Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Confusion & Trust


So....I felt the need to post :). Not a whole lot of interesting stuff has been going on lately. Well....it may be interesting to you, but it's somewhat FRUSTRATING for me. I thought I'd enlighten you (a little) on just a little bit of what I'm dealing with.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the AUCTION industry, world, realm....whatever you wanna call it. I'm intrigued & really ready to PLUNGE myself into it, more than I already have, BUT....it's not like I can just quit working. While A LOT of auctioneers make a GREAT living....it didn't happen over night. I know a lot of you readers don't know me personally, but I'm the kinda gal that WANT'S IT & I WANT IT NOW :). I'm also the kind of gal that's willin' to work. I'm not sayin' that I'm the most FANTABULOUS, EXPERIENCED, FAST-TALKIN' AUCTIONEER.....b/c I'm not; but I know that I put ALL I've GOT to GIVE into whatever I need to LEARN about. So I want to DO MORE than what I'm doin', but I've gotta make it make sense.

I've had a bit of a hard time just tryin' to understand what is the "RIGHT" thing to do. I've been VERY BLESSED to have met some just AWESOME auctioneers that have AMAZING credentials & experience & ARE WILLING TO HELP ME. Sometimes.....they all want you to go in a different direction than the other, BUT you RESPECT ALL of them. Rightfully so....They've all gotten where they've gotten from hard work & payin' their dues. There are LOTS of avenues an AUCTIONEER can take. More than I EVER had thought about before I started this journey. One AUCTIONEER that I am ever so grateful for told me....."Your way too early in the game to know what "direction" you want to go in." It's weird....I knew that, but I had gotten all wound up b/c I didn't want other auctioneers I know to think that I didn't VALUE what they said & listen to them. I have been advised by a couple of people, to focus on a certain type of auction & not others. They aren't trying to slow me down. They just want me to make sure I align myself with the "right" people in the "right" fields & help me as much as possible. Here's the thing. I AM A PEOPLE PLEASER. I don't want to disappoint anyone. Some of these fellas don't KNOW me. They KNOW they see DRIVE & SMARTS & GRIT & all that jazz in me, but they've JUST recently met me. SO....with that in mind. If I just use my HEAD & ask their advice if I don't know if something is good or bad for me, make MY OWN decision, based on what is BEST for me - then I've shown that I VALUE their opinion & have made the BEST decision for me. I'm not sayin' get involved with an auctioneer that has a crummy reputation or anything. I still need to use my BEST JUDGEMENT & prioritize things the way they ought to be prioritized.

I've been a PROFESSIONAL for quite a while now, maybe not an AUCTION professional, but a professional. It's time I BUCK UP &  start actin' like one. It is no different. You take what you can from EVERYONE. Boy....I learned that lesson years ago when I was learnin' to ride cutting horses. I will digress....briefly.... We were at our cutting horse trainers & another Novice rider was trying to tell me how to "tune" my horse. Well....I thought I only needed to listen to the trainer. BOY....Did I get a butt-chewin' from my DADDY. I mean...I was respectful & listened to the novice rider, but was a cocky little SCHEISTER later on the way home. I'll just say.... NEVER AGAIN... will I discredit ANYTHING from ANYONE.

Anyways....I grew up thinkin' that the MORE EXPERIENCE you get...the BETTER you'll be & that you can LEARN a little somethin' from EVERYONE. RIGHT NOW... I want to be a GREAT Auctioneer & OPERATE with the VALUES & MORALS that I have. It'll take some time to be a GREAT one. But let me tell you....when you get that HONOR.... you'll have helped businesses, organizations, individuals, and numerous up & coming auctioneers and will have well-earned the MASSIVE amounts of RESPECT you'll have from other people & auctioneers. I can tell you one thing....I sure wish MR. WALTER BRITTEN was still alive. That fella has been dead & gone, quite some time (God rest his soul), but he's such a BIG DEAL people are STILL talkin' about him!
Here's the cover of Mr. Britten's Book.
I've heard Auctioneers from all over Texas talk, good talk, about Mr. Britten: from Abilene to Corpus Christi ,  Houston to El Paso. ALL I have to say is WHAT A LEGACY!!
Back to me figurin' out what's the "right" thing to do...To me, it seems that if somethin' seems "fishy"...it probably is. Stay away from it, ask advice, & use your head. If I want to learn more about cattle auctions & car auctions & antique auctions & energy auctions  & real estate auctions & equipment auctions & you get the point...then I'll take the steps I need to, to do that. Learnin' never hurt anybody. I just have to be sure that whateverI decide to do makes sense. If I'm NOT gonna make any $$ doing it - is the experience worth it? The answer will vary. I know how to make those kind of decisions. Momma & Daddy didn't raise no dummy :).

Like I said....I ENJOY it! I'm NO SUPERSTAR,  but I have talent & ENOUGH SENSE to know that I don't need to WORRY about doin' the right thing. I just need to DO it. I need to be cautious & do what makes sense & I feel comfortable doing. MAN! I can be pretty darn good at OVERthinking things.

Anyways....I'm not sure that this post has helped anybody, but ME. I hope I at least ENTERTAINED you with my CrAzY, OVER-thinkin' self. Go be with your SWEETIE, or your BABIES, or your AMAZING FRIENDS! SHARE the LOVE today!!! BUCK on UP & Keep on readin'! More tales to come. Believe me....DULL moments don't tend to travel with me.


  1. Girl you are gonna drive yourself crazy! I know it's not always easy to just go with your heart when it comes to money and supporting a family and the "right" thing, but you are doing one heck of a job and you've got a whole lot of support from friends and family who love you TONS and would do anything for you no matter what, so don't stress too much and just go with the flow :)
    Go get 'em rockstar!
    Miss ya'll and that lil wild child! We've gotta catch up soon! xoxo

  2. Hey girl. Wow, you have a lot on your mind. I know this sounds so over said, "but give it to God", and I mean really give it to him. I've spent half my life pretending I'm giving it to him, or say I've given it to him, and then just go right on and do what I want. I've learned some things over the past year, and the first being that he will show you. It's not always in your timing, and you have to really give it, but his answers are so perfect it will amaze you. BTW you won my giveaway:) Email me your address, and I'll get it to you. Thanks for joining in with us. Good Luck!

    Kind regards,
    Kasse D.