Saturday, June 23, 2012

Catchin' Up on the Goins On....

I know....I KNOW.... It's been awhile. Let's just say that I've been so cotton pickin' busy on complicated real life things, that I've been slackin' a little bit on my bloggin'. It also didn't help that I have been off and on with my computer for a WHILE........... I had to send it off a month or so ago to let the techs work on it. It took about a week. Then, when I got it back - they had fixed the problem, but then somethin' else didn't work. SO....I sent it off again. (Took another week almost.) Then we had wild & wooly weather come through Rockport & my INET was down for almost a week. Let's just say that I've been playin' lots of catch up...& I'm still not caught up BUT...I"m back :)! It AMAZES me at how important my computer and my Internet are to me now....

Well...I thought I'd get ya'll a little caught up on everything. Since I last wrote. I've helped out a few auctions. Me & Unlce Mele helped the RTC Varsity Volleyball Team raise over $9000 for their trip to Florida to the ESPN Invitational HS Tournament!! Way to represent!!  We're all proud of ya! Big props to all the bidders, donors, & volunteers too!

I also called bids at a Theatre Auction supporting the Rockport-Fulton Theatre Department. They were invited to attend the National Thespian Conference in Nebraska...and PERFORM!!! It was AMAZING at how talented these kids are! It was a smaller auction, with a really mixed group of people. Some had been to auctions before and some had not, but I think everybody had a GREAT time!! The first time I didn't use a PA :). I think I entertained'm! Break a leg in Nebraska! Big THANKS goes out to all the bidders, donors, & volunteers also!

Members of the cast & crew helping with chores at the fundraiser venue: Estelle Stair Art Gallery in Downtown Rockport! Big THANKS to Mr. & Mrs. Frederick!

Award Winning Cast & Crew!
A lot more is goin' on in my life right now... AUCTIONS & otherwise....and I will do my best to share what I will. We're gonna be shakin' things up a bit in the Kaspar household & not quite sure where, when, and how it's all gonna go down yet, but BUCK UP BABY. My ride has been pretty WiLD this year, but I have a feelin' I ain't seen nothin' yet. LIFE is gettin' ready to GRUNT, curl up to the sun, and give us all it's got. You better believe we'll be whoopin' and ridin' as hard and fast as the GOOD LORD needs us to. Wild rides lead to WiLd stories, so stay tuned :)! I promise it won't be a month until the next one!

OH! A couple weeks ago, at ELCO Auction in Odem, we were able to sell the 1998 AC Delco #3 Monte Carlo, 1st chassis built by Dale Earnhardt Inc, & the VERY SAME CAR that Dale Earnhardt Jr. won his 1st two championships in! I have to say it was pretty cool! The auction house was set up kinda like a car auction & we drove through the cars. If the car didn't sell there it was headed to Barrett Jackson. 

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  1. My husband loves barrett Jackson.. and my mom would have loved that car!! She loved Dale Earnhart.