Saturday, October 15, 2011

Auction School Day 1: Just the Beginning

Well guys...I´m finished with Day 1 of Auction School. I have to say it has been a FULL day. I have met about 20 really cool people (including students, teachers, staff, etc.) The class ranges from people age 22 to 60ish. The students are interested in anything from Antiques, to car auctions, opening up an auction house, helping run an auction house, jewelry and gold buyers...people from all kinds of walks of life and all different ages.

We were able to meet with a Judge\Auctioneer\Lawyer\Doctor Fella. He got his license about a year ago, from the same school and taught us a little bit about the auction industry - dating back to before Christ. I really think I learned more from him about political science than I did with 4 years of college (my minor is Political Science). He went through the evolution of the auction industry and touched on contracts and laws and so on and so forth.

Today we learned A LOT about laws, complaints that people can file against an auction company, how to protect ourselves in that sense, penalties and fines... It was A LOT of info.

You know how it gets. About 2:30ish or so...we were all getting a little drowsy. You can imagine what kinda characters you might find in a room full of auctioneers. Well...I was at a Bachelorette Party a few months back and we decided to keep track of quotes that we said OR someone else said that we thought were random and funny. I AM NOT SHARING THE BACHELORETTE PARTY QUOTES WITH YOU. They might shut my site down, but I did jot a few down from the end of class :).

Mr. Moon...That´s our teacher. I REALLY like him. He knows what he´s talkin´ about, keeps up with all the changes, and has helped LOTS of auctioneers get started. He´s about as plain spoken as you´re gonna find. He´s gonna tell you what he thinks and my kind of people.

Well...he said that his wife always said "You´re the only man I know that can buy high, sell cheap, and stay in business." He´s also the kinda fella that says "winder," "Darlin´," "over ´are," "down ´ner," "wonderin´," and talks about fellas walkin´ in in their cut off overalls :). Somebody told him he made a good point and he said "Sure its a good point. You think I´d give you a bad one?" LOL! I´m tellin´ you. It was so AWESOME!!

I will also tell you a few other things I found interesting and maybe a little bewildering. When we get to our hotel...we´ve got a little paper strap around our toilet seat that said "Sanitized for your protection." Well...that´s nice. I´m VERY glad. I don´t recall ever seeing that BUT okay I´ll roll with it. Over half the class is staying HOPEFULLY I´m not in too much of a dive. Also...the bathroom at the school has a sign posted..."Please flush the toilet." APPARENTLY Waco has some potty problems. I would think you wouldn´t have to say\ask those things.

We were also able to go to an auction here close to Waco - that one of the Associate Auctioneer´s in the class (Jeff) helps out at. I wound up buying two toy boxes (one for outside and one for inside) for $10 each...both in really good shape and....some Pull Ups...unopened packages of pull ups for less than half of what it would´ve cost me at the store. Not bad... This Jeff guy said somethin´ pretty funny also. He´s got a strong accent. Actually...a lot of people do in class. It´s like a smorgasbord of Texas accents :). Ányways...I don´t remember what he was talkin´ about, but he said..."I´ll bet you dollars to donuts...:)." Don´t be surprised if you hear me say that.

I´m really havin´ a good time and honestly...I´M WHOOPED!! But...once mind is on OVERLOAD and I thought I´d share. Well sure to BUCK UP and don´t forget to FLUSH THE TOILET!!!

(Sorry no pics. I´ll work on it for tomorrow.)

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  1. Glad to hear you're enjoying it! That makes learnin a whoooole lot easier if you're having fun :)
    The hotels signs are a little odd....we once stayed at one that had a sign on the door with emergency numbers and at the bottom it said "Thanks for staying with us, good luck!"
    Yeaaaa....didn't get much sleep that night.