Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Jesus Loves the Little Children...

With all the events that have happened currently & in recent weeks....I felt the need to post. Baby Heath has GRACED us with his presence & Mommy is doing her best to transition from one sweet baby to two. I'm just SO thankful for them...for my husband & our families....for LIFE & FAITH & every BLESSING GOD has EVER granted us. Tomorrow is not promised & I feel like somehow we ALL have WORK to do.

Last Friday...after news broke of the tragedy at Sandy Hooks Elementary this was what I posted: My heart goes out to everyone effected by the HORRIBLE tragedy in CT. I pray that the world we live in finds God again, we as people start to genuinely care for each other & have common respect for human life, & that we all have courage to speak up when things seem "off." My heart hurts for the families. I found this quote: "I guess when your heart gets broken you sort of start to see cracks in everything. I'm convinced that tragedy wants to harden us and our mission is never to let it." We should all hold tight to our FAITH & know that as ugly as these recent events are...those babies are with Christ Jesus in a MUCH more beautiful place.

I think WE are the only HOPE this country, World, HUMANITY has. Guns aren't the problem. PEOPLE are the problem. WE have to set expectations for our youth. WE have to CARE for people. WE have to instill the teachings of CHRIST JESUS in our HOMES. WE have to stop ONLY looking out for ourselves & look out for each other. I can not begin to imagine what those heroic teachers & sweet babies saw, heard, felt.... I CAN say that those children & teachers had FULL lives. They LOVED & were LOVED. They aspired to be more. Let their legacies live on! As we CELEBRATE their lives...let's BUCK UP & BE BETTER PEOPLE! 

A few days ago my dear friend Ali Tidwell posted this: (THANK YOU for letting me share!) I am right on, with her here!

My Wild Country

Yesterday I came home to a sobbing mother. She was watching the memorial service for the Connecticut victims and, the President had just read the names of the fallen. I don't know if there has been a heavier silence. My mother cried for the babies, the families, but she also cried in shame. Because she, like me and so many, had come to expect such violence. She didn't condone nor tolerate but she did on some level accept it. Sadly such acts have become common place as of late.

She said she didn't know what should be done but that something had to be done. Every child can't live as a target and every parent can't fear every school day.
So I will add my voice to the hopeful chorus of change.

I don't know what would have saved those children. I don't know if giving everybody a gun would have protected the innocent or only cost more lives. I don't know if he hadn't had access to a weapon that he wouldn't have found more creative ways to end the hopes and dreams of so many. But I do know that there will be no purpose to such a loss if we use it as a weapon against each other. If we use this tragedy to rip apart the religious, political or moral values of our neighbors then we have failed the angels.
We are from the United States of America and we are losing our unity. There is an ever widening gap between the citizens of this country. Because it is easier to stand behind the lines of our principles, than to speak out and come together. It's easier to roll with the tide and keep to the current. It is a polite and well behaved way to exist.

But we were not born of the meek and mild were we? We were born of the traitors of another land, the rebels of freedom, and the hard knuckled, wide eyed dreamers of a land not yet made. We are where the wild things grow, and we were never meant to fit into boxes and shy away from the different.

Whether the starched and weathered conservative or the bleeding heart liberal. We all cry when we come into this world and we all fight like hell to stay. Black or white, gay or straight, rich or poor, redneck or Yankee. We all watched in horror when the news broke, we all prayed it wasn't true, and the lucky, we thanked God it wasn't us.

My prayer for the future is that we find the united again, and regain the roar and reputation we once proudly showed.

I have never felt such a need to speak my message but I do tonight. I think I will keep speaking this message. And I will try to begin the change I seek.

Hold tight to the ones you love, and pray for the ones you fear. For we are all the wild things. I was reading things on my News Feed today, I came across this You Tube Video: PLEASE WATCH IT!

I have thought A LOT this past week about MY babies & how I can PROTECT them from all the evil in our world. What do I want them to know if they are placed in a dangerous, scary, unimaginable situation? HOW can I help them? Then I came across this video.

The baby in this video has got it! She speaks with CONVICTION! She LOVES Jesus, BELIEVES in Jesus, places her TRUST in Jesus. I want my babies to KNOW, without a doubt, they HAVE JESUS & JESUS has them! 

WE ALL HAVE WORK TO DO! Our leaders need to LEAD. There is SO much this country needs & I PRAY that our leadership can get over themselves & DO WORK. I pray they quit wasting time talking about it & whatever decisions they make are GENUINELY made for the GREATER GOOD, for Americans, for our babies, for our future...

I have come to realize that I can't wait on things to change. I have to be the change I want to see. I will LOVE more, speak up more, care MORE. My dear friends...I want my babies to have this LOVE for Jesus in their hearts, that this little girl has. I want her friends & cousins to have it. I want to share his love with them, so they can SHARE it with EVERY PERSON they encounter. Let us teach them to be God's present day disiples. 

God now has a precious army of sweet angels in Heaven & I am saddened that it took the loss of their lives here on Earth to open up our eyes. We need God in our schools, in our government, in our homes, but most of all we need him IN OUR HEARTS!!  BUCK UP BABY & LET HIM IN!!

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