Monday, March 5, 2012

Hovercraft, Hummer, 6-Wheeled ATV, Unimog & LOTS of Lots!

So, I helped out at the General Consignment Auction in Odem this past Saturday. We had SO many DiFFerenT items and 600 lots, which I think they said actually came out to over 800 items. Some of the lots were multiples or choice for example, let's say there was a lot of comic books.... It would be LOT# 101A, B, C, D, Etc. They would be distinguished by the type of series it belonged to.

So here are some of the items that went up for Auction. Some sold. Some the Lead Auctioneer had to put a call into the consigner. Some didn't meet the reserve. should have seen the crowd. There were LOTS of people there.

12 passenger Hover Craft. Never saw one of those before. A fella out of California phoned in for that one. 
Hummer in GREAT condition!
6-Wheeled ATV....barely used. 
My friend was wanting this REAL bad. She said something about if the Apocalypse came ....or something like that :) But really..... SUPER cool....
Here's a few more REALLY cool items. If any of this stuff interests any of you readers....keep a look out on their website. They have RAD items like these all the time. You can bid live on the phone OR place an absentee bid. Here's the website:

Old Rider Fire Truck
Pool table in VERY good condition. They also had an air hockey table that looked like it was barely used!
MEGA cool WORKING Vintage Coca-Cola Refrigerator. 

Buck up Baby & make it a FANTASTIC week! Happy bidding :)!

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