Tuesday, November 1, 2011

KISS This!!

Hey Everyone!!! So guess what! WE WON THE COSTUME CONTEST THIS PAST FRIDAY!! I really am not one to brag, but WE ROCKED IT!!

When I look at the pictures I can´t believe we pulled it off as well as we did. Our entire thought process was we have to TOP the Ninja Turtles. Well....I´m pretty sure we accomplished that, but have NO IDEA what it´s gonna take to make next year a 3peat!

Jammin´ Out!
Here´s the $$ shot w/ 3rd place winner and DD for most of the night THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR!!
I will add that as much as we ROCKED it...I felt it the next morning. We partied like rockstars all right and am pretty sure that I can physically take only one of those nights a year.

As long as these are the only shots we get from police officers - We´ll be in good shape :).
I am NOT the only prize winner of the family! My sweet little Kylee Jo won 3rd at the little Halloween Contest at the Maritime Museum in Rockport. I think there were close to 30 entries in her age group (2-3 years old). All I´m saying is I think that is pretty darn good considering she DID NOT want to wear her hat and the guy dressed up as "Swamp Thing" was freaking her out and she really didn´t want to be ANYWHERE near him!

Kylee in her Cowgirl Duds!!
My nieces and nephews were there and Kylee had fun playing with her cousins. So much fun that I had to climb in the "Jump Castle" and drag her and Little Miss Kinsey out... Talk about a SCREAMIN´ fit!

Here they are jumpin´ away! Kinsey is the little Bumble Bee in mid air to the left.
As soon as we figure out the theme for next year´s Halloween party...you better believe that we´ll be thinkin´ about our costumes. Everyone else better BUCK UP BABY and Bring It!!

I want to say a SPECIAL THANK YOU to Ms. Alice for being able to watch Kylee last minute!! You ROCK!!

More posts to come!


  1. I'm cracking up!!! Ya'll looked FANTASTIC and deserved to win!!!

    What a precious little cowgirl Kylee is!!!

    ;-D robelyn

  2. Amazing pictures. You girls rock!

  3. How much fun are you? That is the best group costume ever!

    Kasse D.