Friday, April 13, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Junk Proms

I KNOW I've talked about the FANTABULOUS Junk Proms in several of my blogs & how WONDERFUL they are & how THANKFUL I am that the Rockin' & Rollin' Junksters @ The Junk Gypsy Company know how to THROW a PaRtY!!! I've seen it grow every show & have seen some of the WiLdEst Get-UPS, feathery hats, SPARKLY enembles, and CrAzY WiLd Women....havein' a ball!

Kacie & I found these dresses at a Jr. League Rummage Sale in Corpus  Christi.  We cut off the  metallic belts it came with, added our own....& a little FRINGE!
We called ourselves the Sequin Squad :). (Me, Sister Mandy, Cousin Staci,  Kacie Leah w/ Rowdy Maui & Long-time friend & photographer Shannon Buck!)
There are a couple of reasons I am SO thankful for this:

1) It gives me & my friends a chance to dress up as sparkly, CrAzY, & feathery as we want to - with hair as BIG as our teasing combs will make it & just go out and have a BALL. There are groups of people (not just the ladies) that come from ALL over EVERY show - to partake in the festivities! If you've never need to BUCK UP BABY! Turn yourself loose, put 'yer boots on, find you a prom dress or a tutu & head on over to Warrenton!! You'll be glad you did.
Both tutus in the center are home-made! Just add feathers, chunky jewelry, flowers, hats, boots,  blingy belts...whatever you want & you've got your outfit!
LOVE my friends: Dayna, Kaysie, Aubrey, & Me!
2) The growth of the prom should be a HUGE inspiration for ANYBODY that has a Dream.... I've said it and I'll say it again (maybe a little different this time) If the SauCY SIKES family can figure out a way to make a livin' - MOvin' to & LIVIN' in little ole' Round Top, TEXAS - with a population of 84 people - than that should be enough PROOF for anybody that you CAN do what YOU wanna do, WHERE you wanna do it!! Most people HAVE to move to metroplexes for work & the Junk Gypsies get to live in a little piece of HEAVEN that I call home.
Alli, Kacie, & Myself!
I'm not sayin' it happens overnight.... Remember... IT'S ALL ABOUT THE JOURNEY! I feel BLESSED to be able to partake in the RoWdY, FUN-filled Shenanigans of Junk Prom & witness the growth of something that started out as a big ole dream of a couple of really cool cats!
We look like EASTER! (My new friend Lindsey, Shannon, & Myself)
The pics in this blog post are from this past Spring Junk Prom the Thursday before Easter. If you are hopin' to make the next one and need some help figurin' out what kinda duds to where check out some of my other blogs:
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Me & my LONG time friend Crystal in the JG tent!
We were able to get the "men-folk" to come along this time! You can see I couldn't get the Hubby to dress up, but he had a GREAT time!
This pic's a little dark, but here I am with MORE friends & our blinking red HGTV Junk Gypsy Necklaces!
(Lindsey, April, Ali, Myself, Kaysie, & Dayna)
I feel like I've been slackin' a bit in the blogging world, BUT there are LOTS of exciting things that I'll be sharing with you over the next few months, so BUCK UP BABY & get ready for the ride! Until next time...

-Heather Kaspar
Auctioneer TDLR LIC#17037


  1. Fun post! And I love your ladies outfits! Looked like a rockin' time!

  2. Hey! How the heck-fire did I miss you and Ms. Kacie?! DANG!!! LOVE LOVE your dresses and I'm sitting here yelling, "how did I miss ya'll"?!!!

    This prom was like no other... LOL


  3. I'm loving the photos, glad you had a great prom!