Friday, March 23, 2012

Thankful Thursday: My Journals

Today, I am thankful for my journals. They give me a place to unload my thoughts on topics that no one else would understand. It is also a place where I can document life events, current events, and my thoughts & reactions towards them.
Here is one of my prettiest journals. 
I am also thankful for them because they remind me of where I've been, what I have done, and how I have handled different situations. They tell my story.

Here is one I've started and never finished. I'm sure I have a few more like that in boxes :).
I have stuff in there about family, friends, unforgetable memories, disagreements, WORK, frustrations, my emotions, horses, dreams, goals, you name's probably in there. 

This one was really cool. It helped me reflect on my friendships & made me acknowledge a good  & bad part of my day.
If you don't journal, think about starting. Just think....your GREAT - great Grand kids could read them one day and you may be able to help them, without even meeting them! It's also a GREAT way to clear your mind.
This is my current one. 
BUCK UP BABY!! Go write down what you're THANKFUL for today!!!! God Bless!!

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  1. I used to journal... started when I was around 13. Then I slacked off around 21, after I got married and started blogging. I really need to start back up, the written word is a lost art. Great post!!