Saturday, April 13, 2013


So....I have to say. We worked our little tails off for our March 30th auction. Talk about feelin' spent!! I have just now been able to relax & feel a little rested. Now it's time to tie up a few loose ends & gear up for the next one.  I sure learned a lot. A WHOLE LOT.....

I'll be honest. It wasn't as big as I was hopin', but it was all right. I don't know why I think everything will be the way I picture it.

We got LOTS of compliments about our crew, the consignment items we had, the way we conducted the auction, the check-in/check-out process. REALLY....everything was good, BUT we could have used more bidders.

I mean if it would have been pourin' down rain it could have fixed that. If we'd had more than 5 weeks time to organize, advertise, & gather consignments it would have helped. If I had had the LLC set up earlier than what it was - it would have helped.

The fact of the matter is. We didn't. That is NO ONE's fault. We did everything we could as fast as we could - while we were still workin' our full time jobs & livin' our full time lives.

We oughta be pretty stinkin' PROUD of ourselves. I mean....we had people talkin', saw faces we had NEVER seen, got MORE COMPLIMENTS than complaints. We know what to FOCUS on next time. We KNOW what can help us IMPROVE.....and NOBODY DIED!

My CREW has not abandoned me. In fact...they're ready for the next one. My Nachadoches people from Liquidators Auction said they're comin' back!

Eventually I'll learn how to not be SO hard on myself!!

I have to thank ALL the LOCALS that came and helped out in whatever fashion they could. I have to thank my crew again, all they people supporting this little adventure of mine, THANKS to the folks at Liquidators Auction in Nachadoches & the folks at ELCO Auction over in Odem, Texas. I REALLY am VERY THANKFUL.

Stay tuned for the next one. I'm not positive on the date. We're gearin' up to have a POW WOW & figure it all out. I KNOW the next one will be in Rockport.

We have a new website.Check it out here:  I'm still doin' some tweakin', but it's up for everyone to look at. If anybody is willin' to leave a testimonial let me know & I'll get it up ;). We will be posting new auction, amongst other things, so check it out.

Also...I started a new blog. It's called: Buck Up Baby & Ride With Jesus. The first post is up, so check it out. Until next time.......

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