Monday, October 24, 2011

Auction School Day 7: Quizzes and MORE Bid Calling

I´m super sorry for the delay in posting. My computer froze up at the hotel, then I met up with a friend that lives in Waco, and by the time I got back I needed to study for the final test Mr. Moon gave us. I started this blog, so I´m just going to leave it the way I typed it that day.

Hey! Hey! Everyone!! This Auction Class is coming to an end pretty fast here - which is a little overwhelming when you think about it. Now....I´ve learned all that any person can teach me about the laws, rules, regulations, codes, complaints, convictions, etc. It´s up to me to (first pass Mr. Moon´s test tomorrow) and the state exam - within the next week or so..... Then....once I pass that (I´m gonna study real hard and cross my fingers) I need to figure out how I´m gonna make all of this apply. You better believe it folks....IT´S TIME TO BUCK UP BABY!!!

We took a boo koo of quizzes and did more bid-calling. I posted a video of the last little bit of bid calling I did. I posted a couple of videos of some other classmates also. I´m the first and last video, my friend Samantha is the 2nd, Kevin from the Houston area is #3, Mr. Moon is after him, next is Randy (Antique fella from Missouri City).

Samantha and I were talking this morning, on the way to class, about just the way things happen in life. We would never know each other if it wasn´t for this. I don´t know if you guys have ever experienced anything like this, but when I got to class there were SEVERAL people that I felt like I knew from somewhere or we crossed paths´s strange. I´m being serious about it. It was like you have this INSTANT connection with people and you don´t know´m from Adam. I´m thinkin´ A LOT of it has to do with the simple fact that we are all trying to be part of the Auction industry somehow, but (PERSONALLY) I think it´s a "God Thing" like Mike would call it. We are all placed in each other´s lives for a reason. Some of these folks are really going to help me along the way...whatever I decide to do - whether it be sharing their knowledge of antiques, the auction business, hiring me to call bids every so often, helping me run an auction, or just being a phone call away when I have a question about something. I do feel VERY blessed to have taken this class.

I also had the chance to meet up with my good friend Joe Wade (originally from Giddings). We used to run around dance halls together and have just stayed good friends over the years. Talk about some OLD memories. It took us a little while to figure out how we even met each other - originally. We reminisced about old times (over a couple of  "Big Os" (Margarita glass full of beer (it´s a Waco thing))) and got caught up on the goins on of us and our families.

Hangin´ Out @ George´s.

Well folks....another post is coming soon!! Thanks for stickin´ with me!

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