Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A Farmer & A Farmer's Wife

We have been contracted to liquidate the assets of the Arthur & Paula Jatzlau Estate. We are holding an ON-SITE auction THIS Saturday starting at 10AM.


When we set up our on-site auctions, we put the work in. We've been pulling out old wagons and trucks and tractors & doing what we do, to get everything set up.

As I watch the collection we are uncovering being lined up & set up there are a few things that are ever so clear to me about the couple that are the core of this estate.

They worked hard.
They loved hard.
They didn't have it easy. 
They taught their children the....mastery of farm machines.
They instilled a LOVE for vehicles & what made them work. 
They shared the nuggets of knowledge they had to make machines run & live off the land. 

Lifelong Ranchers & Farmers of Peanuts & Milo.

Estates can be tough. Everything we are pulling out had so much value to the people that once owned it & now we can place it into the hands of others who can and will appreciate them again. Some of these items are likely to be restored; some will be used to help restore an already started project; some will be loaded up & put to use, shortly after purchase; some are likely to be created into pieces of art & furniture & be given a new use; some will be purchased and put in a new home to be remembered & cherished because of memories they inspire; and some will find new homes to those that appreciate the time and/or way of life, in which people once lived. 

Although estates can be hard work, it is also special work. Everybody matters. Everything matters.

We look forward to seeing everyone that can make it out to the ON-SITE Auction, THIS SATURDAY! The flyer with details is below. Online bidding will not be an option because of our limited connection, but absentee bids are welcome. 

Buck Up & Bid! BId! BID! Take home a piece of a collection built and held together by a farmer and a farmer's wife. 


  1. Mu aunt was the hardest working woman I ever met. She is truly missed.