Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A Farmer & A Farmer's Wife

We have been contracted to liquidate the assets of the Arthur & Paula Jatzlau Estate. We are holding an ON-SITE auction THIS Saturday starting at 10AM.


When we set up our on-site auctions, we put the work in. We've been pulling out old wagons and trucks and tractors & doing what we do, to get everything set up.

As I watch the collection we are uncovering being lined up & set up there are a few things that are ever so clear to me about the couple that are the core of this estate.

They worked hard.
They loved hard.
They didn't have it easy. 
They taught their children the....mastery of farm machines.
They instilled a LOVE for vehicles & what made them work. 
They shared the nuggets of knowledge they had to make machines run & live off the land. 

Lifelong Ranchers & Farmers of Peanuts & Milo.

Estates can be tough. Everything we are pulling out had so much value to the people that once owned it & now we can place it into the hands of others who can and will appreciate them again. Some of these items are likely to be restored; some will be used to help restore an already started project; some will be loaded up & put to use, shortly after purchase; some are likely to be created into pieces of art & furniture & be given a new use; some will be purchased and put in a new home to be remembered & cherished because of memories they inspire; and some will find new homes to those that appreciate the time and/or way of life, in which people once lived. 

Although estates can be hard work, it is also special work. Everybody matters. Everything matters.

We look forward to seeing everyone that can make it out to the ON-SITE Auction, THIS SATURDAY! The flyer with details is below. Online bidding will not be an option because of our limited connection, but absentee bids are welcome. 

Buck Up & Bid! BId! BID! Take home a piece of a collection built and held together by a farmer and a farmer's wife. 

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Why the Apple icon?

The auction industry lost a tremendous ambassador several days ago. I had the pleasure of meeting Scott King & starting a friendship at CAI this year. CAI stands for Certified Auctioneer Institute which is advanced auction training & education. This past year was my Year 2 in this 3 year program. Scott was a past grad and instructor.

Our introduction was totally sporadic, which probably surprises no one that knew him. We were at Nick's (which is where most of the auctioneers attending CAI go to after class/events).

I was a few drinks in & had found myself chatting it up with a couple first year people - that looked....overwhelmed/unsure/not ready for this phenomenon called CAI. I was BLESSED, my first year, to have someone ENCOURAGE me to go talk to people and had gone out of their way to have a CAI crash course 101 to help me understand the value of what I signed up for & helped me to embrace it and not be so overwhelmed by it. I knew the thoughts that could be running around in their head SO, I was paying it forward.....I was finishing up a CAI pep talk when Scott turned around and asked me something....random. I totally don't remember what it was. I just remember that it led to a conversation about being friends on Facebook and being friends in real life. He was saying how people should make an effort to meet the people in real life that they are friends with on Facebook & have a REAL conversation with them. I was like....wait....we aren't friends on Facebook. He was like yes we are! Nope. I'm friends with Christie (his awesome sister), but this is the first time I've actually met you.

I pulled out my phone & I found him on Facebook & we became Facebook friends. Then he asked me about my story. Where I saw myself in this industry, how I got into it, asked about my business name & then he asked a question that made me....shift....& he saw it and told me I didn't have to answer. It caught me off one was ever curious enough to ask it, nor was the answer to the question essential in day to day operations in my business. It was something that wasn't really important to my peers or my colleagues......but it was the heart of my business. I shifted because the question made me feel....vulnerable &&&& it reminded me of where I started, why I started....and it made me ever aware that I was right in the middle of what I had set out for, but..... had been working SO hard on, that I hadn't REALLY soaked in the distance I had traveled.

He told me regularly: "You're so serious." Guilty.

The question was about why I felt like I had to Buck Up? What was the big deal. He was drawing out my REASON.....stripping it all the way back. LOL! I don't think the answer was what he may have expected, but it didn't take me long to realize that he digs conversation that matters. He could care less about the fluff & any form of being timid or politically correct. Once I INSISTED I wanted to answer....he would not accept the fluff. The skirting around the actual question....any trace of it. It was such a fun conversation....such a good one.

This year I was awarded a scholarship to attend the National Auctioneer Association Conference and Show. We are less than a week away & the person that I wanted to sit down with the most was Scott. I didn't realize how much I was looking forward to it until a friend sent me a text & I saw the posts on Facebook that he died. I am HONORED to have met him. I am...annoyed with myself that I didn't ask him all the stuff I wanted to & that we had opened conversation about. So....although it really sucks that he's gone, if I learn anything from him - it's to get to it. Don't mess around. Don't fluff or dodge or wait. Jam out to that song. Drink the beer. Dance the dance & LIVE the life that I was blessed with....all the way....and maybe...don't be so serious. :)

His question is essential to my CAI II assignment, which is...building my Business Plan. That one question he asked....that no one else had, the way he asked it... is my WHY, which can sometimes get clouded in the work and the getting there. He brought me back to it, he made me think about it & is helping me connect the dots. 

I truly believe that, although he isn't walking this earth with us anymore, he is still present and essential. I can only imagine the projects he's planning with our Maker. 

If you are wondering...."Why the Apple icon?" It's because he loved all things Apple. He loved technology. You may notice that many of my Auctioneer friends across the country have changed their profile pic. This is why. In Scott's honor, in his memory. 

Value people. Value THEIR story. Help people. Embrace who you are and what makes you, you. It's important. Educate yourself. Just a few nuggets of encouragement & wisdom from Mr. Scott King. 

Saturday, April 1, 2017

WHY should you come to Zapp Hall on Saturday?

I have a lot to say & well...I didn't intend for it to get pulled out of me way that it is. It's private & special and WORTH sharing, so here goes!

3 Years ago I had an idea....& was "weird" and random & complicated. It was the Spring Antique Show of 2014. For those of you not familiar with the Round Top - Warrenton Antiques Festival here in Texas, it is an incredible BI-ANNUAL, 2 week long (and growing) extravaganza of ANTIQUES, & DesiGners, Artisans, Artists, Collectors, & TREASURE Hunters. There are fields FOR MILES full of tents of these vendors, halls piled FULL, venues & facilites just FULL of ANYTHING & EVERYTHING anyone could want. People come from ALL OVER the world! I had to paint the picture. My heart tends to lead me to the dusty fields.

So... 3 years ago in April of 2014, I was feeling my way through the auction industry & trying to find my place. I am all about guerilla marketing & it was eating me up that I had not thought of a way to share the AUCTION AWESOMENESS with ANYONE who might listen to me there. I mean....THOUSANDS of people. I had an antique consignment auction there a year earlier, which was pretty successful for my FIRST auction on my own, but I realized quickly that I was competing with the show itself for the crowd of people that I wanted to reach. I didn't want to do that again. People come there to SHOP, to spend time with each other, to share in their common love for Antiques...JuNk,...clothes....whatever suits their fancy. I didn't really want to mess with that. I wanted to be a part of it &&&&& promote what I LOVE.

SO....dun...dun...dun.... My idea was to spend an ENTIRE week of the show, traveling from field to field - asking the vendors if they wanted to donate an item where the funds would go to a charity of their choice, and allow me to have an auction....right there at their tent....and grab the attention of anyone that was around. I had reached out to a list of non-profits for them to choose from, created these handy-dandy agreements & my pal Christie & I set out to conquer the fields of tent at a time. Let's just say.....more vendors than not.....didn't think it was as cool of an idea as we did. We got A BUNCH of NOs....BUT we talked A LOT about auctions.

Christie & I setting up at Chelsea's Meadow in Round Top. She'll be with me at Zapp tomorrow!

We finish up the evening, go eat in Round Top & just sit & recap. We had gotten the name of WHO we needed to talk to at Zapp Hall, but decided we needed to meet the next day. We were beat up. I don't even know how it happened, but somehow my other friend Cathy felt compelled to introduce me to Larry & Jennifer Clack from the Chelsea's Meadow field in Round Top. He asked me my idea & I remember being so.....apprehensive in sharing & HE. LOVED. IT. First breath of life with this idea. They asked us to come by the field the next day after I met with Zapp.

Next morning...I head over to Zapp Hall to meet with Bobby Boyd & Cheryl - the owner of Zapp. I sit down. Tell him my idea & he said. We have a vendor that was supposed to be here. She's been diagnosed with cancer & she couldn't make it. I KNOW I can get all our vendors on board, if the funds we raised went to her. There was a medical fund that was set up for her, so our next plan was to figure out how to make that work, adjusted the plan, & went to work marketing.

I head over to Chelsea's Meadow in the afternoon. I sit down with Jennifer, share my FULL idea with her, the progress that was made that day & she opens up about her friend (in her 30s, 4 children, a husband who had just been laid off, in late stage cancer.) By the end of that conversation, we were having two auctions, & helping two groups of people HELP their people.

So what is all this about right? Why is this such a big deal? When I had the "Wandering Auctioneer" intent was to spread the POWER of auctions & how they bring people together. It was not to make all. Why would someone spend so much time doing this IF they weren't getting paid? So here is the personal part....
Yes...that is a little red wagon, with a PA System & those AWESOME flyers.

A little more than 11 years ago, my Dad had went into a diabetic coma. His organs had started to fail & they were able to bring everything back except his liver. If he was going to live he HAD to have a transplant. That. Was. A. Fact. I remember having a family meeting. It was me & my two siblings, Mom, Dad & Uncle Melvin - who is a cattle auctioneer. They gave us the low down. They shared the RIDICULOUS amount of money we needed to raise & I just remember my sister and I going from panic & uneasiness to problem-solving mode. We immediately started talking about fundraisers & we immediately started pounding Uncle Melvin with questions. He has called HUNDREDS of church feasts & picnics & fireman's feasts & to put it plainly....we just figured it out. We had no REAL idea of the work that went into these events. We just knew we had to do it. Let me tell learn REAL QUICK you can't do it all on your own.

That's my Pops...helping me make our hand-glued hand fans for the escapades of the "Wandering Auctioneer."

I. WILL. NEVER. FORGET. How our community & family & friends rallied around us. One of my Dad's old friends had called me, asked me what was going on & I shared it all. I literally thought she was calling just because she wanted to know. She was an editor for a Tri-County Newspaper & that next Thursday there was a FRONT-PAGE article about the benefit for my Dad. We had SO many items come in for the auction that we had to plan more fundraisers, with more auctions to sell it all. We had 3. A dinner, dance & auction in our hometown - a Team Penning Benefit with Live & Silent Auctions & Live Music - & a Ranch Sorting Benefit in Ledbetter with a Live Auction. Between the 3 we had raised somewhere around $90,000 - which was still not enough, but with the sale of some land to my AMAZING Uncles....We.Got.It.Done.

When the dust settled & you looked at the numbers.... The numbers from plate sales, the numbers from dance sales & the numbers from the auctions....the auctions OVERWHELMINGLY got us where we needed to get. TRUTH.....An auction seed was planted in me that day that would start blooming 3 years later...down to the month. I got my auction license in the mail in November 2011. We were fundraising in November 2008.

Here's the thing though....all of that is GREAT & important, but as a young person, I could not understand the WHY. WHY did these people come out of the woodwork with these items? Why did the bidders CHOOSE to spend their money this way? WHY did some of them show up at each one? Why? Why? WHY? & HOW could we EVER possibly thank them all. Here is my conclusion: They weren't looking for anything. They CHOSE to freely give. They gave because it mattered. They gave because they cared. They gave because they could. They gave because something resonated with them in such a way that it compelled them. It's one of those things where a "Thank You" in the Newspaper & on a thank you card couldn't even begin to do it justice. It was bigger than any one of us. It was bigger than the situation. It was BIG & the Auction Method & the Auctioneer made it happen. From that day forward I couldn't help but see both as PROBLEM - SOLVERS.

This is me calling my second auction. Uncle Melvin (Our life-long Problem-Solver)
catching bids for me at the Carmine Volunteer Fire Department.
 (My Uncle Fritz is in the plaid shirt behind us.)

I've had my license since 2011 & I have been HELPING PEOPLE SOLVE PROBLEMS ever since & I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. It IS the greatest business in the world. I went from not knowing my place to helping clients solve: Real Estate Problems, Fundraising Problems, Liquidation Problems, Estate Problems, Surplus Problems....

SO...when Bobby Boyd sent me a message in March, asking if I'd be able to help them raise money for 2 members of their Zapp Hall Family... I figured out how to make it work. In November...The Tedders of J.Tedder Design were in a MAJOR car accident. They have two children. Jason has not been able to fully go back to work & Jessica has, just recently. Two years ago...The Tedders not only donated items, but bought items to show their support.

J. Tedder Design Original Piece

J. Tedder Design Original Piece
J. Tedder Design Original Piece

J. Tedder Design Original Piece

J. Tedder Design Original Piece
EVERYTHING YOU DO MATTERS. Breathe life into someone. I mean...I would not be where I am today if someone didn't positively see purpose in my my the life of my Dad. PEOPLE MATTER. You LITERALLY can always make more money, but an OPPORTUNITY to breathe life into someone is truly a gift.

We will be running two heats :). First auction starts at 12:30 - second one at 2PM. We will be RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ZAPP FIELD. Look for PURPLE signs.

Buck Up Baby & BE THERE! :)

P.S. HAPPY NEWS: My Pops is still kickin' & has gotten to see all THREE of his grandbabies, of which he ABSOLUTELY ADORES. Both ladies that we raised money for in 2014 won their cancer battle!

TXL 17037

Thursday, January 26, 2017

A Legacy of Serving, Teaching & Learning - Joyfully!

I have the honor of liquidating the estate of Mr. Joe A. Spacek in Dime Box. As many of you know, I like to share the life & times, if you will, of the individual tied to the estates we are hired to liquidate. I do this, because we all tell a story & I believe we continue to tell a story after we are gone. You know....there is something interesting & mysterious about the quiet ones.

Every family member I have talked to so far has told me that Joe A. kept to himself. That being said he has a lot of neat and interesting things to share will all of you coming to the auction on Saturday.

There will be lots of useful items at the auction on Saturday like: Several Storage Buildings, Tools, Furnishings, Cooking Kettle, Gold & Silver pieces, a couple of Firearms, S10 Pick Up, Handmade Quilts & then some.

There will also be lots of FUN, interesting & UniQue pieces like: sports memorabilia, collectible & commemorative items from Sport Greats to Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, & Princess Diana. There are also antique toys, advertising pieces, primitives, pottery crocks. I mean....the list could go on. We keep finding things!

Because of the size of Joe A.'s collection we are also planning SEVERAL online auctions. He has a TREMENDOUS coin & currency collection. We will have details and a preliminary inventory available for those interested on Saturday. He also has quite a collection of comic books & authenticated & autographed sports items, which will be held in a specialty online auction. Be sure to join our mailing list to get updated about ALL of those.

When we start working on estates, we very quickly get to see an insight into the lives of the individuals that have left us. You notice how they organized things. You notice what was important to them and what wasn't. You learn about that person in a way, never would just having a conversation with them.

There is no question that this man was a collector & took GREAT PRIDE in the treasures that he found and the things that brought him JOY. It was like he had this foresight into the value of these items. 

I think it's important to share the back story on Mr. Joe A, because I think it is wonderful. 

Joe A. was an only child & has been described as: "a devoted son that took great care of his mother in her final years" and "a generous man, always willing to give to church fund raisers and community functions, as well as showing his gratitude to those caregivers in his last couple years of life." 

One of the small buildings we are selling was built for his mother. He built it so she could sit outside on the "porch." Her failing eyesight made it hard for her to see, so he built it matter what the weather was, she could sit outside & the natural light helped her vision. 

His mother was a teacher, teaching a total of 33 years at the Birdsong Community in Burleson County, The Friendship Community in Lee County, New Dime Box,  Dime Box & Lexington Schools. She predominantly focused in mathematics. This makes it no surprise that Joe A. received a degree in Mathematics from the University of Texas & taught at 3 different universities. 

We will also have several other unique items at the sale on Saturday. They belonged to Joe A.'s father, Mr. Joe Spacek. He was a WW1 Veteran, so there will be several pieces there from his time served. Mr. Joe also had a train car accident in his early 20's (per family members) where he lost his leg. They said it never stopped him & after being a battery operator for some years, started his 44 year-long career at the First State Bank in Dime Box. I've been told that Mr. Joe took quite an interest in coin collecting & I believe he passed that interest on to Joe A.  You will see unique items on Saturday that reflect these interests & events. Oh! And his dad was a Square Dance Caller! 

Similar to his parents, after retiring from teaching, Joe A. worked in Austin for the Data Processing Division of the Texas Highway Department, until he reached time for his SECOND retirement! BEFORE teaching he also worked at aerospace companies. We have items reflecting those times of his life, as well. 

Maybe some of the most heartwarming bits of information I've received as we've been setting up for this auction is regarding how close they were as a family. They were avid UT & Dallas Cowboy Fans. They enjoyed watching sports programs together & took an annual family vacation out of state every year that they all looked forward to. They were a unit, yet each one having their own individual strengths, interests, & stories that contributed to that unit. A unit that created a legacy of serving, teaching, enjoying life & getting things done!

What a blessing they must have been to the community of Dime Box!

As I sit here and think about how Joe A. "kept to himself," I think that more of us should probably BUCK UP & keep to ourselves. :) Work hard. Educate ourselves & others. Spend time with the people and things that bring us joy....& keep to ourselves, those we love, and those we can help. 

There is something quite special in this story. 

I ENCOURAGE all of you to come out on Saturday! We will have concessions available from the Dime Box Lions Club. We will also have additional information about the online auctions coming up & the real estate that will be for sale, which is also part of this estate!

Please go to our website at & subscribe to be added to our email list!

Heather Kaspar
Buck Up Auctions
TXL 17037

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Loving Hard & Working Hard

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Mrs. Ona Van Dorn. She is the client associated with the Estate Liquidation we are holding in George West, TX. When given the opportunity, I LOVE to tell the stories of the people associated with our estates.

Liquidating estates is like sharing someone's personal collection of LOVED things with anyone who can & WILL appreciate them.

I have to say that it is MY HONOR to share in the story of Mrs. Ona Van Dorn! This 96 year-old cowgirl & entrepreneur has a TREMENDOUS life. It's hard to not get emotional remembering the interview & just learning HOW MANY people that have been blessed by her life & are still being BLESSED by it!

It's one of those blogs where I will do my best to share ALL of my thoughts & feelings, but her life is JUST SO BIG....I don't think it can be captured in these words....but I'll give it my best shot.

The interview started out going back to about 1960, starting with the story of how & why they started the South Texas Trail Ride, which starts in the Corpus Christi area & ends at the AT&T Center in San Antonio coinciding with the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo. At the time, her & her then-husband Big Jim Wright owned the Motts Steakhouse in Corpus Christi - which garnered diners of the likes of Roy Rodgers & Johnny Cash.

Pictured with Johnny Cash.

Sitting there at The Motts, with their friends Fay & Pete Sample they came up with the idea to have a trail ride start in Corpus & end at the San Antonio Livestock Show & Rodeo. I knew this story was going to get good when she said: "Everyone told us it was impossible." Mrs. Ona goes on to say that the Stock Show was approaching & they needed to get approval, BUT before that - had to make sure that they would have people in support of this ride & willing to work with them.  They set out and made a trip on the route they had planned to take & made stops talking to certain individuals that would serve as key players to help push this vision along. First of all, it AMAZED me that she remembered SO MANY details of, not just this part of the planning, but EVERYTHING!! What seemed to be the key shot of encouragement to keep moving forward with the trail ride is when Mr. Perry Callison said to her: "All of South Texas is my business & I think it is a good thing!" Hearing her say it, it seemed like it was just the right dose of encouragement that was needed to carry on towards the goal. Needless to say, A ride that started with a small group of around 30 or so riders grEW to where, at its peak, had 1500+ riders! She remembered all kinds of details like...recalling a goal to have 50 horse-drawn buggies on the ride for their 50th Anniversary Year & only getting 49. She chuckled about it :). I just love the tenacity...of being told it's impossible & going after it anyway...of talking to the RIGHT people to encourage & push it along...of witnessing the passion & hearing about the work put in to do it....& of the absolutely incredible life journey this ride took her & many others on. She recalled one year cooking for all the riders with water up to her knees! Back then, we aren't talking about a trail-ride with heated trailers & living compartments. We are talking...sleeping in tents, beds of pick-up trucks & on the ground, riding in whatever weather was on the trail... We have the first horse trailer camper that ever went on the ride in the auction on December 10th! Just to give you an idea of how much Mrs. Ona LOVES this ride....she has gone on the ride EVERY YEAR! The last time she rode was 8 years ago! Since then, she's ridden on the wagon :). If anyone gets the chance to visit with her about it...ask her about the year she rode sidesaddle the WHOLE way & the clothes she made for that ride! On average riders ride 35 miles a day.

Mrs. Ona in her hand-made duds - ridin' side saddle. 

Mrs. Ona in the hat!

Check out the growth of that vision!

If you think that was an awesome story...just wait!

I had also heard about her entreprenuel spirit. There is really no tellin' how many businesses Mrs. Ona has owned or have been a part of. She couldn't recall all of them & after meeting with her we've learned about more :). One theme that seemed to be pretty consistent (with a few exceptions) was restuarants & feeding people. I asked her why restaurants? Mrs. Ona looked square at me & said: "Everything I've done was done for a reason...for a purpose." Visiting with her, it became pretty clear that opportunities presented themselves to her & if there was a reason or a purpose for it...she would do it...even if the road ahead would not be easy.

Her & her second husband, Doug opened up Vans BBQ in Oakville. At the time, she was selling real estate and good at it! They had other restuarants also. Like I mentioned before, an opportunity presented itself to Mrs. Ona. Once again the odds against her were difficult. It all came down to a desperate seller needing to sell a piece of real estate, that later would turn into Vans BBQ. She shared that she was apprehensive. The local paper had just come out highlighting the hard times Oakville was headed towards & here she was...thinking about opening up a restuarant right in the middle of it. One day she had the idea to make some BBQ, take it up to the Oakville location, &....ultimately...see what happens. It was a rough start, but the people that stopped by begged them to stay open....& it has been in business ever since. That was around 1982. She didn't say this verbatim, but the way I understand it - the REASON Van's in Oakville happened was because she had a client with a need, that she could fulfill & the purpose for staying open, is because people wanted her to.

She shared a story that is just too good to not share. She told me that when she was first getting going with Vans, the people of Oakville were givin' her a hard time. It was a dry precinct & she went through all the required notices & paperwork to get the beer license for the restaurant. A member of the local church stopped by & said: "Mrs. Ona, are you sure you want to go down to the courthouse? There are two bus loads from the church headed over there to protest against you getting the beer license." Mrs. Ona said: "Yeah? I'll ride with ya!"  Needless to say, she drove separate, had to be escorted in the back door for her safety, & the judge granted the beer license to Vans because all the necessary paperwork had been filed & there was nothing against their name. Vans in Oakville was sold this year, but you can still eat at their Three Rivers location!

After this story...I asked Mrs. Ona what her "WHY" was. Why did she do all this, and go through all this? What was her drive behind the decisions she made in her lifetime? She sat up, looked at me kind of speechless & thoughtful for a moment, and said: "I guess I just love people so much I just want to do these things." Probably the best "WHY" anyone can have.

We moved into her love for horse-drawn buggies & wagons. Mrs. Ona has a collection of horse-drawn buggies, carriages, & wagons that will be up for auction on Saturday in George West, starting at 10AM. There is a gig & Mexican cart that came off the Kennedy Ranch, which will be in the auction on Saturday, along with several other items from Kennedy Ranch & Chapman Ranch. She also had the stage coach & Mrs. Kennedy's Buggy, which they gave to The Corpus Christi Museum. They were in her care from 1965-1975.

Will be in the Auction in George West on Saturday.
Mexican Buggy off of Kennedy Ranch. Will be in Auction in George West 

Will be in Auction in George West on Saturday. 
Will in in Auction in George West on Saturday.

Front buggy off of Kennedy Ranch. Authentic to period. Maintained.
Will be in Auction in George West on Sunday.

She said she started collecting these, because she had a vision for a family dude ranch & a place similar to Motts in Corpus Christi, but she can't get around like she used to & it never came to fruition.

Her horses & the Chuck Wagon & Parade Harness were filmed in the Movie: Red & Yella, Kill a Fella, just last year. She also had the opportunity to be filmed as an extra in The Alamo with John Wayne & appear at Happy Shahan's Alamo Village in Bracketville.

This story is what took me over the edge. I COULD NOT HOLD MY EMOTIONS IN. We had somehow started talking about another one of her past businesses, Chuck Wagon Caters & someone mentioned "orphans." It struck me & I asked Mrs. Ona if she could elaborate. She told me: "There were LOADS of'm!" She said that they weren't all orphans. Some of the kiddos came from very wealthy families, but were lost in a sense. Her & her husband would take them in. They moved three buildings in from North Beach to house them. She said there would be 10, 15, 20 at a time. Some would stay only on weekends. Some never left. They would help with their businesses & with the horses. She said that the MAIN rule, was they HAD to go to school. There was one boy in particular that really had a hard time. She said they worked to get him on track & he was making great progress. Then one day his daddy showed up fussing & mad at the boy & tried to drag him off the place & she ran him off. After that story, she couldn't hold back her tears either.

She joked about her brother always saying that she could turn a piece of string into gold, but as we were sitting there visiting - we both agreed that big things don't just happen. You have to WORK to make them happen. Mrs. Ona's life is a legacy of LOVING HARD & WORKING HARD. She has selflessly worked & served & given & created & lived for others & has a heck of a time doin' it!

Ona & I after the interview!

Just goes to show how we all have it in us. Buck Up Auctions & myself have teamed up with Danny Jennings with ELCO Auctions out of Odem, TX to carry out this auction for Mrs. Ona. Danny was the VERY FIRST Auctioneer that gave ME a shot, when I first got my license. He's been in my corner ever since I started this auction journey, back in 2011.

We would like to invite EVERYONE out for this 2-Day Auction Event! We will be in George West on Saturday - Auction Starts a 10AM & Oakville on Sunday Starting at 1PM. Items will be available for Preview from 3PM until dark at both locations on FRIDAY.  Go to for all the info. We are updating the website daily.

You can also like our Facebook Pages Here: Buck Up Auctions & ELCO Auctions

God Bless!
Heather Kaspar
Buck Up Auctions
TXL 17037

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Exciting Announcement!

Hey Friends & Followers! I have a pretty cool announcement to share with everyone!

I will be an Auctioneer in Season 5 of the hit DIY Network show - Texas Flip N Move!! New season will start November 25th (the Friday after Thanksgiving). The first episode you will see me on is on December 2nd!! Set your DVRs & Tune in EVERY Friday 8PM Central Time!

DIRECTV - Channel 230
Dish Network - Channel 111

I want to shoot a quick message out to ENCOURAGE all of you who do not regularly watch the show - to START! It's been my privilege to get to know the cast & crew that is a part of this show & to be a part of the action! 

It is a FAMILY show. My 4 & 7 year old LOVE to watch it with us. It has FRESH & CreAtiVe design ideas! My FAVORITE thing about this show & all it stands for is highlighting REAL, true blue, working men & WOMEN ;). You get to see a snapshot of the lives of HOUSEMOVERS, CONTRACTORS, BUILDING PROFESSIONALS, DESIGNERS, & AUCTIONEERS & learn a little bit about our industries!

Buck Up Baby & TUNE IN - Friday NIGHTS - 8PM Central Time!!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

What Can You Do With a 101 Year Old House?

Hey Readers!! To get all my followers up to date, as well as my NEW readers - I will be offering the REAL property at 717 E. Washington Street in Giddings, Texas for sale via LIVE & online SIMULCAST Bidding. I am a licensed Auctioneer with the state of Texas, which is regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation. I am also a licensed REALTOR with the Texas Real Estate Commission & I hold my license with My Real Estate Expert, LLC./Buck Up Realty out of Tomball, Texas. This firm holds a wealth of experience in regards to commercial, residential & foreclosed properties in urban & rural markets, as well as educated Buyer Representation Agents. They are also experienced using the auction method of marketing to sell real estate property (LIVE & ONLINE), as well as traditional methods.

I am excited to be able to offer THIS property to all of you, USING THE AUCTION METHOD OF MARKETING! Our auction company, Buck Up Auctions, had the honor of conducting the personal property auction for the sellers a little over a year ago. Inside was a wealth of interesting and exciting antique pieces including, but not limited to: furniture, advertising pieces, linens, glassware, collectibles, toys, lighting fixtures, comic books & SO much more! Check out THIS blog written in preparation for the personal property auction.

This property has ALWAYS been in the Schneider/Schultz Family. That's right...101 years in the same family line! For a number of years the family ran a local mercantile & in the early days, all of their merchandise was delivered by train. If you read the link to our previous blog post, you can get some additional history on the property & the people that occupied it. My purpose of writing today is to give you all the opportunity to savor in the history & take a moment to look at this home as your own blank canvas. How can you write your own story with it? I know there are those out there that love to restore old homes....that DREAM of owning a bed & breakfast....that fancy the idea of truly restoring a home to make it a piece of their family for years to come....that prefer to invest their money into real estate. This property, being zoned residential & commercial, can give all of you that opportunity.

The seller has provided several documents about the property that are available for you to view on our website at: The terms & conditions of the auction sale are also on our website. PLEASE CALL/TEXT/ OR EMAIL...any questions you may have about the property, the terms of the sale, online bidding or the documents you see online. I can also email the documents to you directly.

My contact info: Heather Schoenst Kaspar - - 979.421.0325

Located in Giddings, Texas - This property is not very far from Austin, College Station, or Houston! The community is full of lots of German Heritage, numerous civic groups for one to become active in, has an Economic Development Board & is a venue for professional rodeos & bull ridings,... The town has a strong base in agriculture & industrial-type jobs. It is 30 minutes or less from the Round Top & Warrenton, TX - which many know for the bi-annual+ antique show & pleasantly located just outside the hub of activity - during those times of the year. It's a quaint piece of the world, where there's still plenty to do....just not quite as fast-paced, as what you find in the city.

There will be LIVE & SIMULCAST ONLINE BIDDING available for this property. PLEASE call me with any questions you may have! We will hold a preview/inspection day on June 1st from 3PM-7PM & the auction will be held June 15th @ 6:30PM. Please be sure to LIKE our FACEBOOK PAGE for all the latest updates. You can also subscribe to our Constant Contact email newsletter HERE.


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More information will be posted at Be sure to go there for the full terms & conditions of the sale. There is a 10% buyers premium. The seller has the right to accept or reject the final bid price. Agent is a licensed REALTOR and Auctioneer - TXL 17037, regulated by the TDLR.

In addition please click here to view the Information about Brokerage Services Form, which explains agency relationships with sellers, buyers, & brokerage firm. In this transaction Heather Kaspar, My Real Estate Expert, LLC./Buck Up Realty is an agent of the seller.  Broker/Buyer Representation is encouraged & compensated. Buyer Representation Agreements must be presented to auctioneer 24 hours before the sale starts.