Sunday, December 8, 2013

Startin' to Tackle That Mountain!

I've been wanting to do this for quite some time now & the week of Thanksgiving I took the first MAJOR step. Believe me....there were quite a few little steps I had to take to get to that point, but it's done.

I gave the company I work for my 30 day notice & for the first time in my working life....I don't have another JOB lined out, but I do have a PLAN & a mighty exciting one!

I won't lie. This is probably the SCARIEST thing I have EVER done....EVER.

I want to share a small piece of the journey that brought me to this point, b/c I'm well aware that some people will have their opinions & some...quite frankly....may not get it & that's okay. That's what makes this world go 'round.

My overall MAJOR plan is to pursue my auction career. I have a plan, but having worked with MANY businesses of all shapes & sizes over the last 7 years I KNOW that certain elements of that plan will have to change, happen sooner, happen later, happen differently, not happen at all... So for now, until I get more of the details panned out, I'm pursuing my auction career.

It has been a little bit of a mental roller coaster for me for several different reasons. Here are the MAJOR ones:

1) I have a VERY strong faith & I pray A LOT. This whole auction journey adventure all started while in prayer & for a while now - I knew I needed to act on it, but I didn't know how. I didn't know what I wanted to do EXACTLY. I didn't know how I'd help support my family. I didn't know how I'd replace my income. I did not know HOW.

2) It is hard, Hard, HARD to step out into the unknown. SO hard...& SO ScaRY.

3) I have dealt with NEGATIVITY for years now from all kinds of different personalities: prospects, co-workers, clients, bosses, business personnel, patients, families.... & for all kinds of different reasons like: money, power, work loads, territory,  protocols, end product results....or literally having NO interest in what you have to say. BUT - This step  COULD  mean managing negativity from some of the people that I LOVE most & it took me a little bit to MENTALLY PREPARE myself for that.

4) Knowing that IF I made this move there would be A LOT of change. Finances would tighten up. That means that life as we are living it - changes & we won't know exactly how - until we get the ball rolling.

5) Getting the support from  my husband & my uncle. - THIS was the scariest for me. I hold SO much weight in their opinions & NEED their support. I NEEDED them to hear the plan, see the plan, understand the plan, know why I want to take this HUGE step & have them aware of the way life COULD change - positively & negatively. I needed them to know that I wasn't just shootin' at this thing half-cocked. It went almost SPOT ON to what I expected. Once they had a little time to work through it - JUST LIKE I HAD TO - I had their SUPPORT. ONCE I HAD THAT - All that was left to do was ACT on it, so I did.

6) Right now the hardest part for me is finding out the WHERE & I'm workin' on that.

I have been BLESSED to have family & friends PUSH me & SUPPORT me & ENCOURAGE me. I am BLESSED to have professionals of the field offer their guidance, help, & support.

I am BLESSED. When I was praying that early, EARLY Sunday morning - wanting a change, wanting an option, wanting a way to love my husband, raise my children, & KNOW that if I worked hard I would be rewarded ALONG WITH my family. BECOMING AN AUCTIONEER was TOTALLY NOT WHAT I WAS EXPECTING, BUT - by God's grace I called my loud-mouth Daddy that told my Uncle Mele (even when I told him not too) & it opened up a whole new world of opportunity for me & totally unexpectedly. There is so much more out there than any of us would have ever thought.

I gotta tell ya! I know I've been a little dormant in the blogging world here lately, but it is some kinda tough to have a blog called BUCK UP BABY! when I KNEW that I needed to BUCK UP in a much bigger way. It is all a process. I truly think we are conditioned for what is to come. We are put in certain situations to learn from them & add a little something to our toolbox.

Well here's to more AUCTIONS, FAITH, BLESSINGS, & BUCK'N UP BABY! Prayers welcomed.

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  1. You GOT this Sister! If your dreams don't scare you a little bit, they aren't big enough! You have my prayers, blessings, love & support! Let's Buck Up Baby!