Monday, October 10, 2011

Praisin´, Figurin´, and Just Plain Doin´!

Hey Everyone! My mind is on overload (What´s new...right?) Well...I´m waiting on some pics for JG Prom before I blog about that, but I have LOTS of other stuff to talk about, so I´ll start with...


I want to give a little more PRAISE to the LEDBETTER VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT. I know I mentioned how much they HAD IT TOGETHER, but is probably the smoothest run fundraising auction I have ever been to and a part of. There was no runnin´ around getting the bidders names or anything like that...we had them on a list - so when they called out their bidder number, we looked it up on our cheat sheet, gave them a big thank you like they DESERVED, and rolled on with the next item. You don´t really realize how much time it saves and how much better an auction flows until you do another. They had carbon tickets (3 layers). I got one to read and pass on to the lady recording it (Mrs. Read), one stayed on the item, and the other went to the buyer after they settled up (like a receipt). Whatever committee was working the auction - YOU ROCKED IT! BTW- Ya´ll really impressed Uncle Melvin too... He´s still talking about it.

Thank you - Mrs. Deborah Lancaster for the pictures!!
Here I am...doin´ my thing!
Uncle Mele...doin´ his thing!
Tommy - doin´ his modeling thing :) J/K...
I also want to do a little praisin´ (self plug fixing to occur) for Cable Advertising. I mentioned in a previous blog that an Auction House (general merchandise consignment auction) here in town decided to advertise on TV. We didn´t see a lot of new faces, but keep in mind that Sea Fair (a big annual festival in the area) and a 4-H Fundraiser, Auction, and Dance - were all going on the same evening. We did see several though, and those few people helped raise the bids a little bit (to make an item bring a little closer to what its actually worth) and still had everyone walking away with some pretty sweet deals. For example: It seems a little silly for a gooseneck hookup to go for $22 (what we bought one for a few weeks ago) when they are worth over $300. We picked up another one at this past auction for right under $100 - which was still a pretty sweet deal. Of course we would´ve liked to get it a little cheaper, but from a business standpoint - you have to keep the consigner happy also. The advertising started just a few days before the auction - so they´re just gettin´ started. Just imagine what a little more time will do.


I´ve been doin´ some figurin´ and I guess I´m gonna ride this auction train until it quits chug-a-luggin. I know that what I´m fixin´ to type applies to all sorts that are starting a new venture or discover a talent or something like I hope you can identify. I have helped out at 6 fundraising auctions (actually auctioneering) and worked at 3 more or so...just kind of observin´ and spotting and what not. I have gone through these phases. (See below)

1 - YAY!! People think I´m good!
2 - Am I really doing this? What if those people were just being nice?
3- Hmmm...I guess I´m all right at this auctioneering stuff.
4- Can I really make this work? Should I REALLY pursue it?
5- I´ve still got a lot to learn...
6- Ok. Seriously... no one is holding these people at gunpoint. There is no reason for people to tell you you´re pretty good at what you´re doin´ if you´re not.
7- How can I get my license faster?
8- What can I do once I get it?
9- What kind of auctioning do I really want to do?

So...with all that figurin´ I´ve been doing....I´m left with more figurin´. One thing I´ve determined is.... I figure I´m pretty good at this auctioneering stuff and I ought to listen to the people that have heard me and BUCK UP BABY and go for it!! You can´t be scared! If you don´t try you don´t know and then you´ll be tryin´ to figure what could have been. I´m hoping Auction School and Uncle Mele can help me with this other figurin´.

I´ve also been figurin´ that ELMER (the buck I´ve been hunting) has gotten smart and likes to show up at the feeder late, late nights and early mornings (when its still dark). So...what am I going to do about that? Hunt that SON-OF-A-GUN wherever I figure he might cross. Actually...we all are. He needs to be culled and somebody needs to get him. I´m also figurin´ that this bow hunting is some pretty INTENSE stuff and I DIG IT!!


So this is what I´m DOIN´.... I´m going to auction school at the end of this week, completing the 8-day (10 hour day) course, and then scheduling a time to take my licensing exam with the state! WATCH OUT!!

 I also just helped Uncle Mele at an auction for the BURTON VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT. I really appreciate those nice people allowing me to talk real fast and help them raise some $$$. While we were auctioneering they got called out on a fire and they all had to light out of there. WE ALL NEED TO THANK A FIREFIGHTER! If there is one thing these wildfires should´ve taught us...its that - YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN IT COULD BE YOUR HOUSE ON FIRE! Fires don´t discriminate and these volunteers do what they can to keep us all safe and put those fires out as soon as possible. All of this $$$ we´ve been raisin´ is going to help keep US safe. Remember that when you´re THROWIN´ your hand up to bid on something at the next VFD fundraiser your at.

Scary stuff...
The auction went very well and EVEN MORE people are telling me to KEEP IT UP, so that´s what I´m doin´!

I was also very glad to be able to visit with Mr. Hodde a little while. He used to be at GIDDINGS LIVESTOCK every Monday - when I worked there and I just really enjoyed his company. He might´ve slowed down a little bit, since last time I´ve seen him, but he´s still just as good a company as ever! I hope he got to hear me sell a few items. He told me to tell Uncle Mele to get off that mike, so he could hear me - but I think he still got to.

BUCK UP BABY!! Throw those hands up and BUY something at the next auction you go to! Don´t be scared :)! Take care!

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