Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shootin´ Commercials, Catchin´ Bids and a Little JG Prom Thrown in there too!

Hey! Hey Everyone!!!

So...I helped out at my 2nd consignment/general merchandise auction. I tell you what.... I´m just soakin´ it all in. It truly AMAZES me how I can pick a little somethin´ new up from EVERY SINGLE AUCTION. What is interesting about the auctions (consignment/general merchandise) - that I have NOT been auctioneering at is that I´m learning A LOT more about the way people bid and the different situations that occur during the bidding process.

Super COOL buy at the last auction. There´s more in the set! They´ll make GREAT gifts!
For example: When the auctioneer startied auctioning one item I would say....probably 5 hands went up...pretty much at the same time. We all giggled a little bit. EVERYBODY WANTS IT! The auctioneer and I actually saw the same lady first and we just moved on from that.

I can say that, as I´m standing there watching the crowd, I can see frustration run across their faces sometimes. The fact is....we can´t take everybody´s bid at the same time. All we can do is go with who´s hand we see first, than next, then if someone is still in after that.

Another thing I noticed...not only at the consignment auctions, but also at the last fundraising auction is that some auctioneers like to zero in on 2 people.... I am not gonna lie. I´m not real crazy about that way of thinking.

First of all...I think it adds more excitement when you have 3 bidders or more, bidding on an item. You may have more bidders starting out, but (by my experience) you won´t have 4 bidders for long. I have re-posted a video from my blog titled: A Little Constructive Criticism... It´s a GREAT example of how that 3rd bidder added more excitement to the auction and coincidentally made the item bring more $$$.

2nd of all....Why should I as an auctioneer choose who gets to bid and who doesn´t? Now sometimes you may not see them when they want to bid and they fall out of the bidding war, but when a gentleman is sitting in the middle of the crowd, waving his hand around, and wants to bid on something....LET´M BID!! Don´t just pass him over. It just seems fair to me...to take everyone you see...in order :).

So if I SEE multiple bidders...I´m gonna take´m! Now that´s not to say that I´ll catch every single one. I´m human and only have two eyes, but I´ll do my very best!

I´ll be sittin´ up there before you know it :)
Other things that I learned deal more with the operations and logistics of a consignment auction, that I won´t bore you with in this blog...but be prepared for more info on that in later blogs.

If you read my profile you know that I work in TV Ad Sales and can insert commercials on networks like ESPN, Fox News, History Channel, HGTV, etc - and I work along the Texas Coast. I. HAVE. BEEN. SO. BUSY.  For as busy as I am...you´d think I´d have more $$ in my pockets, BUT we all know hard work pays off and I´ll still be here when it does. I´ve shared some pics below of some of the different clients I´ve worked with.  We shot a commercial at the consignment auction and there are probably 6 or more that have to get edited. For clarification...I DO NOT shoot the commercials, but I am at most every shoot and usually write the scripts. My friend John Garza with Eyecon Video Productions usually does most of the shooting. I think its going to be interesting to see how this form of advertising works for this type of business. 

Shoot at a Mattress Store. We use an iPad with a teleprompter app to help clients with speaking parts.

Here we are shooting a commercial for a Non-Profit - advertising a Golf Tourney. I´m listening to his audio as he´s speaking.

This is a shoot for a manufactured home dealer. I guess I´m just overseein´ :).

Commercial shoot for a local hospital. The hospital´s Marketing Director and I did our best to round up all the Docs and get them in their places.
Commercial shoot for an AC company - where the lady WON a BRAND NEW unit! Green Screen used for a testimonial-type ad.

I´ll be heading out of Rockport with a friend later this week for the Junk Gypsy Prom at the Antiques Show (in my hometown :)). I kinda sorta have my get-up figured out, but I´ll share those pics when I ACTUALLY have it figured out :). I will share some pics from past proms though!! WOO HOO!! I can´t wait!

The 1st JG Prom I dressed up at. Actually...I think it was the first time for all of us to dress up.
Enjoyin´ ourselves....sippin´on some Sangria!
My Sis and I did some last minute gettin´ together this year and got there at 11pm or something. Our friend Crystal does the BEST up-dos!!
We were all tryin´ to keep our eyes open :).
All I know is the posse travelin´ with me in tow better be ready to BUCK UP BABY!! Last time....Everyone THOUGHT I was lost in the MASSIVE SEA OF TENTS and were running around looking for me. JUST FOR THE RECORD.... I WAS NOT LOST. I actually found them before they found me. My sister and I also got into a REALLY HEATED argument and a couple of my (kinda new) friends (at the time) got to see the MEAN side of me. They´re still around :) and Little Sis and I are headed back this year with a few more friends in tow! We´ll do our VERY BEST to play nice. 

My MOST gussied up to date. Little britches didn´t go along that year, but she´ll be there for a little while this year!!

So Here´s to SHOOTIN´and CATCHIN´ and BUCKIN´UP BABY!! I can´t wait to share this year´s story!!


  1. I'm jealous that your going to the JG Prom...someday I'm going! It looks like so much fun! Have fun!

  2. Oooo have fun at prom!!! I love looking at everyone's outfits!

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