Thursday, October 20, 2011

Auction School Day 6: The State has More Codes Than Morse! - Mr. Moon

Well let´s just say we talked about codes, codes, laws, rules, codes and more laws today. Did you know that "you can be an auctioneer and a coyote trapper-all at the same time?" Yes the state has someone that is in charge of catching coyotes. You also have to have a special permit to sell chickens (amongst other things), CAN NOT POSSESS AN EAGLE FEATHER UNLESS YOU ARE A CARD CARRYING NATIVE AMERICAN INDIAN - and then you still can´t sell it, you can´t sell a stuffed turkey mount, selling mobile and manufactured homes have SO many guidelines (when it comes to an auction) that it makes my head hurt thinkin´ about it, and that there are a TON of rules regarding the selling of firearms, livestock, wild and exotic animals, birds, boats, military memorabilia, real estate, alcohol, food, and pretty much anything you can think of.... We learned about all of that AND MORE today.

Bubba gets a little short of breath sometimes and Mr. Moon thought if he held his diaphragm it would help. The sight is pretty humorous. I´m not sure why he thinks it helps...maybe he just felt like huggin´ somebody.
We also did MORE bid calling. Today the people that don´t have a chant started using filler words. For some it helped them get into more of a rhythm and for some it was hard because it was like re-training your brain to think a certain way. They also started actually catching bids. It truly is AMAZING to see the progress of everyone. It just takes lots and lots of practice.

The first video is of a pretty sharp fella named Kevin. He´s going to be in the Canton area. He´s a really nice guy and has a lot of knowledge. I look forward to maybe gettin´ a chance to work with him in the future.

The next video is Krueger. He has a really unique style. It´s almost like he´s rapping. From Day 1 he really put his personality into it and made it fun. Super nice, down to Earth guy (with a pretty AWESOME Momma)! I think his bidders are really going to enjoy listening to him...once he gets his chant down pat.

I remember when Uncle Mele told me I was going to help him at that auction in Plum. I practiced when I drove, when I was at the computer by myself, when I was around family (so I could get their input), recorded my chant into my phone, so I could play it back and hear myself...EVERY CHANCE I GOT. I still want to BE ABLE to chant a little faster than what I do now. That doesn´t mean that I´m going to always go that fast. I just want to be able to sell EVERYTHING and you have to be a little faster for some auctions than others. The only way I´ll get there is practice.

I do have more videos of bid calling today. We also had picture day today and Mr. Moon´s granddaughter Misty came in and got some shots of us.
The sun was in our eyes pretty bad, but here we are.

Here we´re just goofin´ off a little bit.
Well folks...I´m missin´ my baby and my husband. Samantha´s hubby and sweet little baby June came here yesterday for the rest of the week. That little girl is a DOLL! She´s 8 months. It´s kinda got me thinking about baby #2...

When I wrote my blogs last night, I had left my notebook in the car that has all of Mr. Moon´s quotes in it that I jot down during class. Here´s a few. If you hear me say know where they came from.

"I´d rather be lucky than good. "
"We scattered that stuff out like a wild woman´s wash."
Someone asked him if his dog bit and he said: "I don´t know, but he´s got teeth."
"The only guarantee I´ll give you is if you drop it and break it - you´ll have 2 pieces."
"Bull Feathers!"
"The height of stupidity!"
"´ll wear out a Mercedes-Benz lookin´ for one of these." - Quote from his good auctioneer friend from Abilene that passed.
and maybe my favorite....
"I have no peers. I´m an auctioneer!"

Well..I¨ve learned a lot and have met a bunch of really AWESOME people. I may be tired and missin´ by family, but "I have no FEARS. I´m an auctioneer!" BUCK UP BABY and say a prayer for that sweet little baby of mine that is FINALLY missing me a little bit tonight.


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