Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Auction School Day 4: Runnin´ an Auction and the Table we didn´t ACTUALLY "run" the table, but me and Samantha did end the night with like a 5-0 record playing pool last night.

Me and Samantha havin´ some margaritas!
Yesterday (Day 4) and Today (Day 5) seem to be the most mentally straining days for me. I´m not sure if its the amount of information that is being drilled into us or what, but I´m just SO tired.

Yesterday we learned a lot about setting up different kinds of auctions and the type of help you´ll need to run one and the different qualities each person has to have. For example: most auctions whether they are Estate Auctions, Equipment Auctions, Consignment Auctions, etc - you will need 1...maybe 2 auctioneers, a clerk (and a good one), 2 cashiers, 2 ringmen, and you could need toters to run items to people and help them load up mechandise. It is also a good idea to have a back up to many of those positions.

We also did some more bid calling. I´ve added a few videos of classmates, so you guys can get an idea of what our days are full of. Mr. Moon has us going up by different increments all the time. Chance (first video) has so much energy. She is just entertaining when she gets up there. Chuck (second video) used to sell at a car auction. This guys if FAST. The next video is Randy. He´s an antique guy from the Houston area. He´s got his own style and is really good at incorporating different filler words.

Well...yesterday was also a classmates birthday. Me and Samantha (new friend from Nachadoches) and the two gold and silver fellas - Blondie (Chad) and Birthday Boy (Justin), and the rad guitar-playing auctioneer Mike went to this little steakhouse, ate good and had a few drinks. I don´t think I´ve laughed that hard the whole trip. Then we went to this little bar\pool hall type place and me and Sam wrecked shop :). Blondie MIGHT have scratched on the 8 ball two of the 5 times we won, but A WIN´S A WIN!

Birthday Boy...
The birthday party :).

I really am spent and a day behind, so you´ll get to read a couple of blogs this time. BUCK UP BABY!!

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