Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Baddest Raddest Mamma Jammas of the Antique Fair

Sorry this blog is a little late, I was just waiting on some pics, but MUCHAS GRACIAS goes out to Ms. Lindsey for bringing her camera. Knowing me....I would have lost mine :).

Now...even though I think me and my friends are some pretty Rad, Bad to the Bone, Super Cool Mamma Jammas...I´m actually talking about the original Junk Gypsy Clan themselves.

(MAMMA JAMMA: (n.) 1. something that is considered by many to be very sexy and/or boss. - Urban Dictionary)

I grew up and went to school in Round-Top/Carmine - the area home of the Bi-Annual Antiques Festival. Growing up, myself and most of the local kids there, played some part in the Antique Fair from holding class and 4-H booths, waiting tables, helping the Antiquers load up what didn´t sell, parking cars, you get the point.

Well...I met the Junk Gypsies (Amie, Jolie, and Janie Sikes)....I think when I was working at Cafe Pie in the Sky - a little traveling restaurant that was on the Dillard´s field (where they used to park their RV). It was either there or when I stopped by and bought their famous "Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History" tank. Go buy you one :). Amie and I kind of hit it off...but then again....who doesn´t. She is such a chill, hard-workin´, sweet little thing. Then I met Jolie, and well...she´s the same way!

You can find all their styles and sizes on the website -!
 I started going to college and working and didn´t really come down for the fair as much or make it by the tent all the time to visit with them (b/c I was working at the show), but did my best to go to as many JUNK-O-RAMA PROMS as I possibly could.

If you read  "Our Story" on their website: you can see just how real they really are. All I can say is they (along with some other pretty awesome people) really helped to inspire me. I mean...this little ole´ country girl has some mighty big dreams. I´m bound and determined to figure out how I can make a difference in this world and do what I like. Make the money I need to and help as many people as I can along the way - WHILE HAVING A GOOD QUALITY OF LIFE. These gals are proof that it can happen!

If you haven´t heard...These girls have their own 13 episode series on HGTV starting in November!! It is well deserved and LONG overdue and I am just SO STINKIN´ HAPPY FOR THEM!! These are some accomplished women, that found a way to do what they love, be who they wanna be, have put more than enough work hours in, and are truly an inspiration to many. I´m so very HaPpY to welcome them to our little community in Round Top! To read a little more click here.

The reason I say they are the Baddest, Raddest, Mamma Jammas of the Antique Fair is that they started this little JUNK-O-RAMA PROM and it turned into something MASSIVE!! It is SERIOUSLY SO MUCH FUN...I can hardly contain myself for the next one. I mean I pretty much have my outfit figured out :). Who doesn´t like some gals that know how to throw a PaRtY!! Plus the whole fact that HGTV thinks they are THAT COOL - that they wanna put´m on TV doesn´t hurt their Mamma Jamma-ness.

Stacia, Me, Crystal, and Lindsey! (Crystal is going to HAVE to color my hair like hers...LOVE IT!)
I could TOOT their horn for a good long while (and everyone be sure to watch their pilot on the HGTV Facebook Page), but I guess I´ll move on to this year´s Junk Gypsy JUNK-O-RAMA PROM story. Boy is it a DOOZY!

My friend Lindsey and I decided we were going to make the trek from Rockport to Warrenton for the JG Prom. She came over the night before and helped me figure out my dress and how to finagle it to look the way I wanted it to.

Let me just say that it was POURING DOWN RAIN (Thank you Jesus!), Lindsey had to go potty (no bathroom in sight), and once we get to Yoakum (Don´t ask why we were there) saw what we thought could be a little twister. Well...actually a pretty big twister - wasn´t. The wind just picked up all of a sudden and blew up all the dust from our dry drought weather. APPARENTLY neither one of us have ever seen a twister before and we started thinking "You might as well call us Dorothy and send us off to OZ b/c we DON´T KNOW WHAT TO DO." Anyways...after our mini panic attack- we finally get to a bathroom in Hallettsville, but the power is out in town b/c of the weather. Lindsey plays hide and go seek with the light switch for a little while, we get back on the road and HERE WE ARE!!

Well...we were supposed to meet up with my sister, a couple of her friends and her new roommate pure Mandy fashion...she forgets her cell phone and can´t find Cordes´s house. They go on to prom and we get there a little later than expected and we then meet up with my good friend Shannon Buck (thank you for finding my peacock feathers my dear), find the little sister and her crew and just HAD A BALL!!

Pam, Mandy, Lindsey, and Myself over @ Zapp!
I don´t really know where to start. First little Puddin´ Pop Kylee Jo came out with us for a little while and enjoyed playing in an old antique carnival ride car!Then my Mom and Pops took her home and we just really enjoyed ourselves.

Oh! I just LOVE her to pieces!!
Kylee Jo in the car...She didn´t want the little boy to ride with her AT ALL! Daddy would be proud :)!

I just wanna say that it seemed like my friend Lindsey met a new person every time we walked two steps. It is my hometown and all, but I doubt she remembers anyone´s name besides Shannon (who also introduced her to someone new every two steps) :). We kept walking back and forth between the JG Tent and Zapp Hall (both places had live music). I did have trouble with my feathers. Lindsey and Shannon did their best to keep them straight for me, but by the end of the night I either gave them to someone or someone stole them.
I was able to meet my blogging friend Robelynn - by random chance!! Check out her blog @ She´s got some really AWESOME stuff!! I´m a little sad that I was not able to meet up with  my other blogging friend Leslie! (You can check out her blog @ We texted all weekend and never could run into each other. She told me she was dudded up in red and black - SO I see a lady dudded up like that. I look around and I don´t see anyone else fitting the description, so I RUN UP TO HER AND GIVE HER A BIG OLE´ HUG! Well...It wasn´t her. Luckily she didn´t mind the hug and I made myself a new friend. Poor lady probably thought I was NUTS...some CRAZY girl runnin´ up huggin´ her with peacock feathers everywhere.

Me, Lindsey, and Shannon! BTW- Budweiser was $1 CHEAPER?!
Carrying on...after the music stopped we visited with some new friends, old friends, and aquanitances about bow hunting, auctioneering, Rockport, and who knows what else. Lindsey gets "scolded" for not throwing her beer away and then we head off to a little shindig afterwards. Boy did it get entertaining from there. We got there thinking we were the oldest folks there. Then realized, that we were all old folks! LOL! I don´t know who this girl was, but she became WAY COOLER after she let me wear her top hat with the PEACOCK feather in it. Really...I very much enjoyed her company and we sat there on the porch singing "Hell on Heels" and "Delta Dawn." I´m sure we sounded like a couple of cats in a sack - but we had fun. Really....if anyone was there and reads this...let me know her name, so I can friend her on FB!

Me, The Top Hat, and Mystery Girl...
Then Shannon, Lindsey, and I trek it on over to Whataburger where Lindsey conks out before we get there! Then....we get home. (Thank you Kyle Cordes for letting us borrow your house.) We get there and I realize I LOST MY CELL PHONE! It´s not in Shannon´s truck or anywhere in the house... It´s not outside. Then I try to backtrack in my state of mind.

I sleep on it and wake up the next morning freaking out! So Shannon and I narrowed it down to either the porch of the shindig or our rest stop between two vehicles (LMAO!). All I have to say is THANK GOODNESS I woke up before 7AM and we went back and looked. You´ll never guess where we found it OR how LUCKY I was.

It was sitting on the step side of someone´s truck at our little "rest stop."

Oh the stories from JG Prom Nights.... The next day Shannon and Lindsey drove me all around town to get papers notarized and turned in for my defensive driving course. I got a ticket going to pick up the best friend to get our hair did for our other friend´s wedding.

At least our hair looked good :)! (Thank you...once again Crystal!)
Then we had lunch and went shopping where I ran into a couple of old classmates!! It really was good to see them. Check out my friend Stormy (and husband´s) Facebook Page - Vaquero Designs!

A pretty stinkin´ old pic from Sr. Trip... I tried to find a pic of us in our FFA jackets (I know I have one), but no luck!
Me and my friend/old classmate Megan. She was at her 1st JG Prom EVER!!
So....another JG JUNK-O-RAMA PROM bites the dust, but I´m BUCKIN´ UP and ready for the next one. Thanks for reading about all my RANDOMNESS!! I just got back from AUCTION SCHOOL and boy did I learn A LOT!! Be ready to throw those hands up! I could be coming to an auction near you :)!


  1. I wanna go to one of these Junk events! Why is there not one near me!?!?!?

  2. I have always wanted to go to one of their events. I met them in Dallas before they were world famous. I bought a T from them that said,"Got Junk". I love this: "...this little ole´ country girl has some mighty big dreams. I´m bound and determined to figure out how I can make a difference in this world and do what I like. Make the money I need to and help as many people as I can along the way - WHILE HAVING A GOOD QUALITY OF LIFE. These gals are proof that it can happen!" I think you can't loose with an attitude like that! Thanks!

    Kasse D.

  3. I'm so glad I got to meet YOU!!!! The next prom I want you to help me with an outfit. LOLOL I don't even know what I was wearing this past time!

    I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOO proud of those Gypsy girls - they deserve each and every blessing that comes their direction! I can't WAIT for their show!!!

    Auction school... I want to come to one of your auctions! You will have to keep me posted!!!

    Kylee is GORGEOUS!!! Think she's going to drive like you? Just book her for defensive driving now... LMBO!!!

    ;-D robelyn

  4. I love these photos, everyone looks so pretty. I'm glad that you had a blast. I love the peacock earrings.