Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Exciting Announcement!

Hey Friends & Followers! I have a pretty cool announcement to share with everyone!

I will be an Auctioneer in Season 5 of the hit DIY Network show - Texas Flip N Move!! New season will start November 25th (the Friday after Thanksgiving). The first episode you will see me on is on December 2nd!! Set your DVRs & Tune in EVERY Friday 8PM Central Time!

DIRECTV - Channel 230
Dish Network - Channel 111

I want to shoot a quick message out to ENCOURAGE all of you who do not regularly watch the show - to START! It's been my privilege to get to know the cast & crew that is a part of this show & to be a part of the action! 

It is a FAMILY show. My 4 & 7 year old LOVE to watch it with us. It has FRESH & CreAtiVe design ideas! My FAVORITE thing about this show & all it stands for is highlighting REAL, true blue, working men & WOMEN ;). You get to see a snapshot of the lives of HOUSEMOVERS, CONTRACTORS, BUILDING PROFESSIONALS, DESIGNERS, & AUCTIONEERS & learn a little bit about our industries!

Buck Up Baby & TUNE IN - Friday NIGHTS - 8PM Central Time!!


  1. That is AWESOME! Will they post a clip to watch online? I am sure you will share it on your blog ;)

  2. I spotted you immediately, even before they showed your name! Way to go!