Thursday, August 30, 2012

Guess What Baby?!

I know the last few blog posts - I've been tellin' you how busy I am & that I will hopefully be able to share some of all these goins on with ya'll. I can't share EVERYTHING yet, but I can share some...

First of all (& MOST importantly) I'm PREGNANT! with baby #2. The Doc says its a little fella this time around. I've just started my last trimester & baby & myself are healthy!

In the midst of this - I changed positions with the company that I work for - which calls for a relocate, so I'm in the middle of a NOT-SO-FUN move.... I mean...I guess it could be worse. THANK YOU JESUS for good family & friends, cattle trailers, low boys, & hard-workin', cornfed :) country boys.

One of the last truck/trailer loads. There was few more & MAYBE more to come... We'll see.
The garage in Rockport. Some of it is out now...some not....

We are moving from Rockport, TX to Walhalla, TX (HOME!!!). The tricky part is moving from a 3 bedroom/3 bath house & 8+ the in-laws 1 bed/1bath apartment. It AMAZES me at how much people can accumulate in close to 4 years........ To say the least - this will be an AdVeNtUrE! The plan is to lease the house out in Rockport OR SELL IT, but we just brought the last BIG load back this weekend. Now we'll have to go back sometime & clean, sort, & deal with the little things.

The OTHER tricky part is that I have been maintaining accounts there & cultivating new accounts here. Talk about diFFicUlt! I mean...I knew it was going to be a challenge, but it seems like nothing is where you need it, you go to a coffee shop for INET one place, then you can't print where you need to..... Luckily, things are starting to settle down & I'll be able to focus more on everything.

Not only have I neglected my blog, but I feel like I've neglected visiting time with my DEAR, sweet, FRIENDS. I promise once I switch my doctors, unpack all the boxes, get my office completely set up, deal with a big work transition that REALLY happened this month, get our storage unit set up, get our house in Rockport cleaned up (so people can look at it), while dealing with all the other EVERYDAY things & events & happenings....WE'RE GONNA DO SOMETHIN'!!! I'm not sure where or WHEN, but plan on it!

I do have a couple PRAYER REQUESTS for all reading.

Please send some prayers up for my Little Sis. She just had surgery this past week. The Docs are pretty sure they were able to fix her up. Maybe send a few up for my Daddy too. He's more worried about things than she is.

Me, Mandy, & Little Kylee :)
My Uncle Mele's long-time LADY friend - Lillie, has been battling cancer. She just passed away today. cancer is UGLY! Please pray for PEACE, COMFORT, & the Holy Spirit to be with the family for whatever kind of STRENGTH needed right now.

One more SHOUT OUT to Kyle's UNCLE JOE! He recently passed away. When I first met him (over 10 years ago) he was a dancin' machine, always greeted you with a smile on his face & good conversation. He honestly had one of the BEST attitudes at life that I have ever seen. He was a GOOD man & I pray that he passes a little of that POSITIVE, FUN-LOVING, Attitude  to the rest of us down here. DANCE Away Uncle Joe & Dance one for me :)!

Lastly, may Roscoe (LoooNG time Kaspar family Pet) Rest In Peace. He was a good dog & was around a long time.
Kylee & Roscoe just a few days ago...
Stay tuned! LOTS more to come. I have PLENTY auction stories, upcoming auctions, & some advice (that I searched the Internet for & couldn't find) that I've EXPERIENCED now. Junk Prom is coming up! That's right! I'll be there: 8 months pregnant, ALL dudded up. Who knows...Kylee might be ridin' a GOAT to town this year ;). Nonetheless....more ADVENTURES to be had. BUCK UP BABY & Stay Tuned....even if it takes 2 months for me to post again.

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  1. That would be a hot pink polka dotted, glitter horned goat to be exact...but anyways ;)

    Prayers for your entire family, my darling dear! Sure hope Mandy is feeling better!
    I know it's been a WILD year for ya'll, but I would expect nothing less from one of the wildest women I know! :)

    Love you TONS Miss Heather, so many super awesome things happening these next few months!
    Cannot WAIT for baby baby baby!!! Whoo hoo!!!!!