Sunday, June 2, 2013

Good People.

If you read my other blog: Buck Up Baby & Ride With Jesus, you will know that I am at a "tryin' to figure things out" stage with my AUCTION career. BELIEVE ME...I ain't quittin. I'm just tryin' to figure out how to make this work into my life & how to make this AUCTION COMPANY what I want it to be...not what everyone else thinks it should be. I'm tryin' to really figure out what is REALLY important to ME & how to have that SHINE THROUGH in my company. It is SO much easier from the outside looking in, to see a better way of doin' things. One of the most VALUABLE LESSONS I've already learned is to spend time with it. Don't rush things.....AT ALL. Most importantly.....GO WITH YOUR GUT!

I have to say that I am SO BLESSED to have GOOD PEOPLE in my life! I have a CREW that just keeps hangin' on in there with me, supportin' me, helpin' me, & just flat out BEING GOOD PEOPLE! They won't ever know just how much I APPRECIATE THEM!

I know I've blogged about this before to, but in this industry, there are AUCTIONEERS that will HELP you & there are AUCTIONEERS that won't....for all kinds of reasons: busy...they feel threatened, they may be a bit territorial, they've been burned & its hard to trust people... No matter the reason - GOD BLESS the HELPERS.

I want to give a BIG shout out to ELCO AUCTIONS in Odem, Texas. Danny is another person that has no idea how much I appreciate him. If you are anywhere in the Corpus Christi area you need to be sure to go check out his auction. When you are new to a business & your learnin' is SO GOOD to have someone that you TRUST to call & ask questions....& not feel like a dummy about it.

Another group of folks I want to give a shout out to is LIQUIDATORS AUCTION in Nachadoches, Texas. JUST GOOD all I have to say. Give those folks a call if you need to settle an estate!

That's all for today. On another note...THESE PEOPLE ARE AWESOME, but I would never know how awesome they were if I wouldn't have had the COURAGE to BUCK UP BABY! I called EVERY auction company in the coastal bend area when I got my license & Danny was the ONLY one that called me back, took the time to talk to me, and give me a chance to work for him. With my crew....I knew I needed good people I could trust, but I also knew that I had NO IDEA how much I could pay them or IF I could pay them. It's not real easy to tell folks that, but I wanted to be extremely REAL with them. There is nothing like working as a team, when you have one heck of a team to work with. With ole' Samantha from Liquidator's Auction... I remember being SO shocked to see ANOTHER young, female auctioneer in class. I honestly thought I'd be in a room with a bunch of ruff & gruff old fellas. To my suprise there were a few other ladies, some young guys, SOME ruff & gruff older fellas & little ole' Sammie. You know how it could've went. We could either choose to like each other & get to know each other OR NOT. I am ever so thankful for that girl & ever so thankful that we both had enough sense to BUCK UP & learn from each other & learn together.

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