Thursday, December 15, 2011

Special December JUNK PROM!!!

Hey Everyone!! I had to write a blog about the FUN, FUN Special December JUNK PROM the Junk Gypsies held for their TV Series coming out (on HGTV!) in March! We had a BLAST! They held it at a little dance hall at Marburger Farms in Round Top (my little hometown)!!

Here we are all dudded up!!
Gotta show of them boots!!
Last year when we won the Halloween contest we went and took our winnings and put it to good use dancing in Corpus. Well...when we found out that the Junk Gypsy Girls were throwing ANOTHER Junk Prom we were ALL ABOUT it!! So all the KISS girls plus my little sister, Kacie´s BF and my friend from high school - Jonathan, and Kacie´s brother (AKA The Ultimate Warrior) came along :).

I had to add the KISS picture again b/c we pretty much ROCKED it!!
You can tell by the pictures we had a GREAT time! I´ve said it once and I´ll say it again..... I´m PROUD of those GYPSY Girls! I met some pretty cool people and had a GREAT time with ALL my friends!!

The letters were pretty much AWESOME!!!
Here we are on the PINK carpet!! Lucky Ms. Shannon won a door prize!!
There were some really cool characters, DELICIOUS food from ROYER´S ROUND TOP CAFE, YUMMY JG Sangria and AWESOME entertainment AND.... The BEST Port-a-Potties I think I´ve ever been in! Way to be HGTV!!

DEB was there!! I used to work with/for her at her sister´s store LA FINCA in Round Top! You may also recognize her from the Junk Gypsies Pilot Episode! She´s the gal that painted the stripes on the wall!!
Besides all this fun...I´m making some headway with my AUCTIONING also....actually A LOT faster than I expected. I just helped out at a VERY professional auction (I had to go out and buy a navy blazer and khaki skirt) AND...they want me to start helping them out more often. They don´t have an auction every month or anything, but I´m glad for the exposure. PLUS... I still have the RTC Education Foundation Auction coming up at the end of January and an auction benefiting the Humane Society mid-February. If that isn´t enough....(on top of having my REAL job) I´ll also be helping out at ELCO Auctions in Odem, TX! This auction is pretty stinkin´ cool! I went and helped out Saturday morning before Junk Prom and they auctioned off a nice Classic car, golf carts, trailers, scooters, Rolex watches and SO much more!!

Stay tuned for more on my CrAzY life :)!! I just have to keep tellin´ myself... BUCK UP BABY!!!


  1. How fun. I am super jealous that there are Junk Proms or the likes in my area!

  2. Oh fun! Ya'll look super cute! One day I will make it!

  3. Looks like you gals had fun! I'm so jealous...maybe next time I can go!