Friday, August 5, 2011

Some of my Inspiration :)

THANKS again to everyone that keeps reading and to all you new-comers!!

I have a little lag time between my last auction and the next one in Burton, but I wanted to let everyone know about my inspiration :) UNCLE I have so much RESPECT for and that I will never be able to repay...My Uncle Melvin!

Here he is with my baby doll Kylee Jo and his long time Gal Pal Lillie. Folks...Ms. Lillie could sure use some prayers. She´s been diagnosed with the "ugly word." If you´ve got some time and would fold your hands and bow your heads I´d really appreciate it.

I look up to him very much. Not just for his auctioneering skills, but just him as a person. He gives, and gives, and gives, AND GIVES! I told him one day that he didn´t have to do all he did and he said "Heather, the good Lord put me here for a reason and this is one of them." Not only has he been VERY giving to my family all my life, but to his customers.

Uncle Melvin used to mainly haul cattle, and he´d go to a different sale almost every day of the week. We went with him EVERYWHERE as kids: Flatonia, Schulenburg, Columbus, Caldwell, Giddings, LaGrange...who knows where else...

We not only went with him to sales/auctions, but also to help him pick up cattle from ranchers around our home town and surrounding areas, doctored all sorts of livestock, AND helped him up at the holding pens (where they hold the livestock before they go to auction). We´d tag them in, write them up, all that kind of stuff.

Well...what has ALWAYS struck me is that everyone that Uncle Melvin helps with their cattle or their place or an auction is SO very LOYAL to him. He has hauled and at times doctored their cows for so long and never asks for much. GUYS...he´s been doing stuff like this since he was 15 or 16. That´s a long time!! If you´ve ever met him you know that he doesn´t talk a whole lot, but LET ME TELL YOU...actions speak WAY louder than words.

I used to work in the back at Lee County Stockyards and Giddings Livestock in Giddings (click here for their website) and it was a pretty regular thing to hear some of the cattle buyers complain a little bit, about Uncle Melvin working and working and working a bid to get the highest price yet. I can understand some of the frustration from a buyers stand point. Some of these guys drive a pretty long ways, just to have to get back home that night and get up and go to another sale the next day.  I can also understand it from a workhand´s perspetive too...especially when it´s HOT! Guys...I´ve seen auctions last INTO THE NEXT DAY! So...I get it.

Giddings Livestock Commission - Sale every Monday

HOWEVER, being in sales I know that Uncle Melvin´s number one priority as a business owner and as an auctioneer is to make that animal bring the absolute most for the seller. You have to respect him for that. His customers sure do.

YOU KNOW... it really is funny how the older you get, the clearer you see things and understand them, and appreciate them. Being in sales I know that you have to stand by your word, be honest, ´fess up when you make a mistake and do your ABSOLUTE BEST to fix it. Not all sales people are like that. What my goal is, as a salesperson (TV ad sales), is to become my clients´ friend, to really help them grow their business, and be successful. I am honest and I give them the most fair rates I can. I´m not just blowin´ smoke either. I do.  I HAVE  to give Uncle Melvin credit for that.

I have LOTS of FANTASTIC people in my life that inspire me or motivate me in SO many different ways, but I really have to give KUDDOS to UNCLE MELE. I wouldn´t have even thought about auctioneering if he didn´t do it. And now....I REALLY enjoy it.

Well guys...STAY TUNED! Show me some LOVE and LEAVE A COMMENT.  It gets kind of complicated to leave a comment sometimes...even for me, but I do like reading them. I´m not sure if my next blog will be about my next AUCTION, OUR ANNUAL FRIO TRIP, or just some RANDOMNESS. Whatever it is...I´ll try to make it entertaining. Remember to THROW THOSE HANDS UP and BUCK UP BABY!!


If you need to sell some "Moo Cows" as Kylee calls them :)...check out Giddings Livestock Commission....Sale every MONDAY!!!


  1. hay!
    thanks for stopping by Jessesdesertrose to say hi! love that you are learnign to be an auctioneer...don't think my tongue will work that fast! Look forward to future blogs!

  2. This was very good- I forwarded it to all my email list- it just took me along time to get to my computer to read your message.

    PS: I sure did enjoy Kylee Jo, no problems and no sit down time- she is a constant go-getter