Monday, September 5, 2011


Hey Everyone! I was sure hoping I would be blogging about something much different than this. It´s been a SAD couple of days for TEXAS! We need PRAYERS of all sorts...PRAYERS for the hundreds of families that have lost their homes, livestock, and possessions...PRAYERS for lives lost, PRAYERS for firefighters and volunteers, PRAYERS FOR RAIN and PRAYERS for our GREAT state to come together and help each other!
Bastrop Fire

Central Texas has been CONSUMED by a MASSIVE WILDFIRE.  Actually....fires have broke out in MULTIPLE areas across the state including: Bastrop (currently spreading into Smithville), Walhalla/Nechanitz/LaGrange area, Magnolia (moving into Hockley), Willow Springs/Fayetteville area, Bryan, Huntsville, and MANY MORE! Click HERE to see a map of all the fires in Texas.

Another shot of the Bastrop Fire...
To put it plainly....HUNDREDS of homes have burned (probably 600 or better), FIREFIGHTERS and VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENTS have been called in from all over, people have died, and the FIRE that started in BASTROP - YESTERDAY  was 0% contained (when I checked a few minutes ago). This is EXTREMELY scary. It has already CONSUMED more than 6000 acres! I personally know people that have been affected by these fires! IT´S  SO SERIOUS! Emergency AIRCRAFT has been flying over the fire, but our current DROUGHT conditions have LIMITED the AVAILABILITY of WATER and the breakout of other fires in the surrounding areas are stretching the area fire departments as far as they can go.

The aftermath of a fire that spread to a Church Camp less than 10 miles from my in-laws property in Walhalla.

More of the aftermath...If you look towards the hills you will see black. That´s how far the fire went.
For people in the ROCKPORT area... TOWN ROCKPORT is trying to gather as many supplies as possible and we will be making a trip to several of the different donations and rest centers. For more updates on what they need and when we plan on heading that direction - check out the TOWN Facebook Page.

If you are from another part of the state, country, or world you can make MONETARY DONATIONS to the RED CROSS of CENTRAL TEXAS by clicking HERE!

MORE FIREFIGHTERS ARE NEEDED! If you know of anyone near or around any of these areas please  call the TEXAS STORM CHASERS @ 512-978-1187.

I am SO saddened by this. This is SO close to HOME and I feel HELPLESS! Let´s get it together folks! It is time to BUCK UP BABY!! It is devestating for one family to lose their home...much less 600 and growing! EVERYONE needs to BE CAUTIOUS of cigarette butts, BBQs, and anything else that could cause a spark or light a fire.
Someones home used to be right past that gate.
FOLKS...WE REALLY NEED AS MANY PRAYERS AS YOU CAN SEND US. THE FIRE IS STILL MOVING! I am on the TEXAS COAST and there is SMOKE from these fires HERE! Supposedly...9 hours ago....the BASTROP fire was 16 miles long AND 6 miles wide.

GOD BLESS YA´LL!! Please RE-POST, SHARE, and PASS ON this blog!! We need all the help we can get!


  1. I wanted to let everyone know that there are several pages on Facebook that can keep you more informed on the situation and that Giddings Livestock Commission is available to hold any livestock. You can contact Melvin Schoenst at at 979-540-8800, Rick Sodek at 979-966-7342, or the Sale Barn at 979-542-2274.

    I also got this off one of the pages:
    Union Chapel (near bastrop)-10% contained
    Bastrop- 0% contained
    Delhi-45% contained
    Leander-appears to be out, reports of possible flare up
    Pedernales Bend-80% contained
    Steiner Ranch-50% contained
    Lutherhill-50% contained
    from the Texas Forest Service

    The links to the FB pages are:

    Central Texas Fires -!/pages/Central-Texas-fires-2011/187609047979361

    Bastrop Fire Information and Help -!/pages/Bastrop-Fire-Information-and-Help/284897838194470

    Fayette Co. EMS -!/FayetteCountyEMS

  2. Thanks for posting your pictures and concerns. You & Texas will be in my prayers!


  3. i'm re-posting as much as i can hopping the word will spread to help you guys out. i have friends down there and i hope what little i do will make some kind of difference

  4. Definitely thinking of all of you guys. I am going to post to this to the page. Hang in there, and stay safe.

  5. Just found your site! I'll be praying for you all!

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