Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Church Auction THIS Saturday!!

HELLO Everyone!!! There is a church auction THIS Saturday for Grace United Methodist Church in Annaville, TX! There are LOTS of items in very good shape, such as: appliances, electronics, pews, chairs, tables, furniture, sound equipment, toys, decorations, and signs. Be sure to check out the pics!

Portable Stage

Over 40 MATCHING church pews in great condition!
Stove & Vent Hood
St. Francis Garden Statue. 
This is a no reserve auction which means - EVERYTHING GOES!! All proceeds benefit the church!! Auction opens @ 8AM & starts @ 10AM. Items can be viewed online OR Friday 9-5. Be sure to check out the gallery online for more pics. The link is above. Hope to see you!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Thankful Thursday: My Journals

Today, I am thankful for my journals. They give me a place to unload my thoughts on topics that no one else would understand. It is also a place where I can document life events, current events, and my thoughts & reactions towards them.
Here is one of my prettiest journals. 
I am also thankful for them because they remind me of where I've been, what I have done, and how I have handled different situations. They tell my story.

Here is one I've started and never finished. I'm sure I have a few more like that in boxes :).
I have stuff in there about family, friends, unforgetable memories, disagreements, WORK, frustrations, my emotions, horses, dreams, goals, you name it....it's probably in there. 

This one was really cool. It helped me reflect on my friendships & made me acknowledge a good  & bad part of my day.
If you don't journal, think about starting. Just think....your GREAT - great Grand kids could read them one day and you may be able to help them, without even meeting them! It's also a GREAT way to clear your mind.
This is my current one. 
BUCK UP BABY!! Go write down what you're THANKFUL for today!!!! God Bless!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Pinterest

Late bloomer? Yes. Obsessed? Yes. BUT....the fact is: I LOVE PINTEREST!!! I've only had an account for like 3 days or something....but FOR REALS.... It makes me a happier person.

I generate LOTS of ideas within a day. Ideas of all kinds.... I have wish lists, parties to plan, clothes to buy, ALL that kinda stuff and Pinterest let's me hold all those ideas in one place, sift through them, and look at pretty things.

So... #1... FOLLOW ME on Pinterest. I went CrAzY on there the 1st day :). #2....take a look at some of the highlights from my pinboards. Happy PINNING!!!

Words to LIVE by....
Favorite quote of all time!
FAVORITE quote of all time!! 

Kylee's Bday Party Ideas
 Disney Princess Cupcakes

You have to check out the board, but if I here these people on the radio. I HAVE to listen to them:

Hank Williams, Sr.
Hank Sr. 
chris ledoux
The late, GREAT: Chris Ledoux
The Judds

Bonnie Raitt  
Movies & TV
Lonesome Dove
Favorite & BEST movie of ALL time! 
Junk Prom GET UPS!
One you haven't seen on my blog, yet :). 
William Blake
William Blake made the biggest impression on me in college. 
 My Style :)
I LOVE so many pins, but here are some of my FAVS.

Stinkin cute!!! 

Linen Wide Leg Pants 

<3 these boots
I Really, REALLY want.  
Child Style!
That's my baby!!

I'm in baby girl clothes heaven. little mini sophisticated baby :) 
 kids cowboy boots!

AwEsOmE Accessories
recycled vintage jewelry statement cuff 

Junk Gypsy
Junk Gypsy....
 Neo Victorian Narnia Lion King Silver Statement Necklace One of a Kind #etsy #jewelry #fashion #ooak $45.00

Home Ideas...
Display kids art
I ADORE this. 
Just Stuff I Dig....
I'll have to do "50 Sucks"!
I'm almost there....

oil cloth
Oil Cloth
Halloween (spooky I tell ya...)
Talk about IMMEDIATE repins....
Books Worth Reading
Soul Pancake
Christmas Ideas
Reminds me of Disneyland Christmas :) 

Yummy Food
Creamy White Chicken and Artichoke Lasagna
Gimme that CHEESE!
Cucumber Cups Stuffed with Spicy Crab. Mmm
Favorite Places & Spaces
FRIO River :)

Frio River

I couldn't help myself....

Bradley Cooper 
Phillip Phillips 
Matthew McConaghy 

BUCK UP BABY!! Get yourself a Pinterest account & FOLLOW ME!!!!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Thankful Thursday: My Sweet Little Family

I feel like I must be the most BLESSED girl in the world to have an awesome, strong, chill, good-lookin', rock of a husband, like Kyle. Really....he knows how to press my buttons and pester me, but he also knows how to make me laugh, when to give me a hug, when to cook dinner....you get the point. This May will be 10 years, that we've been together. HOLY FREAKIN' COW..... That is a DECADE!!! I could go on for days, but bottom line....I LOVE him with all I am! The best blessing of all that Kyle and I are part of together is our sweet little Kylee Jo.

I just absolutely LOVE her. She makes a rough day BRIGHT. She makes a mess seem...not SO bad. She tells the most ENTERTAINING stories. She tells us to STOP being MEAN to each other - even if she THINKS we're bickering. She makes every situation seem so MATTER OF FACT. She LOVES her family, friends, and teachers. She is just SO MUCH FUN. She is loving, fair, entertaining, kind, determined, and just plain AWESOME.

No matter what happens with work, or finances, or anything....they both are just such HUGE blessings in my life that brighten my day! Thank you JESUS for THIS life, with THESE people, and all the wonderful FAMILY and FRIENDS you have surrounded us with!