing for the Wachsmann Living Estate Auction this Saturday, June 2nd in the Paige/Manheim area. This is the living estate of Mrs. Joy Wachsmann & the late Clarence Wachsmann.

When we step foot in some of these old barns & hay fields, we can't help but get a feeling of nostalgia. This time, we got it when we entered the old Wachsmann Tire Shop. I know, I know. In a tire shop?! Yes. You could tell that at some point in time it was a place where people met, their problems were solved & community happened.

The old shop was being used to store some of their peanut farming equipment like: the combine, grain dryers & peanut trailers. It also contained tire equipment & truck, trailer, tractor, ATV, & lawn mower tires that had never been mounted. Up until a few short years ago, people could still come and buy tires.

When one of the sons recalled the story of how the tire shop began, it was clear that Mr. Clarence, prompted by a family member in another little farming community up the country,  had decided this community needed a place that could service & provide tires for the farmers and ranchers in their community.

Mr. Wachsmann had a need for tires for the equipment that ran his farming operation & he was willing to drive up the country to pick them up, not only for himself, but for a few neighbors. With a little encouragement from his cousin, he made plans to provide the same kind of business in his community.

A business was born right there in the heart of farming country in a tin barn & a hay field. That business, while there, made life a little easier for members of that community.

It's not like these folks just sat around waiting for people to need tires. They ran the tire shop while they were farming 500 to 600 acres of peanuts, 100 acres of corn & milo & runnin' 400 momma cows & a 2000 to 2500 head hog feed lot.

Stepping foot on that place was reminiscent of the days of finding a way, making a way & doing that with whatever knowledge and ability you had at any given moment. I'm not saying those days are gone, but it's sure not like the days when everyone around you were doing the same thing....finding a way & making a way.

When you think about farming & ranching & tires, you definitely think of the fellas, but, no mistakin',  Mrs. Joy had her hands full. Her one son described her as the "backbone of the whole operation." When I asked about her he said: "She really did everything." :)

Her jobs included:

  • Running the dryers & checking the peanuts for moisture, letting the boys know when they were ready to head to town.
  • Checking cattle while the boys were in the fields. 
  • She sewed EVERY peanut sack.
  • Pretty much ran the tire shop because Clarence was out in the fields
  • Kept herself, her husband, & 4 boys fed & clothed
  • Helped butcher the cattle & hogs
  • Tended the garden & the flowers (which she loved)
We will be out there, THIS Saturday, doing our best to play our part in their story. You can find a working list of the items that will be put up for sale on Saturday HERE. You can also find more info on our WEBSITE and videos & more pictures on our FACEBOOK PAGE.

Buck Up & Bid! Bid! Bid!
Heather Kaspar
Buck Up Auctions
TXL 17037

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Auctioneer Bid Calling Contests - An Explanation to the Public

The Texas Auctioneer Association State Convention is knocking on the door. What that means to me as an Auctioneer is that I have an opportunity to fellowship with Auctioneers from across the state & some visiting from other states, meet with vendors that help me improve business operations, receive continuing education in areas specific to my auction company's role in this industry, and I get to compete for the State Champion Auctioneer Title.

When I mention the competition to friends, family, and members of the public that aren't as familiar with auctions some picture each contestant coming in guns blazing ready to light the stage up. Others ask questions trying to understand why there is such a thing, and others seem like they want to ask me questions, but they don't know what to ask.

Considering that the contest is literally right around the corner I thought this would be a great opportunity to share what competing means to me & many other contestants & invite friends, family, & members of the public to join us for the Prelim round taking place on Sunday at the Hilton in College Station. Prelims are scheduled to start at 2:45, but if you are interested in coming, be sure to LIKE the Texas Auctioneer Association Facebook Page for the latest updates. You can also go to the Texas Auctioneer Association Website, where there is LOTS of interesting info about the auction industry.

Last year when I made the Top 10!

Getting back to what competing means to me. Several years ago, I attended my first convention. I had never been to one, didn't know what it was about & literally walked in like a sponge...just soaking it all in. I decided to sign up for the rookie contest & wound up placing 3rd. Stepping up and competing showed me something. I went from knowing very few people to meeting a group of people that were there doing the same thing I was...working on making ourselves better....learning things we did not know, but needed to...meeting people that could help us with the things we hadn't experienced yet....and dedicating ourselves to bettering our method of communication with others in the sale of merchandise. Not only did I meet and make friends with the other competitors, but after I stepped off that stage - there were people that didn't know me, make a point to talk to me....even if it was just to tell me how I did or shake my hand & introduce themselves. It put me out there. As a rookie, I didn't really know what that meant, but I knew it was good & I liked the way it felt.

Every single time I compete I learn something & I leave better than I came. Being judged by other Auctioneers & those in the industry that hire us, let's us know how well we are communicating with our audiences & helps us to see where we can be more effective.

First year of the Texas Lone Star Open in Fort Worth, TX. 

Let me also say, that standing on a stage in front of our peers, the best of the best in the industry, and other Auctioneers that have decades of experience is not the same for  us as when we stand in front of a crowd of buyers at a gala, car auction, cattle auction, estate auction or any other for that matter. The way I see it, we are putting ourselves in the fire BECAUSE we want to be sharpened.

As I continued to compete, it did not take me long to realize that we are REALLY competing against ourselves. Our performance has EVERYTHING to do with us & not a thing to do with the other competitors. All we can do is go out there and be our best self & take the feedback we've gotten and practice and apply it. We are mindful of things like: pitch, tone, rhythm, hand gestures, presentation, descriptions, speed & increments. Then, for the State Championship contest - we are also judged on our industry knowledge through an interview portion. 

In the Ringman competition last year, where I was a Top 3 Finalist.

If I could compare it to something mainstream, I'd compare it to The Voice. All of those singers can sing. The judges give them feedback & they apply it, but there can only be one winner at the end of the day. It doesn't mean the other's can't sing. It means that day...the winner MOVED the people the most & COMPELLED them to vote. I just think about what those judges tell those singers that run the risk of leaving the show. Something along the lines of: "Once you reach this point you are all winners. Your life will be forever changed, once you walk off this stage."

Earlier this year, I was calling a benefit auction & a lady came up to me, shook my hand & told me she had never heard or seen a female auctioneer & she complimented me on my clarity & told me she had more fun at that auction than any she'd ever been to because she could understand me and she knew what was going on. Then she said..."What you all do as Auctioneers is a dying art." I had such an appreciation for that lady.

She never enjoyed auctions before, so she rarely bought at live auctions - but that day...she bought items, lots of items & she called what I did a dying art & she enjoyed herself enough to let me know about it.

As an Auctioneer, who is around Auctioneers on a regular basis & who hires Auctioneers to help call my auctions - I can tell you all what we do is alive and well, with EXTREMELY talented male and female Auctioneers right here in our state & you have the opportunity to see some of them this Sunday.
2nd Year of the Texas Lone Star Open

At the end of the day, we care about our buyers and our sellers & we want to use the tool God blessed us with to communicate as effectively as possible. Buck Up Baby & come on out! There are lots of GREAT items up for bid, with money raised going to special projects like our scholarship fund & Scottish Rite Children's Hospital.

This past December at the U.S. Bid Calling Championship in Las Vegas
(Pregnant with our new baby!)

Photo Cred: Myers Jackson, Wes Pool, U.S. Bid Calling Championship

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Buck Up - It's a Call to Action

Hey Everyone! Over the last year the fact that my blogging has been ALMOST non-existent has been nagging at me. I still have topics to write about come to mind, but it is finding the time to write them! Well I have decided to dedicate time each week towards blogging & a few other things, that I can't wait to put into place!

"Buck Up" is a call to action and has several different meanings in several different dictionaries, but TODAY to means It's time to take action! Share our AUCTION journeys & LIFE journeys & really get back at it!

A month ago Tuesday, we were blessed with our 3rd child! Mr. Hunter Wayne Kaspar has joined our little family & he fits right in! I have been reflecting so much, the last several weeks in particular, & I just feel extremely blessed that we are surrounded by ALL the people we are surrounded by.

While I was pregnant with Little Man, I had several people ask "What are you going to do now?" or "Man, things were really moving with your business. I guess it will have to slow down now..." & a handful of other comments along those lines. The way I see it is...he just fits right on in, to life how we're living it. All this reflecting has given me a VERY clear direction of where I want to go & a more realistic viewpoint on the time it will take to get there & that PEOPLE in your life are what you live and work for & are your safe place and they are worth protecting, honoring, & enjoying. Life doesn't just stop or abruptly change. It's a constant flow of people coming in & out & one thing evolving into the next. I have an incredible team behind me, a supportive family all around me.

Our little family is just livin' it & lovin' it & trucking right along! Hunter has already been on several AUCTION ADVENTURES with Me & My Mom & crew members & we've got many more up ahead!

Day 1 with Hunter :)

The whole fam: Kyle, Me, Kylee Jo (8), Heath (5), & Hunter. 

Here is a link to a vido of Hunter & I on his first Flip N Move Trip! If you have trouble viewing LIKE the Texas Flip N Move Facebook Page!

Everyday we have the opportunity to Buck Up & enjoy new adventures, make new friends, & take those we love along with us on the ride! Stay tuned for MORE adventures & don't forget to BUCK UP BABY!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Reflections from Scottish Rite Children's Hospital

The Texas Auctioneer Association board recently had a meeting. This meeting was held at the Texas Scottish Rite Children's Hospital in Dallas. We had our board meeting on Sunday & then some of us stayed over on Monday for the annual Toy Auction held there for some of the patients. After the toy auction, which was SUCH a wonderful experience, the hospital held a luncheon for us & had a wonderful speaker that shared his testimony with all of us. His name is Desmond.

I have to tell you....he connected some dots for me. One of the things that struck me was when he talked about how the hospital cared for the SPIRIT of the children there & he elaborated more on how they nurtured his spirit specifically. I identified with what he had to say on: a mom level, parent level, faith level.....(regarding some of the things I wrestle the most with God about), professional level, public service level....and a level of basic humanity. I won't share details on each one. Those may need to be reserved for another blog post, or maybe a one-on-one conversation with anyone that is interested. The bottom line is we all need people that care to make the effort.

For someone who was born with all their limbs, just thinking about his journey may overwhelm you. I have to say when he stood up there to share it, he really made it sound like he played the cards he was dealt & he was surrounded by a mighty good army of influencers to get him there. This man....born with no hands...painted the painting he is pictured with, along with many others, graduated with a Bachelors & Masters degree, taught at a university, is married with a precious daughter and now works at the hospital that helped him so much. Getting from Point A (aka birth) to Point B (present day) he had to face AND overcome a lot of struggles, silence a lot of naysayers & literally had to BUCK UP & keep going.

One of the areas that I've reflected on since his speech is my role as a Board of Director for the Texas Auctioneer Association. Sunday made for a lengthy, intense, and thorough meeting. We discussed A LOT & I am quite proud to be serving on this board for this organization.

When I was nominated I had just committed to the CAI program (3 year advanced auction education program), was REALLY focusing on growing my real estate business and was adding online auctions to the services we offer. Truth be known, I had no idea I was being nominated, but when I was asked if I accepted the nomination I couldn't say no. I couldn't say no because I knew the struggles and trials I went through growing my business. I knew what I wished I would've known sooner. I knew how much the TAA & it's members helped support me, many not knowing it. I knew I was going to be in this industry & the growth and development of the industry as a whole, was going to be important to my own personal success, as well as many others. I am passionate about EVERY segment of this industry & believe they are all essential. I could be of service and I cared, so I accepted the nomination. THANKS to Lance for nominating me & the members for voting me in.

The job isn't easy & it takes all of us to make the whole that fairly represents our industry. As members, you have people that care & do make the effort & every time you vote be sure you are voting for someone who cares enough to make the effort. If YOU care enough to get involved somehow, I encourage you to reach out and discuss the possibility of joining a committee.

I also want to express how PROUD I am of our Champions. The joy Kyle, Tyler, & Si brought to those littles & the way they represented the Live Auction Method of Marketing was spot on! Way to be! There was one little boy that seemed down when they wheeled him in in his bed & he didn't really "want" any of the toys, but once he caught the auction excitement he was raising that bidder card with a smile across his face & had a pile of toys piled up around him.

To our membership, we care about your SPIRIT. We care when you are at the brink of calling it quits because what you are doing isn't working. We care when someone tells you you can't do something. We care that you have the tools and information you need to run your business. We care about the laws surrounding our industry. We care about how we interact with other industries. We care about providing the opportunity for fundamental education. We care about hearing from you & what YOU need.

Another thing that Desmond said was that the hospital would ask his mother at each check up: "What is he trying to do now?" "What is he struggling with now?" At every stage of your business...if you keep going... there will be a new struggle or something you are trying that you haven't before. Please tell us what that is. We care enough to put in the effort. You will have to do your part, just like Desmond did, but we want to support you & help you get the tools you need NOW.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone! I encourage our members to reach out and get involved, even if you aren't sure how & I encourage anyone that isn't a member to consider becoming one. Being a member of the Texas Auctioneer Association has opened up numerous opportunities & created solid friendships for me, that give me fuel to keep going. Buck Up Baby, enjoy your people, & never close your circle to new people or new experiences. God bless!

Heather Kaspar
TXL 17037

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

In the Face of Disaster...the Livestock Booster Club of Aransas County BUCKS UP & Carries On!

It's moments like this that remind me of the POWER behind a team of people, with a specific goal....that go to work...backs against the walls or not. 
It is moments like this that remind me of WHY I'm SO passionate about the auction method of marketing...
When I sent a message to my friend Danielle in Rockport...I can tell you that the last thing I thought that conversation was going to turn into was something like this: "Hey! We've decided to continue with our Show Fund Fundraiser. We have a new venue, but we need help organizing our auction. Any help you can give us would be great." 
No joke...I had to sit there a minute to try and wrap my head around everything. I knew she had lost her home. I knew they were without water and electricity and ANY sense of normalcy. I also knew her & if she had her people behind her to press forward, it was go-time. 

I checked in with my crew. I checked in with my family. I checked in about the board meeting I planned on attending both Saturday and Sunday & worked it out. We are headed to Rockport THIS Friday to Prepare for THIS Saturday.
What this Livestock Booster Club decided to proceed with is no small undertaking, but it is one heck of an effort to begin THEIR "rebuild." Rebuilding their lives back to reality - post hurricane. Life goes on, no matter what. 
The Aransas County 4H Club has approximately 30 members. Some of those kiddos lost their projects & some did not. Based on my last conversation 100% of the members were displaced or suffered major damage to their homes. These kids had to come together, once the dust settled, to look for their projects, care for their projects, & help each other. When I asked my friend Krystal, who is also helping re-organize this event how the group seems to be holding up she referred to them as "a compound." They are just all coming together and working together. 

Rockport is best known for recreation & tourism & not so much agriculture. That simple fact already limits community support, especially in comparison to ag communities. This year they also have to contend with the hurricane and the aftermath that ensued. I talked to several of the parents & they are definitely in an overwhelming situation, but the general consensus is: "We have to get them in that show ring in January." This is important to them and we have to do what we can. 
Many of us have heard about the out pour of donations that have come into the coastal areas. For this group one of their biggest needs, is a place to store it. They've been blessed with people bringing grain and hay and other needed supplies. Now they need a place to store it. Anyone out there with contact for metal storage containers - they, amongst probably several others, could use them. They are also rebuilding and stabilizing livestock pens. There is still a need for pens and fencing supplies,
What these parents and members of the Livestock Booster Club of Aransas County are calling for now, is not donations for feed or hay or supplies, but for HELP breathing life back into this program in the face of an overwhelming catastrophe. This is the Booster Club's biggest fundraiser, raising money to directly support the 4H Clubs of Aransas County and purchase the 4Hers show projects. A handful of their auction items they still have, but most were washed away OR the business don't exist anymore. 
They are accepting approximately 30 donations for live auction items & another 20 or so for their silent auction, that will help generate funds from their closest supporters. If you are someone out there that is a creator & makes deer stands, hunting blinds, bbq pits, fire pits, picnic tables, beanbag boards or anything of the like - those items will fit this crowd. If you are a business that wishes  to contribute please consider donating an item or buying at the auction. If you can not be present, contact us or the information below & we would be happy to handle absentee bidding. 
I have heard of so many people wanting to know how they can still help those affected. HELP THEM REBUILD. Help them see how to come together and rally. Help them to show these kids HOW life goes on after a natural disaster. SHOW THEM we care about MORE than their immediate needs. We care about the hard work they've put in. We care about how this will effect their futures. We care about the lessons that will be taken away from this. 
As a crew, all of us at Buck Up Auctions want these people to have fun. We want to remind them, that they can smile....that they can competitively bid against each other for the sole purpose of helping the kids. That they have each other. They have a community bigger than the coastal bend that values all they stand for. 
I pull this all back to when a seed was planted in me - regarding the power of community and the power of an auction. It's when my family felt as if we were facing our own catastrophe. It was when my Dad had went into a diabetic coma, and as he came out of it, the doctors told us his liver was failing and soon after - learning he would need a liver transplant to live. All I remember is in that family meeting there was no sign of defeat. We weren't sure how to go about it, but we organized a fundraiser that developed into two more - because of THE OVERWHELMING SUPPORT OF OUR COMMUNITY regarding auction donations and bidders, meal and dance ticket sales, silent auction items. Those auctions carried those events & contributed a TREMENDOUS deal to our goal - which was getting the funds for my Dad to get a liver. WE did it. My family could have NEVER accomplished it on our own & right now the Livestock Booster Club of Aransas County can't either. 
What happened to me through that experience will stay with me for the rest of my life. When people band together they LITERALLY breathe life back into others. There is no question, as these people look back in 6 months, a year, 5 years they will become OVERWHELMED with emotion not knowing how they did it. If you can & if you choose to, please CONSIDER being a part of their HOW. Everyone is aware that A LOT of people are hurting, but if you feel moved to help these 30 kids that have NEVER seen anything happen, like what happened to their community....that have put their heads down and cared for their projects...that have spent time helping each other - just to overcome the devastation....if you want to help these parents help their kids....BUCK UP & do it!
Talk to us about a buyers group. Talk to us about donating an item. Talk to us about absentee bidding. Talk to us about how to buy tickets! The Northshore Country Club in Portland has donated their facility, since the the original location was damaged by the hurricane. The venue is bigger and has room for an additional 200 people. Get away from the chaos & come enjoy a fajita dinner & dancing and music by Tom Saenz.
$50 per ticket. $100 per couple. For tickets you can contact Becky Mays at 361.205.5131. You can also email: and follow for updates at Livestock Booster Club of Aransas County
My crew and I will be leaving Carmine Friday afternoon. If we need to take any items or donations with us we can. Email me at

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Flying With the Angels

We have the pleasure of liquidating the real and personal property assets of the Robert F. Barton estate.

I know I've said this before, but it never ceases to amaze me how incredibly interesting and different people are that were the estate holders of many of the auctions we conduct. The people I am highlighting today are Robert and Anita Barton of Schulenburg, TX.

Both Robert and Anita have passed away. We have been working closely with their daughters and have really enjoyed hearing stories about their parents. 

Many times, we will start setting up an auction & we are able to identify nuggets of passions and interests they had, which leads us to ask more. 

Here is a snapshot of these two wonderful people:

Robert and Anita were high school sweethearts, meeting in Pasadena, TX. THEY WERE MARRIED FOR 71 YEARS!!! According to the daughters, they loved each other SO very much. 

Their 50th Wedding Anniversary

I had asked for pictures and milestones of Robert and Anita's lives & there is so much meat to their lives. So much so, that I KNOW we will not capture all of the amazing experiences these two shared. Heck, we didn't even know that he played point guard on the Texas A&M basketball team until we found his jersey & asked whose it was!

From what I hear, Anita was completely enamored with Robert. Looking at what he experienced and accomplished in his life & his sense of adventure, I can see why. On that same note, meeting their daughters & looking at pictures of Anita, there is no doubt in my mind that she held a strength and.....meekness that I think is just very special. She was capable, smart, educated, and driven with her own interests, but seemed to also know that Robert was the perfect compliment for her and leaned into him. 

Robert served as a midshipman in the U.S. Navy Flight Training Command in WWII, as an Armorer/Gunner in the U.S. Army Air Corps, & as a Reservist in the U.S. Air Force. This is where Robert found his passion for planes and flying. He & Anita bought 13 classic airplanes, restored them together, and then sold them. Robert had a career in engineering. He attended Texas A&M University, joined the service after Pearl Harbor and returned to college afterwards, graduating from the University of Houston. It is reported that he was a HUGE Aggie supporter. 

Anita - lovingly nicknamed "Pug," by her father & "PJ" for Pug Johnson (her maiden name) by Robert, had a 36 year long career in education with the Pasadena ISD. She was a 3rd grade teacher and elementary school librarian. She graduated from Sam Houston State Teacher's College. 

I don't know that I can really find the words to explain the positive energy surrounding these people and this estate. It is like there is this sense of wild adventure, that is grounded in the stability of this incredible foundation of love. Like.....things don't really matter. It is the life that they brought to it that did & the new life that someone else will. Like there is this appreciation for someone that brings life to something. For's not the jersey itself that matters. It is the person that wore it & the person or people that appreciate it. Their lives were incredibly full & their appreciation for people has completely bled into their daughters.

These blogs are humbling. We didn't have to know anything about these people, but this profession that God has led me to has taken me there & has shared His glory to everyone involved. It's mysterious. After writing this & learning more about them, I can only imagine the appreciation they would have for the, what some may call "unconventional," decisions their daughters made in settling the estate.  

Two online auctions for the personal property are open for bidding now. Two more will open on Thursday. You can find the auctions at this link or download the "Buck Up Auctions" app from your app store for free. Here is the link:


(Above is a sample of items in the two online personal property auctions currently open for bidding.)

The estate is accepting offers on the real estate as well. Here is a link to the listing, as well as a link to the Property Information Packet with lots of useful knowledge for any prospective buyer. Online bidding for the real estate will open on September 1st and will close at 5PM on September 5th. Once open, you will also be able to access, with this link:

You can call or text me, Heather Kaspar, at 979.421.0325 for more information or email me at 

Be sure to like our Buck Up Auctions & Buck Up Realty Facebook Pages for the latest updates!!