Wednesday, November 16, 2011

5 Day Countdown!!!

Hey folks! This won´t be a real long post, but I wanted you all to know that I just scheduled the licensing exam to get my Auctioneer´s License this morning!! That´s where I´ll be next Monday morning!

Let the studying begin!! You can´t even imagine how anxious I am. There are some REALLY GREAT opportunities in my future! I´ve met with one auction house and am meeting with another this week! They may be able to put me to work....who knows?! I´m just THRILLED to start the process. Auction School was just the beginning. Now it´s time to get some experience and explore some of the other possibilities coming my way!!!

Thank ya´ll SO much for following me on this journey! I´m serious about this! I´m gonna have to BUCK UP BABY!! I have several things I feel like I need to work on, but I can´t do it without DOIN´ IT! It´s all about bein´ there - in the middle of an auction - and rollin´ with the punches as they come my way!!

WOO HOO!!! I´M EXCITED!! Saddle on up and join the posse!! The ride is only gonna get wilder from here!!

On a sadder note....we just found out that our dog - Kane has Cancer :(. Kyle got Kane from his brother Kory a few months after we started dating, so he´s been with us almost the entire time we´ve been together. He is a GREAT dog. He lets Kylee crawl on him, sit on him, grab him by his collar and lead him around. He´s around 9 1/2, so he´s gettin´ up there. He is still very energetic and playful and 70 lbs. We are going to the vet tomorrow to see just how bad it is. Say a prayer for him and us. It won´t be easy for any of us. God Bless!!
Here he is before he started getting gray in the face.

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  1. No : ((((( I'm sorry to hear about Kane. I just experienced a huge animal loss so I can totally relate to receiving crushing news. Hopefully he won't be that bad & there are lots of natural herbs & remedies that you can try. Praying for you & Kane!