Friday, December 30, 2011

My Top 10 Blogs of 2011

Hey Everyone! So....I was reading Crystal Cattle's blog and got the idea to do my own Top 10 Blogs of 2011! Thank you Crystal Cattle for having such an AWESOME blog!! I love it! She talks about anything from Agriculture, Fashion, Photography...check it out!

Breaking into the blogging world has been so much fun! It's hard to believe that people from 20+ countries across the WORLD have read MY BLOG! I have been introduced to A LOT of new VERY INTERESTING people through this and have LOTS of ideas of how to tweak my blog, maybe start another, and become more diverse in the social media area. Find me on Twitter: hdskaspar

There is one blog post I wrote that DID NOT make the Top 10, but it is one of my favorites! It's called: Dirty Old Salebarns. Check it out when you have time.

These are my Top 10 Blogs of 2011:

There are A LOT of changes on the horizon for me. I'm VERY much looking forward to 2012. I DO have SEVERAL New Year's Resolutions & I'm sure they'll come up in my blogs!

Here they are:
1) Eating Healthier
2) Starting an ACTIVE workout routine
3) Keeping my car cleaner
4) Keeping my house cleaner

 Thank you all for reading my blog! Remember...whatever you do BUCK UP BABY! If you're gonna do something do it right and ENJOY every minute of it! Have a safe New Years!

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  1. I love the Gypsy Junk Prom post, the photos from that one were all fabulous. Wishing you a wonderful new year, Heather & I'm glad to see you on Twitter as well!