Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Our Antique Fair Adventure: Day 2 of the Wandering Auctioneer

I LOVE my job. So after spending lots of time yesterday & early this AM talking to land owners & show organizers....we changed our plan again. The BEAUTY of this is: every time we change it, it gets better, it means more, we REALLY get to meet people & appreciate them, their cause, their ideas. GOD IS GOOD...folks.

We started this thing KNOWING that some people were going to think we were CraZy; that some people just wouldn't like it one bit; & some people might not get it. In fact... these very things made me try to find a way out of it at least 3 times since the idea came about.

I die daily. Die in my courage & I have to muster it back up. Die in my ambition & have to re-motivate myself. Die in my FAITH regarding this IDEA that God won't let me let go of  & have to TRUST that he's not letting me let go of it for a reason. BUT PRAISE JESUS he gives me the STRENGTH to get it all back.

We developed our idea & as we were REALLY goin' back & forth about what to do (amongst Christie wrestlin' with her little one about snowcones & popcorn & me tryin' to help my hard-of-hearin' Daddy understand my 4-year old over the phone....God sent us a few angels. I walked back to the picnic tables on Granny McCormick's Field & told Christie that I'm gonna have to buy my Daddy another box of bullets & a steak dinner for the temper tantrum my sweet, precious little girl was throwin'- we made friends.

I guess they overheard us talkin' about our pretty final plan & Hector the Collector & Ye-Yea's (over at Tin Star Field) go check them out!!) wanted to be a part of it. I know it may not seem like much, but it gives me a little shot of reassurance that I'm not wastin' my time & spinnin' my wheels.

Then...this sweet precious lady...a disciple of Christ really...just touched me & Christie. There was A LOT of things we talked about from the medical industry, doctors, & OBAMAcare to "not shinin' our light on more light, but shinin' in the dark places." She told me to keep on with what I'm doin', that it was good, & that she would be prayin' for me.

Needless to say what we are doing is good & we have ALREADY met SO MANY wonderful people! & BELIEVE ME...there is much more to come. We KNOW we will be holding 2 different auctions on Saturday. THIS Saturday. The first will start at either 11AM @ the FAMOUS ZAPP Hall! It's a WANDERING AUCTION & stay tuned for MORE details.

The other will be Saturday evening at Chelsea's Meadow in Round Top, Texas! It will be at 5:30PM. There will be delicious food & they already have some really cool items. There's no buyer's premium at either one. Come on out and support both of these gals fightin' like heck to KICK CANCER'S BUTT!!!

BUCK UP BABY!! Come out to these auctions & keep checking back for more details!

Heather Kaspar

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