Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2012 Round Top - Carmine Round Up

Hello! Hello!! I want to remind all you Cubs & Cubettes out there about the Homecoming festivities THIS Friday!! ALL past Academic & Athletic STATE-WINNING teams & individuals will be recognized! Not only that, but the current RTC Varsity Boys & Girls Basketball Teams will play the ALUMNI!!! I CAN'T WAIT to watch it!!! FOR REALS.... Girls game starts at 6pm & the boys game will follow. My bet goes with BOTH ALUMNI teams. I bet they can whip those young WHIPPERSNAPPERS into shape :). Following the BOYS game - the HOMECOMING festivities will begin. Good luck to ALL!

Then....I hope you all come out THIS SATURDAY for the 2012 Round Top - Carmine Round Up! This event is being put on by the Round Top - Carmine Education Foundation (401(c)3) and ALL proceeds will go towards RT-C ISD. One of the main focuses this year is the implementation of a school BAND & MUSIC department & growing the ART program!

SOCIAL hour & TRICK-HORSE show provided by Dan Keen Jr. will kick it all off at 4PM!

There will be a LIVE auction. Uncle MELE (Mel -E) aka. Melvin & myself will be your AUCTIONEERS!!!! We have some AWESOME ALUMNI volunteers helping out as well and just one HECK of a crew that have gathered items & worked out all the nuts & bolts of the operation of things.

I URGE YOU ALL TO DONATE SOMETHING TO THE AUCTION....if you have not done so already.  We have a FANTASTIC start, but every little bit helps! There will also be a SILENT AUCTION! You can drop the items off @ The ELEMENTARY in Round Top OR @ The RIFLE HALL Friday evening OR Saturday Morning!

I hope you got your TICKETS for the MEAL! There will be a VERY limited amount (if ANY) available @ the door. It's gonna be YUMMY BBQ Chicken & Sausage!

FOLLOWING the AUCTION will be LIVE Music provided by Charles & the FaBuLOUS 4!!

COME ONE, COME ALL!! Let's get FIRED Up & have a BALL!

For all of you that are not familiar with Round Top...I want you to check out these links. This is JUST a TASTE of the COOL stuff that happens back HOME!

Festival Hill Institute: This is one of the most BEAUTIFUL places you will EVER see.The Institute was started many years ago by WORLD-RENOWNED CONCERT PIANIST - James Dick. The Institute has YEAR-ROUND education & performance programs for individuals interested in the PERFORMING ARTS. The CONCERT Hall & it's ARCHITECTURE is a sight to see all in it's own. It makes a FANTASTIC wedding venue. Check out MORE right here:
RTC ISD not only has their Graduation ceremony there, but also uses the grounds for Cross-Country competitions!

Round Top/Warrenton Antiques Festival: ( MANY people know our little piece of HEAVEN for this BI-ANNUAL event (April & October). Words can not describe.... If you LOVE ANYTHING :).... you WILL find it here. It is SORTA like a flea market, but MORE FABULOUS. Kinda like a party, but more like a MEGA SHIN-DIG! Maybe like a Canton or a Fredricksburg....but BETTER!! Maybe I'm partial..... I'm just sayin'.... If you LOVE: JunKin', Antiques, Fine Furniture, UniQUe STUFF, FreSH DUDS, BLINGIN' Jewelry, Metal Work, Wood ART, FuNkY Stuff......a TURKEY can find it here!

Royer's Round Top Cafe: DELICIOUS! Folks come from MILES around & Miles AWAY! Lip SMACKIN' Good PIES & grub & some kinda GOoD Company! It will be an EXperiEnCe you'll NEVER forget. Can you dig it?

Junk Gyspy WORLD Headquarters: If you don't know about'm YOU SHOULD!! I blog about their AWESOMENESS regularly. The JUNK all about them :). They give me & my GAL PALS the OPPORTUNITY to get WiLd & WooLY for a night! Watch their TV Series on HGTV....starting in MARCH!

LOTS of COOL Stuff happens in MY HOMETOWN! Tell your FRIENDS! Tell the WORLD! When you got somethin' gotta SHARE it!! Our little COMMUNITY is Chalked FULL of some pretty AWESOME, HARD-workin' people! I'm very PROUD to call it HOME!! Stop on by for a visit!

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  1. Good grief girl... that sounds like SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun!!!

    ;-D robelyn
    (i have hometown envy just so you know...)