Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What's a Cowgirl Do?: Keep Calm & Ride On

We have an auction coming up this SATURDAY @ Chicken Ranch Dancehall in NECHANITZ for the BEAUTIFUL Paige "Bird" Norsworthy. I don't personally KNOW Paige, but I do know what its like to be a COWGIRL. I know how SCarY the UNKNOWN of the medical world is. I've got a DADDY that had to FIGHT one medical issue to come back to us & then FIGHT to stay with us. My family & I had to RALLY ALL of EVERYTHING we had & what others would GIVE to raise $$ to GET him what he NEEDed that we couldn't provide on our own. I've worked in hospitals where I have seen first-hand...the StrUGGle people face when they have to make a decision... A DECISION to become a victim or to FIGHT thru the stRugGLE & GROW from it.

We will all face that decision & some of us MULTIPLE times & let me tell you... It is NOT AN EASY DECISION. It is comprised of multiple battles within the decision. There are PLENTY of things that can get you down & there are plenty of things that COULD keep you there. There are times when no family member, no nurse, & no BEST friend can give you what you need & YOU have to reACH deep within yourself to KEEP yourself....to not hand yourself over...

Growing up I didn't have many "cowgirls" around me in school, but we went to cuttings damn near EVERY weekend. Me & my sister weren't AFRAID to climb on ANYTHING. It was natural. We wanted to be able to do MORE than just ride. We wanted to LEARN how to make a horse move, how to read a cow, how to change leads, how to start a young horse on cattle... WHEN a horse started buckin' we WANTED to RIDE it thru... teach it to side pass... spin & cross over the right way... do things RIGHT. We'd get picked on every so often about "cowgirl" things & the way we went about things & as the years pass on, I have LEARNED a few THINGS...from ALL of my experiences (horseback & not). DON'T GET ME WRONG. We are ALL SpecIAL....but cowgirls have this...something in their character....this personal, private GRIT....this GRIT surrounded by love & light & ENERGY....this...."You got me down now sucker, BUT just wait until I GET UP" kind of attitude. In the things that REALLY MATTER to us...Nothing is ever really ENOUGH. PAIGE is a full-fledged "cowgirl." If she's anything like me...she could care less for the label, but nonetheless...the fight that girl has is undeniable. Once you ARE one...you can't lose it....even if you don't ride for YEARS... The skills & horseback ability may fade a little, but the GRIT will FOREVER & EVER be there. 

I was looking through my Facebook feed last night & I saw this picture of Paige at her Semi-formal. She was rockin' that helmet! It takes COURAGE (no matter how much people like you, love you, & SUPPORT you) to step out & BE SEEN....when not very many people have SEEN you in that light... & When seein' yourself in that light is DifFereNt.

I get anxious before my auctions because I KNOW not only what the individuals go thru, BUT what family & friends are going thru...all the emotions. All the LOVE. All the WANT. All the everything & I want to make EVERY SINGLE AUCTION the VERY BEST it can possibly be. The WHOLE event really... What made me DECIDE to walk the BENEFIT & fundRAISING auction journey with my business is how networks of people come together....businesses, friends, families, high-school students, co-workers, past employees, friends of friends....come together...& LIFT EACH OTHER UP. Accidents, illnesses, tragedies....they don't discriminate. We ALL can get knocked down....get the wind knocked out of us....get blind-sided. We ALL get depressed, get discouraged, get lost & WE ALL need each other to LIFT US UP. That's why GOD put us here. To NEED him & NEED each other to learn, to grow, to live, to appreciate, & to support. I am HONORED to be able to provide a team to give ALL we've got to RAISE as much $$ as we can. I am also HONORED to help another COWGIRL & ENCOURAGE her to ALWAYS shine her light. That's why GOD GAVE IT TO US!!

BUCK UP BABY!! COME ON OUT!! THROW THOSE HANDS UP!! You can't take that $$ with you & there is always more to be made!! The flyer is below with details. You can drop off auction items at the Chicken Ranch Dance Hall FRIDAY from 12-3 Or Saturday starting at 1PM until before the auction. 

Heather Kaspar

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  1. I'm solooking forward to tbis benefit. The Norsworthy family has had many hard things to deal with and come out strong everytime. Paige is an inspiration to me and so many others. And I might not ride horses but if I did I'd be proud to ride with her. #teampaige