Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Buck Up Scholarship: The Story of Why Not?

A little over a year of my friends reminded me about an IDEA that I had earlier that year. The original idea was to create a way to supply business grants to small businesses and entrepreneurs that were able to Buck Up and take those first steps in starting their business.....BECAUSE THOSE ARE SCARY STEPS. 

After doing a little research, we found out quick that there is quite a bit involved in a cause like that & we didn't have the experience working it, to pull that off in the timeline we had.

So....we put our heads together and thought of a way that we could achieve the same sort of mission, but on a more do-able level.......THUS the Buck Up Scholarship Fund was created. 

The mission is to have others SHARE their stories of what it took for them to BUCK UP & DO whatever it was that they felt led to do. I can speak from experience and tell you that I WOULD NOT BE DOING WHAT I'M DOING RIGHT NOW IF A STRING OF PEOPLE WOULD NOT HAVE ENCOURAGED ME ALONG THE WAY. 

ENCOURAGEMENT is SO important, because....... When a person does something diFfeRent there are A LOT more nay-sayers out there than encouragers. And if you disagree with may be able to agree that the nay-sayers are who we hear. 

Last year was the first year for The Buck Up Scholarship Fund & I can't tell you how many people asked me WHY we were doing it! It was SO frustrating to me, because all I could think of is: WHY NOT?!

When I first started working my auction business FULL-TIME the two needs that were the MOST apparent to me getting started was ENCOURAGEMENT & FUNDS. just so happens that Buck Up Auctions knows how to ENCOURAGE PEOPLE to raISE funds. Taking all that into consideration: WHY NOT invite people to share their stories of how they overcame fear, rejection, confusion, a difficult situation? WHY NOT bring our friends, family, & supporters together to support others? WHY NOT?! How can we expect people to ENCOURAGE & SUPPORT us, if we can't do that for others. 

I sat here earlier this week a little upset with myself that I didn't focus MORE time on this event, but not exactly knowing how I would've. Our business is growing. Our team is growing & we've been able to help more causes and individuals this year than any other. That's what we want. Just as our business is growing....this cause will grOW....just like the Good Lord needs it. More people will SUPPORT it, more people will know about it, more students will benefit from it, and more people will be encouraged by it. 

We literally got the event last year together in a matter of weeks & the fund was able to supply 3 scholarships to 3 of the 93 APPLICANTS! CLICK HERE to read more about this year's recipients & HERE to read their BUCK UP ESSAYS, and HERE for general information about the scholarship.

Catherine Winkles $1000 & Phillip Ho $500
Brenham ISD
Tyler Copeland $500
Round Top - Carmine ISD

The scholarship committee comprised of 4 individuals chose the winning essays. The Buck Up Auction Crew went through and numbered and blacked out any information that would give away who the applicant was and where they were from. After the recipients were selected The Buck Up Auction Crew read EVERY ESSAY & responded back to the applicant with words of encouragement. 

In that....we realized that some of these individuals were probably never asked to share a story of a time when they had to BUCK UP, step outside their comfort zone, and think about how that changed themselves and people around them. It was GOOSE BUMP CITY! There were some POWERFUL essays. One of the members of the scholarship committee told me they would have liked to award more! With time....with time!

This became much BIGGER than the idea! We are accepting auction items to auction off on Saturday to raise money for the 2016 Scholarship Fund. I'm aware that there is A LOT going on on Saturday. If you'd like to support the fund & can't make it give us a call at 979.421.0325 or shoot us an email at to make bidding/donation arrangements. We plan to have a LIVE & silent auction & if attendance & donations allow, we will also have a heads or tails raffle. The Tip Jar Gypsies will be playing right after the fundRAISING stops. You'll get a chance to hear from this year's applicants as well!! Instead of a bounce house The Buck Up Kids will be holding a school supply drive that we will donate the items to area schools. We are also working to make this organization a 501(c)3. We are interviewing individuals that have an interest in this cause for the board & also have one more spot open in the Scholarship Committee for 2016. We will have a ballot box at the event where you can drop off nominations. Please leave contact information. 

This scholarship is open to anyone living in LaGrange, Brenham, Giddings and anywhere in between there and Carmine. If you are a high school student & are in one of the following school districts: Brenham, LaGrange, Giddings, RTC, Fayetteville, Burton, it is also open to you. There is no age limit. As long as you are pursuing higher education you can apply. Higher Education is: Jr. College, College, University, Licensing school (welding, real estate, auctioneer, etc.), Clergy etc. 

Please go to the website & read the essays of this year's recipients & if you applied and were not awarded a scholarship this year...APPLY AGAIN!!

ALL funds from this FUNDRAISER goes straight into the scholarship fund!

H.Kaspar TXL 17037

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