Sunday, September 14, 2014

Quade Grocery Store....Legacy of Hard Work

Next Saturday Buck Up Auctions will be holding a MULTI-Estate Auction at the Old Quade Grocery. For all you locals....that is at the Fayetteville Y (aka. the intersection of Hwy 237 & FM 1291) right outside of Warrenton. However....most of you locals know EXACTLY where that is. These days it is kind of a resting point for tired drivers....or lost drivers.....a road marker or a meeting place. But once upon a time......this was a meeting point for many of the local farmers, ranchers, & local people just lookin' to get something cold to drink, or some home-grown veggies, or material for their next sewing project. 

We were asked by the family, if we would be interested in selling off the contents of the estate & decided that we would be honored. Believe's no small undertaking. The store closed in the 70s & there are SEVERAL buildings to go through & organize...not to mention figuring out the logistics like we have to for every auction.

The cool thing about these estate auctions is there is ALWAYS a story & it didn't take long for me to figure out that LOTS of the local people have a story or a memory involving the Quade Grocery. As I spent some time talking with Linda...the only daughter to the couple that ran the grocery for many years....I could FEEL her closeness to the building & all that it held. I want to share with you a write up that Linda's daughter shared with me. This was a write-up that was written for one of the local history books. Only pieces of this were actually published.

"In January 1949, Mr. and Mrs. Gussie and Amanda Quade, opened Quade Grocery at the Fayetteville Y near Warrenton with their small daughter, Linda Lou, in tow.  The store was modest at best and reflective of the times.  There was no electricity in the store; it was lighted at night by a single gas lantern. In the summer, the breeze through open windows was the air-conditioning and in the winter, a single wood stove served as the "central" heating.  The gas pumps were hand pumps requiring customers to always buy by the gallon.  The store sold not only merchandise from wholesalers and distributors but the Quade's were staunch supporters of the local community, buying whatever the local farmers had available to sell such as chickens, eggs, turkeys, and rabbits.

The  store grew at this central location; it was enlarged four times to make room for more merchandise, a larger feed room and even an egg handling facility.  The store did not have a cash register or even an adding machine.  The cash register was a simple drawer with a shoe box for bills and a muffin tin to hold coins.   Each purchase was written down on paper and calculated by hand.  As the years went by, Quade Grocery mainly bought and sold eggs, feed, groceries and, of course a country store mainstay-cold drinks.  The store also had a large dry goods section where the women would purchase thread, patterns, buttons, sewing supplies and miles and miles of rickrack.  Throughout the years, the store ran as a family business where Linda Lou spent countless hours first playing in the store, then working in the store and keeping the books, and ultimately, helping to run the business when Mr. Quade's health failed.  Quade Grocery eventually closed in December 1972 when Mr. Quadebecame too sick to operate the store and Mrs. Quade and Linda Lou could not continue to take care of family and the store simultaneously.  Mrs. Quade passed on in 2011; she had many fond memories of the store and although the details of other aspects of her life faded over the years, the memories of the store and the wonderful customers, neighbors, and friends she encountered each day remained crystal clear...and that is not something you can buy or sell."

I can't help, but sit back & identify with how this business started out. I can't help but APPRECIATE the fact that this store was EXPANDED 4 times....sufficing the needs of its customers, as Mr. & Mrs. Quade figured it out. I can't help but UNDERSTAND that this business grEW due do the owners interaction, support, and friendships of the LOCAL people & that they KNEW they had to support them, just like their customers had to be their support to keep their doors open, I can't help but feel God's hands in this auction, as Mrs. Linda calls to ask if her church could serve concessions at the auction & have that money go to the church. 

Anytime you sell off an estate, there is a mixture of emotions from the different family members. As I sit here....working HARD to grow my business...with little ones in tow, doing my BEST to take care of my customers & support the same community the Quade's did many years ago.....I can FULLY appreciate the legacy that all of these remaining relics represent. I can appreciate the fact one point...that 10-2-4 Dr. Pepper Cooler was a LARGE expense & just getting it, was probably a business milestone for them. I can APPRECIATE the beauty of their little sewing area & Mrs. Quade infusing their business with a piece of her that she ENJOYED, while still sufficing a customer need. I can appreciate Mrs. Linda's knowledge of MOST everything about that place, because it becomes SO personal to you. It becomes part of your LIFE work & stomping ground for life lessons, memories, and friendships that grow throughout your life. 

I hope that EVERYONE that's able & has a memory of Quade Grocery can come out & get even a small souvenir from a business that was built through hard work & community. 

There is old signage, display cases, implements, a tractor, antiques, furniture, old windows & doors & SO much more. We are combining a couple other estates with this auction that includes items like tools, guns, chandeliers, toys, more antiques & furniture. There will be a little somethin' for everyone!!  

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Heather Schoenst Kaspar
TXL 17037

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Tanner's Light

Welcome to all my readers!! My crew and I, along with the family, friends, & supporters of the Tanner Bayless Family are gearing up & getting ready for the 3rd annual Tanner Bayless Memorial Scholarship Benefit.

As an auctioneer, I call all sorts of auctions & raise money for all kinds of different causes. One thing I've learned in my walk with God is that EVERYTHING has a purpose &, if we make the right choices, we will SHARE in that purpose & SHARE it with others...many times, unintentionally.

I met Tanner's Mom Stacy last year when she called me & asked me to be the auctioneer for last year's benefit. I didn't know Tanner or his Mom & I really didn't know what had happened. When I had a chance to ask Stacy I did &, as a Mom, my heart twisted up & I naturally started wondering if my babies were OKAY, right where they were.

One thing I am CERTAIN none of us will be able to comprehend is TRAGEDY. Why? WHY? Why do sweet young babies have to battle through cancer? Why can the mass disappear & then come back? Why is one kid in a car accident & lives & WHY does another die? Why was she in the house when it exploded because of a gas leak? Why did that horse spook & cause my baby to get hurt so bad? What happened on that tractor...helicopter...motorcyle? We may never know...surely not in this life...

One thing I can tell you about Tanner (even though I never had the pleasure of meeting him) is that HIS LIGHT SHINED SO BRIGHTLY in his time here on Earth. I am almost certain that is what adds to Stacy's light. I had a lady that lost her husband in tragedy tell me: "If it wasn't for this business, I would go in my bedroom, cover my head with a sheet, & just stay there." So what makes a MOM move forward? What makes living OK, when your baby isn't?

Stacy has never told me her answer, BUT I think it would have a little something to do with this. Even though Tanner isn't PHYSICALLY here anymore...all the love & memories & hugs & kisses & smells & hunting stories & fishing stories & football stories.....THEY DON'T GO AWAY. They don't LEAVE this world. KNOW...that God could take them away, if he wanted. Tanner's light SHINES ON through us. We all NEED each other. We help others....strangers...and we don't even know it. WE ALL want to TRANSCEND. We are in the trenches right now & sometimes it is gut-wrenching, but we have to CONTINUE to shine light in the darkness. God-willing we will all be where Tanner is one day, but that sure doesn't make the pain go away.

I read something in a book yesterday that said: "If you don't exercise your muscles, they weaken and atrophy. In the same way, if you don't utilize the abilities and skills God has given you, you will lose them." - Pastor Rick Warren

How does this apply? Tanner's family & friends have the abilities & skills to continue LETTING his light shine. They had a keep it for themselves OR to share it with others. When you bless people, you will also be blessed...& sometimes those blessings help to COPE with the pain. I PRAY that you are able to come out to this event to WITNESS the STRENGTH, SUPPORT, TENACITY, & LOVE of this group of people.

The money that is raised at this event has provided scholarships to help other young people move towards their goals & dreams. It has also been put right back into the community for NUMEROUS causes & has helped other families of tragedies. Stacy's dream would be able to provide a full-ride to a student one day, be able to work together with other families of tragedy, & continue to contribute to the success of other local causes.

Like I said...Tanner's light is a BRIGHT one. It was AWESOME to see so many young people come out...& not just show up, BUT BID & contribute to the cause. You really don't see that much & just goes to show how his light is still shining in them.

We truly have NO IDEA what the next moment holds, so LOVE your people & love them deep. FORGIVE quickly & do your best. BE READY & EAGER to help the next person, because you might just be in their shoes tomorrow.

BUCK UP BABY! Come out & help Tanner's light SHINE ON!! God Bless!

Heather Schoenst Kaspar
TXL 17037

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Market Report for 7-28-14 Giddings Livestock Sale EVERY Monday.

Here is the market report from the sale yesterday! If you guys have any questions please give Melvin, Rick, or Larry a call. Their numbers are on the VERY BOTTOM of this picture. Also...feel free to email me at:, if you have any questions about how to read this form. I'll be happy to help you!

God Bless!
Heather Schoenst Kaspar
TXL 17037

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Giddings Livestock Market Report For 6/23/14

The cattle prices stayed the same to higher. If you have more questions about these numbers, have cattle you want to sell, or if you are lookin' to buy...Be sure to call one of the fellas below.

Melvin Schoenst 979.540.8800
Rick Sodek 979.966.7342
Larry Schatte 979.540.8139

If you'd prefer to email me your questions you can at

There WILL be a sale this coming MONDAY, before the 4th @ 12 NOON! God bless!

Melvin & I will be out at the Plum Church Feast THIS Sunday. Sale starts at 1ish. Hope to see you there!!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Market Report Giddings Livestock for 6/9/14

Had some Internet issues AGAIN this week & a shortage on time ;). Here is the info.

If you have any interest in adding to your herd or raising cattle to claim ag exemption - give Melvin, Rick, or Larry a call!! Their numbers are on the bottom of the picture.. If you're lookin' to sell...the prices are good.  God bless & Hope to see you Monday!!

Also someone asked me last week about the prices. No. 1 livestock is a little better quality livestock, so a No. 1 steer calf weighing 520 lbs, on the low end brought $2.01 per lb... $1045.20 & on the high end $2.23 per lb... $1159.60. Same weight calf, but a #2 steer calf would bring $1.70 per lb on the low end...$884 & on high end $2.01 per lb....$1045.20.

All the information below the steer & heifer section (except slaughter cows & bulls) is by whole dollars. So cheaper stocker cows brought anywhere from $750 to $1050 & better quality brought $1250-$1575. Slaughter bulls & cows are sold by the pound also.

Melvin Schoenst 979.540.8800
Rick Sodek 979.966.7342
Larry Schatte 979.540.8139

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Giddings Livestock Commission Market Report: 5/19/14



Sale Monday 12 NOON

Sale Date: 5/19/14

Buyers on Hand: 39

Sellers: 136


THANKS to ALL the Buyers & Sellers we had on hand!

Melvin Schoenst
Rick Sodek
Larry Schatte

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Giddings Livestock Market Report 5/12/14

Sale Date: 5/12/14
Volume: 467 Head
Buyers on Hand: 40
# of Sellers: 123
Trend: All steady to strong.

Giddings Livestock wants to thank everyone who sold the nice cattle and also thank all the nice buyers we had on hand.

Melvin Schoenst 979.540.8800
Rick Sodek 979.966.7342
Larry Schatte 979.540.8139