Friday, April 4, 2014

Antique Fair Adventure: Day 4 of the Wandering Auctioneer

Guys we are TOTALLY gearing up for the 2 auction we have on Saturday. In fact SO much so, that this will be a PICTURE HEAVY POST.

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Here is the flyer for the first auction of the day. We are going to START at the small tent set up between Zapp Hall & the Larger Vendor Tent. After we finish up there we will wander :)

Bobby & I walked all around Zapp yesterday with my wagon & his staple gun - to be sure all the vendors knew what the plan is for Saturday!!

Then we would LOVE to have EVERYONE follow us to Chelsea's Meadow for the auction below. It starts at 5:30. Be sure to check out our Auction Zip LISTING: HERE!!!

Here is just one of the cool items donated to the auction. Other items include: a cowhide, collectibles, 3 VERY FabUlOUS tables, crosses, antique appliances & much MORE!!

JUNK PROM was a blast as always!!!

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