Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Auction School Day 5: Opening Statements and a Dead Battery :(

So...I get up this chilly morning and walk out the door a little before 7:40 to go to class. I get in my car and what happens? The car won´t crank. I turn the key and Samantha was still there, so I had a way to get there.

Then we get there and Mr. Moon asks (amongst other things) if we practiced our opening statement. The answer to that was a big ole´ NEGATIVE. Luckily Bubba had it together and gave the rest of us a little time to write one up. You guys probably don´t realize it, but an auctioneer has to say A LOT right before an auction starts. I mean when I wrote it out it was over a page.... You´ve gotta do it though to cover yourself.

We did MORE bid calling today also. I have a video of Chad. He was SO nervous the first day. He´s come a long way and gets more and more comfortable up there.

If any of you guys have seen me when I know that I "dance" up there. I kind of rock from side to side. Well..."Big Bad John" (Mr. Moon gave him that name as we all broke into song) moves a lot when he gets up there. He does his bid calling really well and kind of walks around the whole time he´s doing it. Mr. Moon thought he´d stand by him to see if he could stand still.

Well folks...I´m tired and that´s about it for tonight. BUCK UP BABY! We have to dress up for some reason tomorrow. Hopefully my car starts.

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