Monday, April 14, 2014

A Story about Beau "Diddle" Green

Our next UPCOMING Auction is on FRIDAY, April 25th in Giddings, TEXAS. See the flyer below. It is a MEMORIAL scholarship FUNDraiser in HONOR of the memory of the late BEAU DIDDLE GREEN. The $$ raised from the entire event (Dance, LIVE & silent Auctions, & Golf Tourney) go to deserving students of the GIDDINGS & LEXINGTON School Districts.

I didn't have the pleasure of knowing Beau, before he passed  & was asked to talk to Beau's cousin Jacob - to learn a little more about him. I have to say that I was touched by Jacob's MEMORIES & LOVE for Beau.

Beau was 6 years older than Jacob. Beau lived with Jacob & his family for a while & the two of them became roomates. Here are some of the things Jacob had to say about Beau:

-He became like a BROTHER to me.
-He was the 1st person I ever called a BEST FRIEND.
-He MADE YOU FEEL secure.
-He was like a WATCHDOG or PROTECTOR.
-He was FULL of life....ALWAYS positive.
-He was a GREAT LISTENER & sound board.
-He was the LIFE OF THE PARTY!
-He would ENCOURAGE anybody to do ANYTHING they wanted to do.

When Beau was 23 years-old, he took his own life. Let me tell you somethin'. LIFE can get mighty hairy....especially when you don't have much money, & stability, & the demons start creepin' up. God put all of us HERE ON EARTH to HELP EACH OTHER. We all know that in our low times can't help us...our friends can't help us...sometimes GOD is the only person that can help us....just BE AWARE. Sometimes people like Beau WILL NOT (UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE) let the people they are protective of KNOW that they are hurting. People who LOVE that much, can also CRASH that hard.

As sad & heart-wrenching as his death was, Beau's family ORGANIZED a MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP EVENT to carry out the kind of things Beau was already doing, in his short time here. Through this scholarship fund students are encouraged to become anything they want to become. They are given an OPPORTUNITY & Beau's family has figured out how to keep his LEGACY ALIVE in this event. There will be dancin'. There will be EXCITEMENT! There will be golfin'. EVERYTHING that comes from it will be POSITIVE & going to help students that really NEED it.

Beau wasn't only a BIG GOLFER & BIG DANCER, but he had a GREAT BIG HEART.  Come out and support this event. You're not only gonna have a heck of a time, but there are some SUPER cool items to bid on & all the $$ you spend is going right back in the community to help one of your own.

BUCK UP BABY! Shine your light on others...even if it's just a glimmer. You can contact Paula Otto at 570.778.1727 OR Melissa Lira at 979.716.0622 if you have an auction item to donate, want details so you know when to come bid, or have questions about the golf tournament. Check our website. We keep updating it with auction items:

Heather Kaspar
TXL 17037

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Is there an INTERN out there?

Hey all!! So things have been BuSy in Buck Up Auction Land & I've kinda identified a few things we have a need for....

I'm lookin' for SOMEONE who may have some of the following interests/traits/qualities:

-Social Media Knowledge (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest....IDK...maybe SnapChat).
-An eye for GOOD (good pics, good angles, good get the drift)
-Definately NEEDS to be a High Energy Person, but can HOLD IT TOGETHER
-CrEatIVE with an eye for PURPOSE
-Someone who can ADAPT to change (If you're not WORRIES. We can teach it ;))

It would not require lots of hours. You'd have to be able to help on weekends, but not all day & only a few hours at a time & not every weekend. I MAY ask you to submit some IDEAS for our RandOM brain-storming sessions.

WE'd prefer that you LOVE JESUS. If you don' can bet yo britches, we'll be workin' on ya!

If you have ANY interest...AT ALL. Even if you're not quite me, inbox me, or text me. Here is my contact info:

Phone: 979.421.0325
Email: OR
Facebook: Buck Up Auctions

Buck Up Baby!! Get you some EXPERIENCE! Get you some HOURS! Get you some BRAND SPANKIN' NEW FRIENDS!!

Heather Kaspar
Buck Up Auctions
TXL 17037

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Antique Fair Adventure: BLOOPERS

These are funny. I couldn't resist. Happy trails & much love!


Way too much fun!!

I go from shootin'...

to kissin'....

to TOTALLY gettin' photo bombed & not knowing it....

to ruinin' a perfectly good picture. 
Buck Up Baby! Have some fun!

Heather Kaspar
TXL 17037

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Antique Fair Adventure: Day 6 of The Wandering Auctioneer

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.”  - Colossians 3:23

Guys....I almost didn't do this whole Antique Fair Adventure thing & I SURE didn't know that I would become a wandering auctioneer for a week....

I knew MOST people wouldn't get it & I would be facing a lot of CRITICISM....which I can take.... I just wasn't sure I wanted to. In fact....I know I didn't WANT to, but there reached a point where I knew I HAD to. God wouldn't let me turn this CraZy idea loose. So I prayed for STRENGTH & thanked God everyday that he sent Christie to keep urging me on....b/c I was still half-way crawfishin' out of this on Monday & Tuesday. 

Now I look back.... at how truly BLESSED I am to:

-Have FABULOUS people, (with such different skill sets) that will come out & help me when I call last minute OR CreaTE something that is REALLY more work than what we ordinarily do....but understand WHY I'm doing it.

Words can not express how thankful I am for these people!
Our MOBILE wagon. 
My cashiers - hard at it!

Mobile Clerk/Cashier

Christie & her boys getting the items lined up. 

Melissa - ready wherever she is needed!

Avery showing item up for auction...and a MIGHTY cool one at that. 

-Have met some really wonderful people ALL WEEK LONG...some of which have become life-long friends.

Me & Jennifer Clack @ Junk Prom
-Have been given a gift to truly help people & a platform to show more people from different areas....& not spend thousands of $$$ in advertising to show them.

-Have found a land owner & show organizer that really GOT IT....(my idea) & helped me set it into motion. 

Cheryl from Zapp, Myself, & Bobby with Bobby Boyd Designs
-Have been given the opportunity to silence peoples' doubts. 

- & probably MOST of all: share my ministry to others. I'm not kidding when I say..... WE DID EVERY SINGLE DAY.... and people shared their's. I could almost feel the Holy Spirit moving between us. 

When it was all said & done....all the $$$ tallied - including straight donations.... each event raised over $6000!!
Guy's...we pulled off these 2 auctions in a week's time. If you know anything about auctions....that is tough!  We "made it work" from the word GO. 

The first auction was for Shawna Robinson. We dubbed it a "Wandering Auction" & literally started in a central location....then wandered from vendor tent to vendor tent selling DONATED items from each booth....where ALL the proceeds went to Shawna. Shawna is a vendor at Zapp Hall that had planned on coming to the show, but was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 weeks before. In the middle of our planning - we learned that the Cancer had actually spread & things were going to be a little tougher, before they got easier. BUT LET ME TELL YOU.... those vendors RALLIED behind her. I had the opportunity to get a chance to visit with ALL the vendors there at Zapp. Some of them knew her, some were her BEST FRIENDS, & some had never met her - BUT there isn't one vendor that did not participate. Many said...if that was us, we'd want someone to help. Others said....I have a loved one fighting that battle & I don't care how tough a person is...everyone needs somebody. To KNOW that they'd a been happy with $2000 & we helped raise over $6000 really makes me SO happy that we could help people BLESS EACH OTHER. Shawna is a former NASCAR RACE CAR DRIVER & is no stranger to pressure, but I hope she knows that in her low times.....SHE HAS A hold her, love her, support her, & bless her EVERY step of her journey.

The second auction was at Chelsea's Meadow in Round Top. So...I'm sittin' at Los Patrones in Round Top - with my two main auction gals & we are BRAINSTORMING this whole idea & the best way to do things & IF we should do them & IF I was cRazY & Cathy introduces me to Mr. Clack, who then introduces me to his daughter & they have a NEED for what I'm thinking about doing. We meet the next day. We initially talk about a consignment auction...where a piece of it goes to her friend Stephanie....also fighting breast cancer. We mull it over in our minds & I pray about it & I tell her, with the time frame we have to work with in mind, that I think the BEST thing we can do is a DONATION only fundraising auction & have the proceeds go to Stephanie, which should raise more money. So we agree to it, pull the trigger, & get to work. Jennifer was also happy to raise around $2k & we were able to surpass $6k with the entire event. This auction benefited Stephanie Few - who is a childhood friend (since Kindergarten) of Chelsea's Meadow Owners Jennifer Clack & her Dad Larry Clack. Stephanie was diagnosed with breast cancer at 7 months pregnant. They delivered the baby early (happy & healthy) & performed a mastectomy. She has recently started chemo treatments. Her husband was laid off from his job shortly after she was diagnosed. Since then, he was able to find work, but for much less than what he was making. Needless to say....Jennifer talked to Stephanie & knew that new situations arose where she would be in need of funds that they just would not be able to come up with on their this fundraiser is just a HUGE blessing to her. 

Guys...BOTH of these girls we helped were COMPLETE strangers to fact the people we were working with to organize the events were COMPLETE strangers to us, BUT WE DID GOOD. We have now made life-long friends, have started discussing what we can do & how we can do things to help EVEN more people - in more than one way, & really....HELP PEOPLE SHARE THEIR LOVE & USE THEIR NETWORK OF PEOPLE TO LIFT EACH OTHER UP. 

God knows what he is doin' & KNEW that the GOOD that would come out of this was SO MUCH BETTER than any criticism that would be thrown my way. I'm not kidding when I say I feel SPENT. The crew & I  mustered EVERY bit of what we had to do this & I am SO PROUD of them & eternally GRATEFUL. 

Our work here is done...for now. 


An special THANK YOU to Hengst Printing in LaGrange for gettin' me set up with almost EVERYTHING - short notice, our parents & friends that helped watch the kiddos, & Susan Hickey& Nelson Muhoberac for the photos!

Heather Kaspar
Buck Up Auctions
TXL 17037

Friday, April 4, 2014

Antique Fair Adventure: Day 5 of the Wandering Auctioneer

It is just AMAZING the difference of how I felt this morning & the difference in how I feel right now. We have had such an AMAZING response & LOTS of interest about the "Wandering Auction" that will kick off at 11AM Saturday morning.

I think it is JUST SO amazing how I brought one of the show organizers (Mr. Bobby Boyd w/Bobby Boyd Designs) - the shell of an idea I had, & he helped DO the work, talked to other vendors & REALLY helped me organize & pull off this Zapp Hall Wandering Auction Benefit. The last couple of days I have been wandering around Zapp - planning out the logistics of this thing & meeting some of the most FabuUlouS vendors. I mean...It is no wonder Zapp has the reputation it does. Those vendors have A LOT of LOVE for each other, their customers, their friends & are so...WITH IT.

Me & my crew are going to work our tails off tomorrow for them & I sure hope you all come out and BID on something. KNOW that this BENEFIT is supported by a group of people that LOVE Shawna Robinson (Fellow Zapp Hall vendor that could not make it to the show, due to chemo treatments to help rid her body of breast cancer) & although my crew & I don't KNOW her - we are willing to use our time & effort to show whoever will watch....what the power of personal connections can do & the power of  flat LOVING another human for being human & what a LIVE auction can do.

I started this company to do a lot of things, but the #1 thing is to help PEOPLE...not just my friends, not just my family, but EVERYONE & as many as I can. I have consignment auctions & I've been hired as a contract auctioneer, but MY PASSION is fund-RAISING auctions & NOT JUST showing up & selling. HELPING organize an entire event & all it's components to make it the MOST $$$ it possibly can.

Today I was a little OVERWHELMED b/c I thought.... I think I need more HANDS...just to HELP, but I also knew that we are in the middle of the busiest, highest $$$ makin', people workin' 2 or 3 jobs b/c they can kind of time of year & didn't know if I could find them. But really ya' goes back to connections. THE LORD HAS BLESSED ME. We've got more HELP now than I have t-shirts...

Then after we FINISH @ Zapp. We are headin' on over to Chelsea's Meadow in ROUND TOP, TX. No wandering at this one. We are gonna set up & sell another set of DONATED items for yet another breast cancer WARRIOR - Stephanie Few, who was diagnosed with STAGE 3 breast cancer at 7 months pregnant. They took the baby early (Praise Jesus sweet Baby Faith is healthy) & then performed a mastectomy. Shortly after she was diagnosed, her husband was laid off. The Chelsea's Meadow owners are life-long friends & TRULY by God's GRACE....& more connections we met while eating at Los Patrones in Round Top  & went from TOTALLY not knowing each other to making life-long friends & raising $$$$ to help their friend. My FAMILY will be there including my SWEET, PRECIOUS BABIES & I will get to do what I LOVE to & help out a whole other set of people. THERE are LOTS of cool items: barely ridden women's Hereford saddle, 3 wonderful Zinc-topped tables, a WHIRLEY Bird, Cowhide rug & SO MUCH MORE. We've had LOTS of phone calls, Facebook Messages, texts, & inquiries about the Chelsea's Meadow. Come out. Sit down. Unwind from this FaBUlous, but tiring show, eat some pulled-pork or chopped brisket sandwiches & get you some kettle corn & SWEET TEA...& COME OUT AND BID! can't take that MONEY with ya when you go. You might as well help someone out, if you can!

This is a group of vendors that really are rallyin' To HELP another & I am so BLESSED to have had the chance to meet them.

My HEARTBREAKER T-ball Player before her 1st game today...

& her #1 FAN!

BUCK UP BABY!! This has been a WilD & CRazY ride. Hang on & RIDE WITH JESUS!!

Heather Schoenst Kaspar
Buck Up Auctions
TXL 17037

Antique Fair Adventure: Day 4 of the Wandering Auctioneer

Guys we are TOTALLY gearing up for the 2 auction we have on Saturday. In fact SO much so, that this will be a PICTURE HEAVY POST.

PLEASE follow me on Facebook: Buck Up Auctions. We are UPDATING it much faster than these blog posts.

Here is the flyer for the first auction of the day. We are going to START at the small tent set up between Zapp Hall & the Larger Vendor Tent. After we finish up there we will wander :)

Bobby & I walked all around Zapp yesterday with my wagon & his staple gun - to be sure all the vendors knew what the plan is for Saturday!!

Then we would LOVE to have EVERYONE follow us to Chelsea's Meadow for the auction below. It starts at 5:30. Be sure to check out our Auction Zip LISTING: HERE!!!

Here is just one of the cool items donated to the auction. Other items include: a cowhide, collectibles, 3 VERY FabUlOUS tables, crosses, antique appliances & much MORE!!

JUNK PROM was a blast as always!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Antique Fair Adventure: Day 3 of the Wandering Auctioneer :)

So yesterday was a busy office day.... LOTS of planning, organizing, designing, communicating, etc.

We got ALL of our SUPER COOL ;) marketing pieces assembled!

I got the ZAPP HALL WANDERING AUCTION flyer finished - for Saturday DAY (11-???).

We talked about MORE items donated to our CHELSEA'S MEADOW AUCTION in Round Top - Saturday NIGHT (Starting @ 5:30). They're havin' pulled pork & chopped beef sandwiches at the concession booth, so come get you some GRUB & BID on some REALLY FaBulouS items!!

Another adventurous day TODAY & the MOST, coolEST, hillbilly hoppin', boot-STOMPIN, GAUDIED-up PARTY you ever did see.......JUNK-O-RAMA PROM!!!

Oh JunK Prom...... BUCK UP BABY!! Come on out to ALL the fun!!