Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Our Antique Fair Adventure: The Wandering Auctioneer Day 1 Recap

Good Morning Lovelies!!

Me & the gals have been thinkin' & we have decided & started implementing a VERY grassroots/guerilla/out of the box marketing campaign for Buck Up Auctions.

Let's just say it has a little somethin' to do with little ole me, my dear sweet workin' girl Christie, a wagon, & a portable PA system....and charities, several different charities. I'll have more details for you later this evening (or tomorrow morning).

We spent ALL day yesterday in the fields of Warrenton & Round Top talking to landowners & vendors & we've got more work to do today.

Just keep an eye out for us, if you are walkin' around. PLEASE like us on FACEBOOK: Buck Up Auctions & find us on INSTAGRAM: hdskaspar. Follow up & keep up with our journey.

A Couple of other things....

A SUPER cReaTIVe lady brought the beginnings of this idea to me, we tweaked it & turned it to make it make sense to us. Then we went out & talked to vendors & organizers & BY THE GRACE OF GOD he has turned it into something SO MUCH MORE than what I thought.

We talked about this idea in February & I wrestled with it since then. I crawfished in & out of it. BUT the Good Lord WOULD NOT LET ME TURN IT LOOSE. It even got to a point where I didn't know how much I really wanted to do it anymore, but that I HAD to do it. Now....just one day in.....I am SO thankful I forged forward.

FOLKS...this is DIFFerENt. It is....but it's a GOOD different & I hope ya'll have as much fun with it as we do!

Many, MANY blessings & BUCK UP BABY! I'm sure glad I did!

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  1. Waiting.....for more details!! So glad it worked out!!!