Thursday, June 12, 2014

Market Report Giddings Livestock for 6/9/14

Had some Internet issues AGAIN this week & a shortage on time ;). Here is the info.

If you have any interest in adding to your herd or raising cattle to claim ag exemption - give Melvin, Rick, or Larry a call!! Their numbers are on the bottom of the picture.. If you're lookin' to sell...the prices are good.  God bless & Hope to see you Monday!!

Also someone asked me last week about the prices. No. 1 livestock is a little better quality livestock, so a No. 1 steer calf weighing 520 lbs, on the low end brought $2.01 per lb... $1045.20 & on the high end $2.23 per lb... $1159.60. Same weight calf, but a #2 steer calf would bring $1.70 per lb on the low end...$884 & on high end $2.01 per lb....$1045.20.

All the information below the steer & heifer section (except slaughter cows & bulls) is by whole dollars. So cheaper stocker cows brought anywhere from $750 to $1050 & better quality brought $1250-$1575. Slaughter bulls & cows are sold by the pound also.

Melvin Schoenst 979.540.8800
Rick Sodek 979.966.7342
Larry Schatte 979.540.8139

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