Wednesday, February 5, 2014

RE-affirmed & Ready to Go!

This past Saturday was the annual RTC Education Foundation Round Up. The event was GREAT. We had GREAT auction items for the LIVE & silent auctions. The food was delicious. The music was toe-tappin' good & the caliber of people there were TOP NOTCH! A big THANK YOU goes out to all the donors and the FANTASTIC group of bidders we had. You guys truly made it FuN & a HUGE success!!!

Photo credit goes to Melissa Wickel!! Great Job! Lace Dress comes from Junk Gypsy Company & Turquoise Necklace from Brenham Saddle Shop.)

This auction also REaffirmed a few things for me. Unless you've gone into business for yourself before, it's hard for me to explain ALL the different thoughts that can go through a person's head like..... Did I make the right move? Can I hack it in a sea of other auctioneers? Can I hang with the best of'm? Will there be a FUTURE in this? 

Let alone all the specific BUSINESS things that go through your head & processing what you hear from other people in the industry: Am I being fair? Am I shortchanging myself? Is my image "professional" enough? Is it unique enough? Am I holding true to ME? Am I taking care of my voice? GREAT, WoNDerFuL people of ROUND TOP CARMINE.... You gave me a moment of reaffirmation. I won't go into every single little detail.... or conversation... or my epiphanies, if you will...

Let me just say that I had a few conversations, with several people, about a plethora of rAndOM topics. ALL of them were just what my SOUL needed, in JUST the right "areas of concern" that were millin' around in my mind.

I prayed a BIG prayer before that auction & the GOOD LORD delivered.

Folks...I have a couple auctions coming up. The next one scheduled thus far is a benefit auction for Dana Herzog Srubar. She is a young mother (early 30s) that has been diagnosed with breast cancer & has already started chemo treatments. The auction is February 22nd at Chicken Ranch Dance Hall in Nechanitz. Please shoot me a message or give me a call if you are interested in donating to the LIVE or silent auctions & please keep in mind when you are looking for something to do on February 22nd. Black Cat Choir will be performing. For all of you business owners & political candidates out there. Donating items & bidding on items makes for a GREAT PR campaign in these little small towns - where TV ad campaigns are non-existent.

Also....starting February 9th - We can start accepting consignments for the 1st GENERAL CONSIGNMENT AUCTION Buck Up Auctions will be holding this year. It is at the NEW Ledbetter Fire Hall (right beside the old dance hall) one block off of HWY 290 - ACROSS the Highway from Stuermer Store. I'll be blogging more about it later, BUT please mark your calendars to be there & PLEASE be thinking of a few items you may like to consign & get some money for.

Many, many BLESSINGS ya'lls way! Buck Up Baby! Come to an auction! Ask me some questions! Leave me some comments! Also...pick the picture you like best. I have to send one off to the National Auctioneer Association & I want to pick THE BEST! I appreciate all of it!

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  1. loveeee this!!! you are a trailblazin' girl in a so-called man's world!! and i loveeee it!!! show 'em what this little girl is made of!!!! XOOXXO-jolie