Friday, December 30, 2011

My Top 10 Blogs of 2011

Hey Everyone! So....I was reading Crystal Cattle's blog and got the idea to do my own Top 10 Blogs of 2011! Thank you Crystal Cattle for having such an AWESOME blog!! I love it! She talks about anything from Agriculture, Fashion, Photography...check it out!

Breaking into the blogging world has been so much fun! It's hard to believe that people from 20+ countries across the WORLD have read MY BLOG! I have been introduced to A LOT of new VERY INTERESTING people through this and have LOTS of ideas of how to tweak my blog, maybe start another, and become more diverse in the social media area. Find me on Twitter: hdskaspar

There is one blog post I wrote that DID NOT make the Top 10, but it is one of my favorites! It's called: Dirty Old Salebarns. Check it out when you have time.

These are my Top 10 Blogs of 2011:

There are A LOT of changes on the horizon for me. I'm VERY much looking forward to 2012. I DO have SEVERAL New Year's Resolutions & I'm sure they'll come up in my blogs!

Here they are:
1) Eating Healthier
2) Starting an ACTIVE workout routine
3) Keeping my car cleaner
4) Keeping my house cleaner

 Thank you all for reading my blog! Remember...whatever you do BUCK UP BABY! If you're gonna do something do it right and ENJOY every minute of it! Have a safe New Years!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Calling all Cubs and Cubettes!!

Here's a SPECIAL blog for my ALMA MATER!! GET READY for the 1st EVER Round Top-Carmine ALUMNI event HOMECOMING weekend.... That's January 27th (Homecoming & Alumni Games) and January 28th (live & silent auctions, dinner, and dance)!!!

As I know more....I'll post more, but here is what you NEED to know. If you are interested in the ALUMNI BASKETBALL games contact Ashley Farris @ She is organizing the GIRLS teams and can point you in the right direction for the GUYS teams.

EVERYONE is welcome to the ALUMNI gathering on Saturday. There will be a meal (TO-GO) plates available, LIVE and silent AUCTIONS, and a DANCE to follow....ALL taking place at the Round-Top Rifle Association Hall. All $$ raised is going to the RTC EDUCATION FOUNDATION. Check out this past Friday's issue of the FAYETTE COUNTY RECORD to learn more about the foundation. The main focus this year is growing the FINE ARTS Department and creating our FIRST EVER BAND Program!!

You can stop by the ELEMENTARY to learn more! If you are interested in DONATING items to the LIVE and SILENT AUCTIONS you can drop items off at the ELEMENTARY!

Let's GO, FIGHT, WIN and do WHATEVER IT TAKES to make the First EVER ALUMNI EVENT & HOMECOMING weekend the BEST it can be!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Livin' Like a Gypsy.... EVERYWHERE!

First off....I want to wish everyone a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!! We all have SO much to be THANKFUL for! This year has been a pretty GREAT one!

My little munchkin turned 2 and has also turned into a BIG-TIME Mommy's Girl. I just LOVE her and that she LOVES me so much!!

I LOVE my little family!!

 I've over-delivered my annual sales goal by 10%. I've gotten my AUCTIONEER'S LICENSE, broke into the BLOGGING world, been a part of 4 sets of my VERY GOOD FRIENDS gettin' hitched, finished my Bachelor's degree, caught the biggest Bull Red I've ever caught, the most bass I have EVER caught at one time, had the opportunity to VOLUNTEER and SERVE with several Non-Profit Groups and Organizations: Rockport/Fulton Mentor Program, TOWN Rockport, The Humane Society, Lions Clubs, VFDs....just to name a few..... I've had the OPPORTUNITY to work at some VERY UNIQUE auctions and with all this.... Met some GREAT NEW FRIENDS and made some GREAT MEMORIES with our long-time friends!!

Pohl Wedding in March!

My BEAUTIFUL best friend (cousin-in-law-ish now :)) where I had the HONOR of being Co-Matron of Honor!

My other BEAUTIFUL friend Brittany! (We are kinda cousin-in-law-ish now too!)
(P.S. I haven't gotten any pics from the last wedding yet, but I was just as HAPPY to be a part of it!)
100 White Bass! We all caught our limit! Had so much fun with Dayna, Dean, & David! (Cousin & Uncle-in-law).

My 1st Bull Red! Thanks Joey!
Along with this....I've kinda been LIVIN' LIKE A GYPSY....on the road!

We've been on the road all over the state it seems like ALL THE TIME! I'm not complainin'. I'M JUST SAYIN' that if you've EVER been to my house this year I hope you UNDERSTAND my Dis-organization. I was on the phone with a friend/client yesterday afternoon and he told me "You don't over-analyze. You just ORGANIZE your thoughts." I told him that I'm glad I can at least organize those because my office is a FIRE HAZARD, our pool table has turned into a LAUNDRY BASKET, & my car looks like I LIVE in it!

What can anyone expect when WE LIVE LIKE GYPSIES.... out of a suitcase...

We' ve spent A LOT of time back home which includes places like: Carmine, Round-Top, Walhalla, Warrenton, Fayetteville, LaGrange, Giddings, Burton. I've been to Bachelorette Parties in Austin, Port Aransas, San Antonio, and San Marcos. Then I spent a little over a week in Waco, some time in Houston. Kyle's been goin' to Sweeny Switch quite a bit (I went once) plus...he's been to South Texas on a bow hunt. I'm constantly on the road with work to places like Corpus Christi, Rockport, Portland, Sinton, Port Aransas, Odem, Ingleside, Taft, Gregory, Aransas Pass, Victoria, and Kingsville. Not to mention our "pretty much annual" FRIO trip to Concan! Robert Earl Keen said it best when he said "The road goes on FOREVER and the PARTY never ends." I'm just glad I've got myself a hardy TOYOTA!

Me and the bride at her Bachelorette Party in Austin!

Me & Kaysie Night #1 in Port A.

The entire group night #2 in Port A!

Night #1 of Brit's Bachelorette Weekend...havin'  a time at High Hill store.

Night on the town at the Riverwalk in San Antonio!

FRIO! We're a bunch!

I give FLIP CUP lessons! Lindsey's a CHAMP now :).

I'm tired just looking at this picture. Simpson & I "wrecked shop" until the wee morning hours.

H2K BABY!! (Heather, Kathryn, Kaysie)

The remaining FRIO survivors ;).

This stuff actually happens people! I roped Steph with the cooler rope that was tied to the tube!
I kind of beat myself up about my un-organized house and I spent a little time REFLECTING on WHY I can't get it together. It all makes sense now ;). What I am the most sad about is I didn't put up my Christmas tree this year. I know....GASP! Here's what it normally looks like and I've always been pretty proud of it.

Just as soon as I slowed down enough and thought about putting it up....Kyle brought to my attention that we would be hittin' the road again in a few short days......

No worries :). It may not be as FLASHY as I like, BUT KYLEE has to have a CHRISTMAS TREE!!

Tree with JUST Kylee's presents.

I dig my fish!

Kylee's 1st Ornament...

Last year's ornament. Slacker Mom still hasn't let her pick one out for this year...

Gotta have my peacock feathers!

Our little tree with EVERYONE's presents for all 4 Christmas gatherings we're going to in the next few days!

This year's wrapping paper...picked out by Kylee :)!

We can't forget about Patrick...

Or...Micky Mouse! If you guys see her, you should ask Kylee to say "Micky Mouse." It's pretty cute!
Folks....2012 looks like it could be full of EXCITEMENT and CHANGES just like 2011. You all better BUCK UP BABY if you want to go along for the ride! GO BIG OR GO HOME....or maybe do both! Who knows?! ;)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Special December JUNK PROM!!!

Hey Everyone!! I had to write a blog about the FUN, FUN Special December JUNK PROM the Junk Gypsies held for their TV Series coming out (on HGTV!) in March! We had a BLAST! They held it at a little dance hall at Marburger Farms in Round Top (my little hometown)!!

Here we are all dudded up!!
Gotta show of them boots!!
Last year when we won the Halloween contest we went and took our winnings and put it to good use dancing in Corpus. Well...when we found out that the Junk Gypsy Girls were throwing ANOTHER Junk Prom we were ALL ABOUT it!! So all the KISS girls plus my little sister, Kacie´s BF and my friend from high school - Jonathan, and Kacie´s brother (AKA The Ultimate Warrior) came along :).

I had to add the KISS picture again b/c we pretty much ROCKED it!!
You can tell by the pictures we had a GREAT time! I´ve said it once and I´ll say it again..... I´m PROUD of those GYPSY Girls! I met some pretty cool people and had a GREAT time with ALL my friends!!

The letters were pretty much AWESOME!!!
Here we are on the PINK carpet!! Lucky Ms. Shannon won a door prize!!
There were some really cool characters, DELICIOUS food from ROYER´S ROUND TOP CAFE, YUMMY JG Sangria and AWESOME entertainment AND.... The BEST Port-a-Potties I think I´ve ever been in! Way to be HGTV!!

DEB was there!! I used to work with/for her at her sister´s store LA FINCA in Round Top! You may also recognize her from the Junk Gypsies Pilot Episode! She´s the gal that painted the stripes on the wall!!
Besides all this fun...I´m making some headway with my AUCTIONING also....actually A LOT faster than I expected. I just helped out at a VERY professional auction (I had to go out and buy a navy blazer and khaki skirt) AND...they want me to start helping them out more often. They don´t have an auction every month or anything, but I´m glad for the exposure. PLUS... I still have the RTC Education Foundation Auction coming up at the end of January and an auction benefiting the Humane Society mid-February. If that isn´t enough....(on top of having my REAL job) I´ll also be helping out at ELCO Auctions in Odem, TX! This auction is pretty stinkin´ cool! I went and helped out Saturday morning before Junk Prom and they auctioned off a nice Classic car, golf carts, trailers, scooters, Rolex watches and SO much more!!

Stay tuned for more on my CrAzY life :)!! I just have to keep tellin´ myself... BUCK UP BABY!!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

MC of the Tropical Christmas Pet Pageant

 Need I say more? Can you imagine the EXCITEMENT goin´ on at this event? I was the MC of the 2nd Annual Rockport Tropical Christmas Pet Pageant...benefiting the Humane Society and Adoption Center of Rockport/Fulton. Here´s their Facebook Page too!
I put a little blurp about me moving forward and getting my auctioneer´s license on the Wonderful Women´s Network a few months back and I was contacted by one of the Humane Society volunteers to be the MC for their pet pageant! I agreed :).

I´m not sure if I blogged about this, but I know I´ve told lots of people that sometimes....when I help Uncle Mele at these benefit auctions I feel like I´m in his shadow and I don´t really loosen up yet like I know I can. It is kind of hard to explain really.... I feel in my element when I´m calling bids (not really intimidated with that anymore), but when it comes to being creative and funny and pickin´ on people....I feel like I´m a little stiff...all business. I know some of it is b/c I know he knows a lot of people better than I do-and it´s easier for him to pick on´m. I know a lot of the people at most of the auctions I´ve helped out at, so I´m a little guarded also. To make a long story short... I thought this kind of thing would be good for me. I´ve got no one else to lean on. I was the only person with a mike. You get my drift...

Me in my "Tropical" duds...mike in hand!
I´m VERY HAPPY and RELIEVED to say that it was a SUCCESS!! Keep in mind that going into this the only people I knew were a few of the contestants and the girl that had been emailing me back and forth (never met her before that day). She´s a pretty cool chick by the way. Anyways...I had some really AWESOME feedback.

Ruckus...part of the 1st place Reining King Duo!
Reining King Duo Member...Pickles!
I wish I had a video to post, but ultimately a contestant would walk down the runway (dog and his escort/owner). I read the contestant cards (some didn´t really have very much written) and commented on their outfits, actions, spunkiness you get the drift.

These are the 2nd place winners. The Dachund was wearing a little life jacket with his Santa hat and was wheeled (part of the way) down the runway in his Christmas Kayak. The Boxer-mix was ready to ride some waves with his surfboard!

The 2 large dogs in front of the Tropical Holiday Santa (my friend Jack) were the 3rd place winners. Ms. Penny was a reindeer (one of the most BEAUTIFUL dogs I have ever seen) and the FAMOUS Freon...the SUPER COOL AC dog :). Santa Jack and wife Lynn are their owners as well as owners of J/M AC Company!
Well...I like to be somewhat prepared ESPECIALLY when I don´t know what to expect. So....I bought the book: 7 Steps to Fearless Speaking by Lilyan Wilder. I didn´t read the whole thing yet, but it had this little exercise in it that made me pick an object....the first thing I saw... and talk about it for a minute...nonstop. BOY...Am I glad I did that. The first contestant...had an accident ON the runway. LOL! Let´s just say I had a lot of time to fill. It really did help.

Here´s a picture of the 1st contestant. After looking at this pic I have NO IDEA how he did not make it to the final 3. How cute is he?! He´s even got a Santa beard and gift sack!!
It was an experience that I VERY MUCH enjoyed. I met some REALLY neat people...who I know I´ll be working with in the near future. I figured out that I´m pretty good at something else. Most importantly I learned (will be different for everyone) that if I´m thinkin´ it...go ahead and say it. Sayin´ something is better than saying nothing (most times). It sure is more entertaining.

If we could have taken this puppy home we would have! His name is Domino. I went in Monday morning to try and adopt, but someone already beat me to it! Kylee and him just hit it off. They told us he went to a REALLY good home!
Here all the dogs were lined up on the runway :)!
Here´s a pic of some of the dogs that need a home! Be sure to check out their website and Facebook page if interested. I believe the 2 smaller dogs found homes!
FOLKS! I´ve got some really EXCITING things coming up! I still just sit here sometimes and ponder how/why this decision to pursue something in the auction industry has caused certain things to happen like: new opportunities, new friends, new talents... I can tell you one thing WHOLE-HEARTEDLY. The GOOD LORD has it all planned out. Things happen and are supposed to happen for a reason... The good, the bad, and the ugly. I´m feeling pretty BLESSED right now!

Coming up in January (28th to be exact) I´m going to be at an auction for the Round Top Education Foundation. That´s my Alma Mater!! All you Cubs and Cubettes can talk to anyone at the Elementary about donating items to the auction and learn more about the foundation. There will be an auction, dinner, and dance on Saturday at the Round Top Rifle Hall. Friday night will be Homecoming and Alumni Games!!

Mid-February I´ll be at an auction here in Rockport. I can´t say a whole lot until more things get final. Just be sure to keep your calendars open February 11th and 12th. It´s gonna be one heck of a GOOD TIME!

I´m kinda at a place right now where I KNOW I can´t be SCARED, INTIMIDATED, CONFUSED, FLUSTERED, SECOND-GUESSING... I´ve got to bare down, make some decisions, and get goin´ with things. It is LITERALLY time to BUCK UP BABY!!

I want to THANK everyone that continues to be part of my POSSE :). May GOD BLESS you on your travels!!