Thursday, February 20, 2014

Political Roast & Early Act First Knight

I have a fundraising auction coming up this coming Monday in Aransas Pass. I was contacted by a sweet little lady that is part of the Rotary Club there. The Spanish & Science Club Network is allowing them to hold an auction during their Local Political Roast Event, which will be held at the Aransas Pass Civic Center from 6pm-9pm. They are working to raise money for a program called EARLY ACT FIRST KNIGHTS, which is a character building curriculum for public schools.

The most updated information I have is as follows:

Politicians being roasted are:

Jack Chaney, Aransas County Commissioner & Joe McComb, Nueces County Commissioner

The BAKED items that will be auctioned off will be baked by several LOCAL celebrities including:


Currenty City Council Member

Citizen of the Year

Retired District Judge

Engineer From Ony

Care Regional Medial Center PR Specialist

City Manager

Local CPA/Business Owner/2011Citizen of the Year

Chamber of Commerce CEO

Early Act First Knight Supporter

& HOPEFULLY 1 very special MysTerY celebrity!!

When I lived on the coast I was a mentor at one of the local schools (Middle School & High School). I had several friends that were also part of the mentoring program & when we would run into tough scenarios we'd talk with each other about how to BREAK through to our mentee OR try to figure out WHAT they were needing from us. 

Let me tell you... It was tough sometimes. Here are a couple scenarios: A 5th grader is constantly in ISS & when you go and visit they are blank. They don't really want to talk to you. They keep their head down. There is a TOTAL lack of motivation. As the school year goes find out that their parents give this child weed....mainly so they don't bother them. As a mentor you go through the proper channels, but KNOW that this child will already have a battle to overcome, that they should have never even been subject to. 

Here's another: A child with a mother totally out of the picture. Her father has limited presence, but in another state, with his other family - that the mentee only gets to go visit. She has a hard-working aunt that works to support the entire family, so isn't home much. Her uncle doesn't have hardly any interest in her & this middle-schooler doesn't understand it. She has a hard time making friends & seeing her worth.

Last one: A Freshman in high school, that WANTS to DO GOOD. They have an older sister that dropped out of high school at 16 because she was pregnant. The mother has a new boyfriend (that the student doesn't get along with). The student is struggling with their grades. They report drug activity that they saw after school, but their identity somehow gets exposed, so they are now being threatened. Another student threatens the pregnant sister after school & threats of physical violence are voiced. 

I bring these scenarios up because they are REAL. FIRST ACT KNIGHTS is a character-building curriculum that teaches students about HONOR, INTEGRITY, HONESTY, KINDNESS, COURAGE, & SO MUCH MORE! ALL kids naturally want to DO GOOD and make people PROUD of them. Early Act First Knight can be their outlet!

EarlyAct FirstKnight® (or EAFK) is a groundbreaking character education program for elementary and middle schools from Knights of The Guild. Sponsored by Rotary Clubs, EAFK motivates and teaches children of all backgrounds to become civil, service-oriented people during their most formative years.

Here are more links to learn more about Early Act First Knight:

I hope all of my friends down South can make it out to this event! Who doesn't like a good roast? I'm not positive where you can get the tickets, but I'm sure the Aransas Pass Civic Center OR the Spanish & Science Club Network (look at the bottom of the web page) can point you in the right direction!! BUCK UP BABY & THROW THOSE HANDS UP! This is SUCH a needed program for our schools & together we can raise enough $$$$ to keep it going & MAYBE get it into MORE schools!! GOD BLESS!