Thursday, December 22, 2011

Livin' Like a Gypsy.... EVERYWHERE!

First off....I want to wish everyone a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!! We all have SO much to be THANKFUL for! This year has been a pretty GREAT one!

My little munchkin turned 2 and has also turned into a BIG-TIME Mommy's Girl. I just LOVE her and that she LOVES me so much!!

I LOVE my little family!!

 I've over-delivered my annual sales goal by 10%. I've gotten my AUCTIONEER'S LICENSE, broke into the BLOGGING world, been a part of 4 sets of my VERY GOOD FRIENDS gettin' hitched, finished my Bachelor's degree, caught the biggest Bull Red I've ever caught, the most bass I have EVER caught at one time, had the opportunity to VOLUNTEER and SERVE with several Non-Profit Groups and Organizations: Rockport/Fulton Mentor Program, TOWN Rockport, The Humane Society, Lions Clubs, VFDs....just to name a few..... I've had the OPPORTUNITY to work at some VERY UNIQUE auctions and with all this.... Met some GREAT NEW FRIENDS and made some GREAT MEMORIES with our long-time friends!!

Pohl Wedding in March!

My BEAUTIFUL best friend (cousin-in-law-ish now :)) where I had the HONOR of being Co-Matron of Honor!

My other BEAUTIFUL friend Brittany! (We are kinda cousin-in-law-ish now too!)
(P.S. I haven't gotten any pics from the last wedding yet, but I was just as HAPPY to be a part of it!)
100 White Bass! We all caught our limit! Had so much fun with Dayna, Dean, & David! (Cousin & Uncle-in-law).

My 1st Bull Red! Thanks Joey!
Along with this....I've kinda been LIVIN' LIKE A GYPSY....on the road!

We've been on the road all over the state it seems like ALL THE TIME! I'm not complainin'. I'M JUST SAYIN' that if you've EVER been to my house this year I hope you UNDERSTAND my Dis-organization. I was on the phone with a friend/client yesterday afternoon and he told me "You don't over-analyze. You just ORGANIZE your thoughts." I told him that I'm glad I can at least organize those because my office is a FIRE HAZARD, our pool table has turned into a LAUNDRY BASKET, & my car looks like I LIVE in it!

What can anyone expect when WE LIVE LIKE GYPSIES.... out of a suitcase...

We' ve spent A LOT of time back home which includes places like: Carmine, Round-Top, Walhalla, Warrenton, Fayetteville, LaGrange, Giddings, Burton. I've been to Bachelorette Parties in Austin, Port Aransas, San Antonio, and San Marcos. Then I spent a little over a week in Waco, some time in Houston. Kyle's been goin' to Sweeny Switch quite a bit (I went once) plus...he's been to South Texas on a bow hunt. I'm constantly on the road with work to places like Corpus Christi, Rockport, Portland, Sinton, Port Aransas, Odem, Ingleside, Taft, Gregory, Aransas Pass, Victoria, and Kingsville. Not to mention our "pretty much annual" FRIO trip to Concan! Robert Earl Keen said it best when he said "The road goes on FOREVER and the PARTY never ends." I'm just glad I've got myself a hardy TOYOTA!

Me and the bride at her Bachelorette Party in Austin!

Me & Kaysie Night #1 in Port A.

The entire group night #2 in Port A!

Night #1 of Brit's Bachelorette Weekend...havin'  a time at High Hill store.

Night on the town at the Riverwalk in San Antonio!

FRIO! We're a bunch!

I give FLIP CUP lessons! Lindsey's a CHAMP now :).

I'm tired just looking at this picture. Simpson & I "wrecked shop" until the wee morning hours.

H2K BABY!! (Heather, Kathryn, Kaysie)

The remaining FRIO survivors ;).

This stuff actually happens people! I roped Steph with the cooler rope that was tied to the tube!
I kind of beat myself up about my un-organized house and I spent a little time REFLECTING on WHY I can't get it together. It all makes sense now ;). What I am the most sad about is I didn't put up my Christmas tree this year. I know....GASP! Here's what it normally looks like and I've always been pretty proud of it.

Just as soon as I slowed down enough and thought about putting it up....Kyle brought to my attention that we would be hittin' the road again in a few short days......

No worries :). It may not be as FLASHY as I like, BUT KYLEE has to have a CHRISTMAS TREE!!

Tree with JUST Kylee's presents.

I dig my fish!

Kylee's 1st Ornament...

Last year's ornament. Slacker Mom still hasn't let her pick one out for this year...

Gotta have my peacock feathers!

Our little tree with EVERYONE's presents for all 4 Christmas gatherings we're going to in the next few days!

This year's wrapping paper...picked out by Kylee :)!

We can't forget about Patrick...

Or...Micky Mouse! If you guys see her, you should ask Kylee to say "Micky Mouse." It's pretty cute!
Folks....2012 looks like it could be full of EXCITEMENT and CHANGES just like 2011. You all better BUCK UP BABY if you want to go along for the ride! GO BIG OR GO HOME....or maybe do both! Who knows?! ;)


  1. Where's you get the peacock butterfly? Very pretty & I love butterflies!

  2. Thanks ladies! Misty - I'm not real sure where I got it, BUT I can narrow it down: Hobby Lobby, Wal-Mart (I don't think I got it here) or Kirklands. I picked it up last year.

  3. Awesome blog miss... Hope to see y'all over the holidays