Friday, March 13, 2015

The Good Stuff...

We have an estate auction coming up and something that I REALLY like to do with all of my estates is, get as much of a back story on the estate & the people that were part of it. This happens to be the estate of  the late, Mr. Woodrow Spacek from Dime Box, Texas.

As I was reading what the family had written in Mr. Spacek's obituary, I was able to see the colors of his life... Here are some of the documented highlights of his life:

Woodrow Alexander Spacek was born on January 12, 1921 in Dime Box, Texas.  He passed away on February 8, 2012 in Bryan, Texas.

Woodrow was the first born child of Adolph and Johanna Zielniewicz Spacek.  After graduating from Dime Box Rural High School in 1939, Woodrow attended Sam Houston State Teacher’s College from 1940 until early 1942.  He left college to enlist in the military.  During WW II, he served in the US Army Air Corps from September 1942 until September 1945.  As a member of a B-24 bomber crew based in England, Woodrow flew 35 combat missions in the European Theatre and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Medal with three oak leaf clusters.

Upon being honorably discharged from the service, Woodrow practiced his family’s profession of farming and ranching.  He continued to do so all of his life.  In addition to this, he worked at other jobs through the years.  From 1945 until 1950, Woodrow was employed in the heavy construction business.  He served as County Commissioner for Lee County Pct. 4 from January 1, 1950 to January 1, 1963.  Woodrow then worked as a bull dozer operator on the construction of the Lake Somerville Dam.  During 1964, Woodrow was the manager of the Dime Box Chair Factory.  Woodrow was employed with the Houston branch of 3M Business Products in 1965.  The company transferred him to Austin in 1966 and in 1971 to the Grand Prairie, Texas branch where he worked until his retirement in 1987.

Woodrow married Georgia Marie Tydlacka at the old St. Joseph Catholic Church in Dime Box, Texas on April 29, 1947 with Father Thomas Matl officiating.  The young couple engaged in farming and ranching on family land they purchased.  Woodrow called this place home until his death.  To this union were born three children, James, Charlotte, and Kathryn.  Georgia passed away on May 16, 1973.

On October 20, 1979, at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Dime Box, Woodrow married C. Elizabeth Jones with Father Isidore Rozycki officiating.  Joining them in their home was Elizabeth’s youngest daughter, Lisa.

Hobbies that Woodrow enjoyed included deer hunting, fishing, and barbecuing.  Woodrow spent many hours with his friends preparing BBQ for weddings, fire department picnics, church bazaars and various other fund raisers.  Woodrow was the King of the Red Sausage Crew!  He was a charter member of the Dime Box Volunteer Fire Department.  He was a member of the Dime Box Lions Club, SPJST Lodge #13, and the Dime Box Heritage Society.  Woodrow was an active member of St. Joseph Catholic Church in Dime Box all of his 91 years of life.  The many facets of his devotion included membership in the Catholic Union of the KJT, altar boy service in his youth, service on the parish council, hard-working volunteer for parish fund raisers, chair for facilities maintenance, and church cemetery custodian for over 25 years.  In June, 2007, Woodrow received the Catholic Diocese of Austin, Lumen Gentium Award to recognize individuals who exemplified the Spirit of Christ through their good works in parish stewardship and leadership.

His grandchildren were the pride and joy of his life and the great grandchildren brought a special sparkle to his eyes!

I was truly moved to tears. What you just read is REALLY what it's all about. I know that PART of my business, as an auction company, is to liquidate the assets of estates & do my VERY best to help them bring top dollar. I want as many people to know about them as possible in hopes that there is someone out there that can appreciate the items as much as the past owners did or MORE!

The bottom line is though...that's it's not about the stuff. We all have sentimental ties & memories we associate with certain things, but NOTHING has a value greater than the life of the estate holder. time marches on....the stories of people's lives fade the longer they are gone from us. The truth is...Mr. Spacek left SO many impressions on SO many people through his years of serving others. I'm honored to be able to perform this auction. I'm honored to have had the opportunity of being touched my a man's life that I've never known. I'm honored to have the opportunity in this blog, to SHARE HIS LIGHT to a few more people.

Estate matters can be hard sometimes...& sometimes you've got to clear out the STUFF to start seeing what REALLY matters. My crew & I will give it all we've got up until the completion of the auction on March 21st! I know a lot of people knew him & have fond memories of him. I also understand how this can be a difficult time for some.

Through Mr. Spacek's LIFE OF SERVICE to others & to God I am led to believe that he thought along these lines: "'Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust consume and where thieves break in and steal. For where your treasure is there will your heart be also.'" - Matthew 6:19-21 Revised Standard Version Catholic Bible

I'm thankful & appreciative of the VALUE Mr. Spacek saw in his life & his use in it, to shine God's light on others. I PRAY I can do the same.

I hope EVERYONE that knew him, is able to come out on March 21st & purchase something that will help them remember & rejoice in his time with them. PLEASE check out my website: as we update it, as we near the auction. There is a wide variety of items including: antiques, firearms, furniture, implements, old out buildings, old barn wood, tools, storage bins & SO much more!!! If you'd like to be added to my email list to get the most updated information possible, please do so through my website. You can also follow us on Facebook. Here's the link: Buck Up Auctions Facebook Page.

God Bless!
Heather Schoenst Kaspar TXL 17037

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