Friday, April 4, 2014

Antique Fair Adventure: Day 5 of the Wandering Auctioneer

It is just AMAZING the difference of how I felt this morning & the difference in how I feel right now. We have had such an AMAZING response & LOTS of interest about the "Wandering Auction" that will kick off at 11AM Saturday morning.

I think it is JUST SO amazing how I brought one of the show organizers (Mr. Bobby Boyd w/Bobby Boyd Designs) - the shell of an idea I had, & he helped DO the work, talked to other vendors & REALLY helped me organize & pull off this Zapp Hall Wandering Auction Benefit. The last couple of days I have been wandering around Zapp - planning out the logistics of this thing & meeting some of the most FabuUlouS vendors. I mean...It is no wonder Zapp has the reputation it does. Those vendors have A LOT of LOVE for each other, their customers, their friends & are so...WITH IT.

Me & my crew are going to work our tails off tomorrow for them & I sure hope you all come out and BID on something. KNOW that this BENEFIT is supported by a group of people that LOVE Shawna Robinson (Fellow Zapp Hall vendor that could not make it to the show, due to chemo treatments to help rid her body of breast cancer) & although my crew & I don't KNOW her - we are willing to use our time & effort to show whoever will watch....what the power of personal connections can do & the power of  flat LOVING another human for being human & what a LIVE auction can do.

I started this company to do a lot of things, but the #1 thing is to help PEOPLE...not just my friends, not just my family, but EVERYONE & as many as I can. I have consignment auctions & I've been hired as a contract auctioneer, but MY PASSION is fund-RAISING auctions & NOT JUST showing up & selling. HELPING organize an entire event & all it's components to make it the MOST $$$ it possibly can.

Today I was a little OVERWHELMED b/c I thought.... I think I need more HANDS...just to HELP, but I also knew that we are in the middle of the busiest, highest $$$ makin', people workin' 2 or 3 jobs b/c they can kind of time of year & didn't know if I could find them. But really ya' goes back to connections. THE LORD HAS BLESSED ME. We've got more HELP now than I have t-shirts...

Then after we FINISH @ Zapp. We are headin' on over to Chelsea's Meadow in ROUND TOP, TX. No wandering at this one. We are gonna set up & sell another set of DONATED items for yet another breast cancer WARRIOR - Stephanie Few, who was diagnosed with STAGE 3 breast cancer at 7 months pregnant. They took the baby early (Praise Jesus sweet Baby Faith is healthy) & then performed a mastectomy. Shortly after she was diagnosed, her husband was laid off. The Chelsea's Meadow owners are life-long friends & TRULY by God's GRACE....& more connections we met while eating at Los Patrones in Round Top  & went from TOTALLY not knowing each other to making life-long friends & raising $$$$ to help their friend. My FAMILY will be there including my SWEET, PRECIOUS BABIES & I will get to do what I LOVE to & help out a whole other set of people. THERE are LOTS of cool items: barely ridden women's Hereford saddle, 3 wonderful Zinc-topped tables, a WHIRLEY Bird, Cowhide rug & SO MUCH MORE. We've had LOTS of phone calls, Facebook Messages, texts, & inquiries about the Chelsea's Meadow. Come out. Sit down. Unwind from this FaBUlous, but tiring show, eat some pulled-pork or chopped brisket sandwiches & get you some kettle corn & SWEET TEA...& COME OUT AND BID! can't take that MONEY with ya when you go. You might as well help someone out, if you can!

This is a group of vendors that really are rallyin' To HELP another & I am so BLESSED to have had the chance to meet them.

My HEARTBREAKER T-ball Player before her 1st game today...

& her #1 FAN!

BUCK UP BABY!! This has been a WilD & CRazY ride. Hang on & RIDE WITH JESUS!!

Heather Schoenst Kaspar
Buck Up Auctions
TXL 17037

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