Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Year-New Plan

So 2014 was a GREAT year for Buck Up Auctions. It was our first FULL year in business, with me working FULL-time at it. I have referred to this first year as a test market. We've done several fundraising auctions, several consignment auctions, & several estate auctions. We have learned some things that work, some things that don't work, that there is a lot we want to learn, and that we are BETTER than what we give ourselves credit for. We've seen, faced, & dealt with ALL kinds of critics. We've raised money for our SCHOLARSHIP program & will be able to give out $2000 of scholarship $$$$!!! As I sit here gazing at the business model me & my friend Christie worked on at the beginning of last year - I am ENCOURAGED to see that We've:

  • Built NEW relationships, with KEY people that can help grow the business.
  • ACCOMPLISHED some of the KEY activities we set out for ourselves at the beginning of last year.
  • Correctly identified our VALUE propositions, which hold true & we have some to ADD.
  • UTILIZED many of the marketing channels we identified and know what works and what doesn't. 
  • FOLLOWED-THRU on some VERY Out-of-THE-Box marketing strategies & they had a POSITIVE impact on the business.
  • IDENTIFIED the NEED to DEEPEN our customer relationships.
  • Become AWARE....REALLY AWARE of our VALUE to organizations, causes, and individuals & walk more CONFIDENTLY & FIRMLY in our PURPOSE & PLAN. 
  • Now have ACTUAL models to help us determine a more accurate cost structure for the different auctions we conduct. 
  • Identified other POTENTIAL revenue streams that we hadn't previously thought of. 
  • AND...that we are still here, with MORE team members, & EAGER for what 2015 has to offer.

Tomorrow the Buck Up Auctions TEAM will get together to BRAINSTORM the 2015 PLAN & forge FORWARD. I can PROMISE that it will include EDUCATION, more OFFERINGS, MORE IDEAS, More Out-of-THE-Box ideas, & MORE ideas of GIVING-BACK, SHARING our Gifts & TALENTS, & HELPING others. 

I KNOW the groWTH I've had, personally, this year & KNOW that with the INCREASED knowledge, confidence, & experience that I now have.....2015 is going to BuSy & EXCITING!!

Heather Schoenst Kaspar
TXL 17037

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