Monday, October 24, 2011

Auction School Day 8: Sayin´ Our Goodbyes...

I just wanna say out the gate - that I got a 93 on the final test for Mr. Moon!! That doesn´t make me licensed. I still have to fill out all the forms and schedule a test with the state, but it makes me feel a little better :).
Me accepting my certificate on the ACTUAL last day of class.
Me "pretend" accepting for a pretty picture :).
Day 8 was a pretty bittersweet day. BELIEVE ME! I was MORE than ready to go home and see my Sugarbritches and Sweet Baby Kylee. When Mr. Moon told us how he was honored to have met us and will be followin´ up on us AND there if we ever had any questions it kinda got me a little teary-eyed. Not only that, but me and Sam became pretty good buddies and Nachadoches is a pretty good ways away. I made some really GREAT friends and met some REALLY AWESOME people and really do feel SO VERY BLESSED!

I know I´ll see some of them again and hope to see them all, but if I don´t I wish them THE VERY BEST in whatever makes them happy!! Call me if you need an auctioneer! If I´m able...I´ll be there.

Before I went off to school, I was hoping that I would get a little more guidance on "WHAT" I was going to do next. Well...what I really learned was that I am better than what I thought I was and really have unlimited possibilites and have no reason to really limit myself. I´m pretty anxious and excited to see what happens next.

So I hit the road for the close to 3 hour drive to Walhalla (only to drive 3 more back to Rockport on Sunday).
Pretty sky...idn´t it? :)
As if I hadn´t had enough auctioning after a whole week of it, I decided to stop into a horse sale in Giddings on my way home. I didn´t stay long, but long enough to get you all a video. I didn´t show the horse actually getting sold. The bidding didn´t reach the "reserve" or price that the seller wanted to sell it for, but he wound up coming to an agreement with the buyer. If you´ve never been to a horse auction and you´re wonderin´ why they switched riders - the owner wanted to show that the horse was broke and gentle. That sweet little girl can probably ride better than most grown folks, but it showed the audience that the horse was "kid-broke."

So I get to my in-laws and what do I see.... Kylee Jo dressed in duds only a Daddy can put together :).

Basketball shorts, T-Shirt, and Backwards Cap....none of it matching :), but still CUTE as a button!
We talked and visited for a little while and then got ready to go to the Fall Festival at RTC! Kylee had a ball in her Cowgirl costume!! Her cousins (Kelsey, Kaben, Bryan, and Kinsey) were there and she just had a time playin´ all those little games. She sat and had her face painted, but she wasn´t too crazy about it.

Right before we left she climbed on her pony and went for a ride :)!
Kylee with her girl cousins - Kinsey (bumble bee) and Kelsey (cowgirl).
She sat and let her paint it, but wasn´t too happy about it...with her little pouty lip. It was supposed to be a horseshoe, but it kinda looked more like a pink and brown rainbow.  
Well folks...wish me luck on my state exam!! I´m gonna have to BUCK UP and study hard!! I´m serious....start stretchin´ those arms and wigglin´ those fingers b/c I´ll be at an auction near you pretty stinkin´ soon!


  1. Congrats girl! That is so awesome! I love hearing and following whats going on with you in this journey!

  2. Congrats on getting one more step closer to your dreams!