Monday, April 14, 2014

A Story about Beau "Diddle" Green

Our next UPCOMING Auction is on FRIDAY, April 25th in Giddings, TEXAS. See the flyer below. It is a MEMORIAL scholarship FUNDraiser in HONOR of the memory of the late BEAU DIDDLE GREEN. The $$ raised from the entire event (Dance, LIVE & silent Auctions, & Golf Tourney) go to deserving students of the GIDDINGS & LEXINGTON School Districts.

I didn't have the pleasure of knowing Beau, before he passed  & was asked to talk to Beau's cousin Jacob - to learn a little more about him. I have to say that I was touched by Jacob's MEMORIES & LOVE for Beau.

Beau was 6 years older than Jacob. Beau lived with Jacob & his family for a while & the two of them became roomates. Here are some of the things Jacob had to say about Beau:

-He became like a BROTHER to me.
-He was the 1st person I ever called a BEST FRIEND.
-He MADE YOU FEEL secure.
-He was like a WATCHDOG or PROTECTOR.
-He was FULL of life....ALWAYS positive.
-He was a GREAT LISTENER & sound board.
-He was the LIFE OF THE PARTY!
-He would ENCOURAGE anybody to do ANYTHING they wanted to do.

When Beau was 23 years-old, he took his own life. Let me tell you somethin'. LIFE can get mighty hairy....especially when you don't have much money, & stability, & the demons start creepin' up. God put all of us HERE ON EARTH to HELP EACH OTHER. We all know that in our low times can't help us...our friends can't help us...sometimes GOD is the only person that can help us....just BE AWARE. Sometimes people like Beau WILL NOT (UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE) let the people they are protective of KNOW that they are hurting. People who LOVE that much, can also CRASH that hard.

As sad & heart-wrenching as his death was, Beau's family ORGANIZED a MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP EVENT to carry out the kind of things Beau was already doing, in his short time here. Through this scholarship fund students are encouraged to become anything they want to become. They are given an OPPORTUNITY & Beau's family has figured out how to keep his LEGACY ALIVE in this event. There will be dancin'. There will be EXCITEMENT! There will be golfin'. EVERYTHING that comes from it will be POSITIVE & going to help students that really NEED it.

Beau wasn't only a BIG GOLFER & BIG DANCER, but he had a GREAT BIG HEART.  Come out and support this event. You're not only gonna have a heck of a time, but there are some SUPER cool items to bid on & all the $$ you spend is going right back in the community to help one of your own.

BUCK UP BABY! Shine your light on others...even if it's just a glimmer. You can contact Paula Otto at 570.778.1727 OR Melissa Lira at 979.716.0622 if you have an auction item to donate, want details so you know when to come bid, or have questions about the golf tournament. Check our website. We keep updating it with auction items:

Heather Kaspar
TXL 17037

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