Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween...80´s Style!!!

Hey! Hey! It´s that time of year again.... Tomorrow is the annual TOWN (Texas Outdoor Women Network - Rockport) Halloween Party - 80´s REWIND!!!
If any of you are in the area (or reasonable driving distance) YOU SHOULD BE THERE!! There is a $5 cover and proceeds go to our annual SCHOLARSHIP FUND!!

Last year 3 of my girlfriends and I dressed up as the NINJA TURTLES!! So I was fairly new to the TOWN group and (apparently) didn´t pay attention at the meetings and didn´t realize there was a prize for the best costume....

My friend Kacie (over at Pistols and Cupcakes or Rowdy Maui) and I had already went into full brainstorming and recruitment mode. We went back and forth between several different groups and settled on the Ninja Turtles. I have a friend Shannon (go check her work out at from back close to home looking for something to do. Let´s just say she called me at the PERFECT time! So we had our 3rd turtle.

Then...I had recently met a new friend (a little FIRECRACKER of a chick that likes to hunt and stab ferral hogs for fun - it´s a real epidemic folks.) Check out her and her husband´s website here. Her name is Krystal. My Mother and Sister-in-law watched the little ones and off we went. Krystal and I acutally got our husbands to dress up with us as Splinter (the Rat) and Shredder (the bad guy). Let´s just say....they will probably NEVER dress up with us again (hence the reason you will not see a picture of them :)).

You Know you´re diggin´ our turkey pans!
Little Miss Kacie also met her LOVER BOY there - which happens to be one of our friends from back home. Still together....tomorrow night makes one year since the day they met. :))

Here they are the night we went out dancin´ to CELEBRATE our WIN!!
So we have our turtles and Kacie and I have TONS of fun shopping for the needed supplies. I am SO glad my dear friend Kacie and her AWESOME Momma know how to sew! They did their thing, we got to the party right on time, and MAN were people looking at us. A little intimidating....

Do I look intimidated ;)? make this long story short. We wound up winning. Now, by this time we had heard through the grapevine that there was a prize, but we thought maybe a gift certificate to Poor Man´s Country Club (the place where the party is held - click HERE for website). Little did we know we just won ourselves $200 cash AND a SASH :).

Shannon, Kacie, Me, and Krystal with our $$$$!
Well...everyone had SO much fun last year that they decided to do an 80´s Party REWIND this year.

SO................we have to TOP last years. We think we´ve done it. We lost one turtle....Mrs. Krystal :(. She had to go out of town for work BUT we have a new recruit and she´s a crafty little thing herself. She´s my JUNK-O-RAMA Prom goin´ friend Ms. Lindsey!

Me and Lindsey at the Party Last Year!
Stay tuned for PICS to see what we came up with!! It´s time to BUCK UP BABY!! We´ve gotta step it up to get the win. We´ll see if we pull it off. Until next time.....TURTLE POWER!!

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  1. Can't wait to see the photos. Your costumes last year were awesome!