Monday, August 29, 2011

I´m a WONDERFUL Woman!!

Hey! Hey everybody!! I have something cool to share!! So we get back from Floresville this weekend (where my daughter LITTLE MISS KYLEE JO) was the Flower Girl in my friend´s wedding, and what do I find in my inbox?

Kylee in her Flower Girl dress!!
A message from Mrs. Jo with the WONDERFUL WOMEN´S NETWORK! The ladies in charge over there decided they wanted to do a "Wonderful Woman Showcase" on ME!!

First of all, I am MORE than HONORED. There are SO many WONDERFUL, ACCOMPLISHED, INTRIGUING, BEAUTIFUL women in our little coastal paradise that they could´ve picked any of them. (Believe me ladies....your time is coming!!) Mrs. Jo Blaylock did a FANTASTIC job and made me sound PRETTY DARN GOOD!

To read what she wrote about me and surf around on their BRAND SPANKIN´ NEW WEBSITE click RIGHT HERE!

Just to tell you a little more about this Wonderful Women´s is this REALLY COOL email network that started out in the ROCKPORT, Texas area. It started out as something kinda small that was helpful to a FEW people and turned into something KINDA BIG that helps A LOT of people. I mean...people are getting this EMAIL NEWSLETTER all over the WORLD now! You can read LOTS more about it in the "About Me" section of the WEBPAGE. That´s right! It keeps getting bigger and bigger, that now...THERE´S A WEBSITE!

I do want to share a little more about the ladies behind it. Mrs. Barbara Gurtner met me just shortly after my husband and I first moved to Rockport. I was BIG and PREGNANT and was helping film a commercial for THE NAUTICAL FLEA MARKET. Click here to learn more! Anyways... She just kinda scooped me up, got my email address, and put me on that network, just as soon as she got home (it seems like). There were all kinds of cool things on the network like: babysitters, garage sales, pets that needed adopting, upcoming events in the area, etc. It was a refreshing feeling b/c we didn´t know a soul when we moved here. I just REALLY think she is one of the SWEETEST, most WELCOMING ladies you´ll every meet. Thank you SO much for that! Folks, I don´t think she´s ever met a person, ate at a restaurant, or walked into a shop she doesn´t like. She´s JUST GOOD PEOPLE!

Mrs. Jo Blaylock was the lady that interviewed me! I sure took a likin´ to her, after just talking to her for a few minutes. There´s just somethin´ about her. She´s not trying to be anything she´s not. She´s just that darn cool! She was a CAPTAIN on the University of Texas Dance Team, worked ALL OVER the broadcasting industry (Radio, TV, Newspaper), is a PUBLISHED writer, was a BARREL-RACER, and knows where CARMINE (my teeny tiny hometown) is!!

I REALLY, REALLY, APPRECIATE this little shout out they gave me! All you BLOGGERS...FOLLOW  their blog and EVERYONE needs to be sure to CHECK BACK for all the WONDERFUL WOMEN that will be showcased from now on!!

I´ll have another BLOG posted sometime after this weekend! I have some REALLY COOL things going on with all this AUCTION business and I can´t wait to SHARE it with you guys!! BUCK UP BABY! Things are fixin´ to get interesting!!


  1. Heather, that is so great!! I read the article and it is well wriiten. It tells your story! I am honored to have someone like you in my life!

  2. You Go Girl!! Cute blog! I am your newest follower and I plan on sticking around!

  3. Miranda and Leslie...THANK YOU for the SWEET words. Miranda - I´m honored to have you in my life! Ms. Leslie - I´ll check out your blog ASAP and THANKS for following AND commenting!

    I wanted to share a link to the Texas Outdoors Woman Network newsletter (TOWN). Thanks for mentioning me in there!

    Until next time!!

  4. I had heard you were doing some autioneering. Way to go.

    Your little girl is sooooooo cute.


  5. Congrats Heather!!! You deserve that title!! You are a REAL GO-GETTER!!! I so admire you. Wish I was HALF as motivated as you are! And by the way….Kylee is just so ADORABLE!!!

  6. Way cool. It’s been a pleasure getting acquainted.


  7. "Great blog and highlight in the WWN! you are a natural and your writing is fun to read, Heather!"


  8. Your daughter is adorable... congrats on the showcase.... But my brain just keeps thinking - what brand are those boots? & of course they match that dress perfectly : )

  9. I just read the information on you! Fantastic! I love the photos - and I had no idea you were an auctioneer! NONE! OMG - how could I NOT know this??? You are so well rounded, and involved. I am happy for you Heather. You deserve only great things! Your husband and child are absolutely precious!