Monday, February 20, 2012

Independent Cattlemen's Association Fundraiser

This past weekend I helped Uncle Mele @ the Colorado Valley Independent Cattleman's Association Fundraiser. I'm just tryin' to get a little more practice in. was my Daddy's birthday &  long-time friends birthday AND our good friend that works on pipelines just got back from Turkministan (I think) & is getting to go to his next job in AUSTRALIA!! I'm pretty happy for him b/c he gets to go to a fun, happy place. Anyways...he's home for about a week. SO....we got to see LOTS of friends & family this weekend! Oh how I needed it.
This is a video from an iPhone, so it's a bit grainy. Thank you Mrs. Bonnie Pesch for videoing for me :) & for buyin' & biddin' @ the auction!!

I REALLY appreciate the COMPLIMENTS & ADVICE that I pick up at every, single auction I do. BELIEVE ME.....I'm listenin' to every word. It was also pretty cool b/c one of the buyers that was there actually heard me @ my VERY 1st auction in PLUM, TX! They told me: "I seemed to feel a little more confident than the 1st time, but I was good there too!" Now how sweet is that. Go check'm out if you need work done on your teeth....HATFIELD DENTAL CLINIC in LaGrange, TX.

I also want to give a shout out to all the donors & buyers!! I know I won't list everyone, so forgive me, but KNOW that you are VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!

Round Top State Bank
National Bank & Trust
Hatfield Dental Clinic
Pace Fertilizer Company
Giddings Livestock Commission
Herbrich Brothers
Max Barnowski Fence Building & Dozer Service
Kyle Cordes
Susan & Harvey Pauler
Electric Motors
& NUMEROUS other businesses & supporters of the Texas Independent Cattleman's Association!!

I just want to say how BLESSED I feel. We have some AWESOME, INTERESTING, AMAZING families & FRIENDS....that never leave you with a dull moment. I don't know if everyone has friendships like we do, but I hope least one!! I'm SO glad we got to hang out with a few of them this weekend!! MUCH, MUCH love sent ya'lls way!!

YAY for AWESOME friends!!! P.S. Thanks Jenny for the photos :).

Birthday Boy (Chris) & Trey :).
LOVE HER & Miss her! That's my baby's God Momma!
Daddy & Chance & Kylee Jo in the La Marina parking lot after we had  lunch/dinner  for Pops's Bday!
Kylee (in her SUPER cool rubber boots from Kandon, Aunt Kayla & Uncle Kory), Uncle Chance & 1 of  Aunt Mandy's puppies. I tell you...Kylee will NEVER be short of puppies to play with....
SUPER cool jacket from those RoWdY ladies over @ Rowdy Maui!
Me & the little brother eatin' our lasagna! YUM!
Until next time peeps! :)

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  1. Great post, miss Kylee sure is stylish! I loove Rowdy Maui too